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Paranormal questions and answers serves as a forum of sorts. A growing compendium of advice and opinions about the things that so many of us have questions about.

People have questions about everything from ghosts to Bigfoot, demons to angels, dreams and nightmares to psychic visions and premonitions, UFOs and strange creatures to witch craft, and religion and spirituality.

All of these things can be considered to be a part of the "paranormal" world around us. In fact if any of these 'things' were discovered to be real they could no longer be classified as paranormal. The fact of it being real makes it normal.

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  • Dog-Headed Man?
    I need help understanding what I saw. Okay so, I woke up one night probably around 3 (which rarely ever happened) I was afraid of the dark and I guess my foster parents shut off my light while I was sleeping so me being awake I...
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  • My Late Husband
    My husband passed away 12 years ago but I still think tons of him. Anyhow not long ago I was going through some very difficult time and I went to bed crying and very sad. I fell to sleep and I had the most vivid dream...
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  • What Is The Loch Ness Monster?
    What is the Loch Ness Monster? Is it real? I know there have been other supposed reported sightings of loch ness-like creatures around the globe, so could they all be what the Loch Ness Monster is? Asked by Micle More Information about the Loch Ness Monster:...
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  • I Dreamed Of A Boy Giving Me Money Yesterday
    Last night I had a very strange dream. In the dream, I met a boy and perhaps a little girl in a very well decorated room. They were there alone and I started playing with them. The boy seemed to be pleased. Suddenly, I was in...
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  • What Do These Dreams Mean?
    So a few nights ago I had a dream that I was playing with an Ouija board and then I had this weird feeling. Everything turned cold and I felt something cold touch my shoulder. Then I felt like I was falling through a portal and...
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  • What Does It Means To Dream Of A Dollar Being Handed To You?
    I had went looking for his the other day and went passed a beauty supply store the manager took down my information and I left but he hasn’t called me back yet. Later on that same day, I had dreamt the manager giving me a dollar...
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  • Is My Granddaughter Talking To Ghosts?
    My family moved into a circa 1960’s house (there had only ever been one other family in this home since it was built) about 2 years ago. In the last three months we have heard loud knocking on our front inside wooden door, screen door never...
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  • Demonic Possession Disguised As Schizophrenia?
    My friend was diagnosed with Schizophrenia about a year ago; they say it’s self made. If you knew this friend before he was diagnosed, you’d know him to be a very creative, generous, loving, good natured, kind person. For the past 5 months I’ve been receiving...
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  • What’s Touching Me In My Sleep?
    So about two nights ago I was sleeping in bed like usual. I sleep on stomach every night when sudden I felt like someone’s hands or fingers were pushing my lower back down like if they were trying to wake me up or something and I...
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  • What Is This Vibration In My Body?
    When I was filled with the Holy Spirit I felt a sort of vibration all through my body that lasted a short while, and each time I was “refilled” the vibration lasted longer until I always have (or just am aware?) of this vibration. But I...
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  • Knocking On Door And Hearing Voices
    Just a few nights ago I heard a loud rapid knocking on my front door around 4am. My bedroom is on the second floor so I peaked out my window and didn’t see anyone. My parents bedroom is downstairs only a few feet away from the...
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