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Paranormal questions and answers serves as a forum of sorts. A growing compendium of advice and opinions about the things that so many of us have questions about.

People have questions about everything from ghosts to Bigfoot, demons to angels, dreams and nightmares to psychic visions and premonitions, UFOs and strange creatures to witch craft, and religion and spirituality.

All of these things can be considered to be a part of the "paranormal" world around us. In fact if any of these 'things' were discovered to be real they could no longer be classified as paranormal. The fact of it being real makes it normal.

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  • Spirit Following Me?
    So around 2007 my family built a house in Traverse City, MI and the property that we built our house on was supposedly rumored to have a Native American Burial ground on it-we never really found evidence of that but we did have some strange occurrences...
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  • I Saw A Woman Kneeling By My Bed Who Is She?
    I woke up to bad weather this morning only to see a woman kneeling near my bed by my stomach area. I closed my eyes and reopened but she never looked at me and then disappeared. All I saw was her chest up look to be...
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  • Hooting Owls And Knocks
    For the past three or four nights in a row I have heard an hooting several; times several times. The owl is always in a different area outside it’s never the same area. I made a conscious decision to disregarded and not believe the myths about...
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  • Electric Shock Waking Me Up In The Middle Of The Night
    For the past 4 months I’ve been awoken in the middle of the night by a white light and a shock, then the feeling that someone is in my face and I can’t sleep and I’m not sure how to deal with it. I’m also feeling...
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  • Looking For Answers About A Spirit Board
    Hi Ama, I am the only christian in my family and believe very much in Jesus, angels & demons and have seen and heard things I’ve never told anyone. My husband is friends with the couple across the street, they live there with their 14 year...
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  • Can Night Terrors Be An Indicator Of Medical Issues?
    Ok, this is my question, can night terror be a indicator that their are medical issue happening to your body? My husband was having terrifying night terrors​ for a few months until he saw our family doctor and found out he was sick after consulting with...
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  • Hearing Bells Underwater
    I was at Metro Beach (Lake St. Clair) yesterday and when I went underwater and at certain times above water all I could hear was bells or car keys ringing. I looked it up and many people have drowned there. Can someone explain this and also...
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  • Is It Possible For Something To Communicate This Way?
    Lately I’ve been waking up startled in the morning from thinking someone is ringing my doorbell, when I get up to check no one is there. I’ve heard it throughout the day loud and clear and have asked people around me if they heard it but...
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  • Is My Dad Hearing My Deceased Mothers Voice?
    My mother passed away and 4 months later my 22 year old daughter passed away after a life long illness. My Dad was married to my mom over 50 years and misses her terribly, he was extremely close with my beautiful daughter also, he helped me...
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  • Am I Haunted Or Is It In My Head?
    First off, I would like to start off by saying, everything that I’m about to tell you is 100% true. I have tried to do research on the things that have happened to me but so far, no luck. I am looking for HONEST advice and/or...
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  • Can Someone Explain These Weird Phone Calls?
    I’m very confused can someone tell me what’s going on? A few hours ago I was sitting on the floor playing Overwatch and my dad was sitting on the couch watching me play, nothing unusual, then I asked him to FaceTime my mom and ask when...
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