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Paranormal questions and answers serves as a forum of sorts. A growing compendium of advice and opinions about the things that so many of us have questions about.

People have questions about everything from ghosts to Bigfoot, demons to angels, dreams and nightmares to psychic visions and premonitions, UFOs and strange creatures to witch craft, and religion and spirituality.

All of these things can be considered to be a part of the "paranormal" world around us. In fact if any of these 'things' were discovered to be real they could no longer be classified as paranormal. The fact of it being real makes it normal.

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  • Recurring Nightmare Should I Worry?
    Hi I’m Shae and I have had this same nightmare all the time.  When I first got it I had it every night, and even day dreamed about it.  Now I only have it about once a week. To sum it up the dream: – god...
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  • Knives Appearing Out Of Nowhere
    So about a year ago, I decided to grow a flower garden in a wooden box. A few months later some flowers had grown when I checked the box. That wasn’t the only thing there, however. In the middle of the box, a knife was stabbed...
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  • Shadow Trouble?
    Ok so here I go,A while ago I delved into ghost stuff by watching ghost videos and ghost box stuff on YouTube and doing some research as well so I  decided one day to see if ghost were actually real so I got a ghost box...
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  • Ability To Sense Demons?
    I just want to know if anyone knows anything about people who are able to sense demons. Why would someone start being able to sense demons and have dreams of demons? Asked by Caitlyn...
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  • Are The Hat Man And Shadow People Real?
    Hi I’m 18 years old. I have recently in the past 12 months seen a man in a black suit and black hat on two occasions. The first time I was lying in bed and turning out my bedside lamp. As soon as it went out...
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  • Opportunistic Ghost?
    Is it at all normal for a human shaped ghost to manifest after a pet has died of natural causes in the home? I’ll preface this question with a few details. First, we had four cats. Two have passed away of old age in the home...
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  • Playing Cards
    Hello, recently my friend moved into my apartment. In his previous apartment, years before he moved there, someone had killed themself in the shower. A friend of that person that killed them self painted a picture in tribute for them and put it in the apartment....
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  • What Am I Seeing That Looks Like People?
    When I was little I was able to see “people” that weren’t there, as nobody else saw them. Now I find as I am driving I can see them on both sides of the highway, some are mirror-like meaning you can only notice them because they...
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  • Demonic Oppression?
    I have a friend and neighbor who is being tormented (since 5yrs. Old) by an unseen force. When I went to see her, and told her I’m not afraid to help her. I’m a true believer in the holy trinity, so the lord is my shepherd....
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  • What Was The Spirit In Our Home And Will It Return?
    Where did the spiritual entity go? Or will it return? / Man in trench coat, what does this mean? Around the years 2009-present – Me and my family members have witnessed Paranormal “occurrences” first hand, and we believed our house to have a Spiritual Entity, Ghost,...
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  • Azrael Angel Of Death?
    Hi I wanted to ask a question about information that was told to me during a reading I had done. She had previously did a reading for my friend and told her what Angels were assigned to her in this life. So I asked her if...
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