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Paranormal questions and answers serves as a forum of sorts. A growing compendium of advice and opinions about the things that so many of us have questions about.

People have questions about everything from ghosts to Bigfoot, demons to angels, dreams and nightmares to psychic visions and premonitions, UFOs and strange creatures to witch craft, and religion and spirituality.

All of these things can be considered to be a part of the "paranormal" world around us. In fact if any of these 'things' were discovered to be real they could no longer be classified as paranormal. The fact of it being real makes it normal.

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  • I Always Sense Something When I’m In Bed
    Whenever I am at home, during the day, and I decide to take a quick nap, I always sense something in that between stage of being half awake/half asleep. It could just be me, but it feels really strange. Like I’m always trying to force myself...
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  • Is Cremation OK?
    I would like to know if there are any taboos against cremation. Thanks! Asked by Frankie...
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  • Question About Burial Customs
    Why did people used to bury their dead children (infants) inside the walls of their home? Asked by Wanda...
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  • Knocking On My Bedroom Door
    Hi there for the past 12 months I have heard 3 knocks on my bedroom door. It always happens between 4 and 5.30 am and wakes me. It happens at least once a month and sometimes white or orange lights are seen a few hours before...
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  • Hat Man Sighting
    I and my sister, along with my step sister, all witnessed what appeared to be a shadow figure. He stood at around 6′ 4″, wore what seemed to be a fedora and trench coat, and stood motionless. We could only see him from the mirror. He...
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  • Someone In My Bed
    Hello, my husband passed 17 yrs ago, and I miss him terribly! Last night I rolled over in bed and was on my back, when I felt someone getting in or out of the bed! It sunk down. The blankets made a rustling sound also, which...
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  • Waking Up With A Little Handprint On My Arm
    So this morning I woke up walked to the bathroom and in the mirror I noticed I had a what you can call a handprint, more like a child handprint looked too small to be an adults and it wasn’t mine my hand was bigger it...
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  • Light / Flame Rings In The Forest?
    Okay so I’ve tried to research this on my own and I’m unable to come up with anything related to this phenomenon. A few weeks ago myself and a few of my closest friends were in Northern Pennsylvania staying at one of the guy’s family cabin....
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  • Marine Spirit Or Spiritual Husband?
    In part of Africa where come from people believe in a lot of stuff, sometimes makes me wonder if its like that with other countries. A friend of mine told me his girlfriend confessed to him that she is married to a marine spirit, after he...
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  • What Is Figure That Stands Outside Closet At Night?
    A figure stands outside the closet at night, what is this? Hello, I have never really used one of these sites before, but my boyfriend has an issue at hand, and we both want to know what this is and if we should be worried. When...
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  • Premonitions?
    Two years back, one ordinary day, I felt anxious, scared and depressed for no reason, I was restless. Few months later, I had one of the worst experiences when I got brutally negative remarks on my presentation. Cried all my way to home at 8pm. A...
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Perhaps mankind, even in these modern days, has not yet reached the point where we can pretend to know just what is and what is not normal.

Do you believe in a life after death? Are ghosts the spirits of our departed friends and loved ones or are they something else? Read the fascinating answers and discussions to questions like these and more.

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