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Paranormal questions and answers serves as a forum of sorts. A growing compendium of advice and opinions about the things that so many of us have questions about.

People have questions about everything from ghosts to Bigfoot, demons to angels, dreams and nightmares to psychic visions and premonitions, UFOs and strange creatures to witch craft, and religion and spirituality.

All of these things can be considered to be a part of the "paranormal" world around us. In fact if any of these 'things' were discovered to be real they could no longer be classified as paranormal. The fact of it being real makes it normal.

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  • Could Using A Spirits Name Cause It To Haunt You Again?
    Could saying or spelling aloud the name of a spirit who has haunted me cause me to be haunted again? I did something pretty dumb earlier this year, by using a ouija board by myself at home, and it resulted in haunting. Actually, I think it...
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  • Sleep Talking And Speaking In Latin?
    Hi! So I’ve recently found out that apparently I occasionally start speaking Latin while I’m sleeping. Like perfect Latin in perfect structured sentences. I don’t know Latin and this freaks me out. Then, today, my roommate called me and on both ends of our phone call,...
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  • How Can We Get Rid Of Black Magic Demons?
    One of my family members has severe weakness and physical problems so that she’s in bed all the time. doctors cannot treat nor make any diagnosis for. All her tests show she is healthy, While she’s constantly suffering from weakness and physical difficulties. One the other...
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  • What Is My Spirit Visitor Trying To Tell Me?
    I’m not really sure if I was awake or falling asleep when this experience took place, but I was lying in bed with my eyes closed when I felt a cold wet nose touch mine. I open my eyes quickly expecting one of my two dogs...
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  • Is There A Meaning To This Strange Picture?
    Recently a family member went to my aunts house – she’s been dead for 13 years now. As they were there they took a picture of one of my aunts old pictures. After they looked at it to see the picture they had taken they noticed...
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  • My Son Is Freaked Out To Be In Our Home
    I have a question hoping someone may have some insight… My son who’s 9 is freaked out to be inside our home alone or even with us. Since he was young he has said he talks and plays with people mostly a little girl and a...
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  • It Looks Like My Kid
    Two days in a row, while I was doing dishes I saw what I thought was my daughter. It was the same height and hair color but walked right in front of me pretty quickly. I did not see it head on but of out my...
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  • What Is The Black Eyed Creature of Gallows Hill?
    Okay I need some advice or knowledge from someone on some things I have been experiencing lately, well not just me but also my family and friends. I guess… things are getting strange round here. I’ll start with a brief history of the area I live...
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  • Hundreds Of Whispering Voices, Rushing Sound And 2 Foot Tall Figure
    I would really like to know if anyone has had an experience like the following which happened to me one night. If you have had the same experience can you please tell me what you believe the whirlwind chaos sound is, the hundreds of whispering voices...
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  • Feeling A Tug On My Shirt From Behind
    This has been on my mind for quite sometime and have shared this with only a couple of friends. But I am curious. In the past 7 years I have experiened the following only 3 times. Once I was on my deck at night speaking with...
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  • What Was That Handprint On My Abdomen?
    Handprint on abdomen, not mine nor my boyfriend’s! What is it and what should I do about it? I moved into my boyfriend’s parent’s old house in November 2013 with my boyfriend and strange things have been happening to me. I sense that something is watching...
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