3 Taps On The Shoulder

I was asleep the other night and I woke up and it felt like somebody had tapped me 3 times on the left shoulder.

I thought it was my friend but she was asleep and turned the other way around. What could this be?

Asked by Amy Kavanagh

  1. Hello Amy,

    Three taps .. could be anything from being still caught up in a dream, to a visiting ghost or spirit. There really isn’t enough information to make a definite decision on what it might be. Three taps does get your attention though .. how did you feel just before and after it happened?

    Love & Peace

  2. i was asleep so dont really know but when i woke up i felt really cold

  3. Hi Amy,

    It might have been a ghost, or you just waking up from a deep sleep and still caught between being awake and dreaming. If it happens again tell whomever it is to ‘go outside’ .. and mean it.

    Love & Peace

  4. I was sleeping and was tapped firmly and quickly on the left side of my shoulder three times, and woke up immediately. I thought it was one of my children waking me for help. My husband was quietly sleeping next to me. No one was there. I am looking for the meaning of this occurance. Both I and y husband have heard three knocks on the front door (randomly) at least 4 times.

  5. Hi Rene,

    Anything else spooky happening in your house? Was it an anniversary of anyone important .. birthday or some other event? It could simply have been a ghost passing through, if nothing else happened?

    The other knocking could be much the same. Were they related to any events of importance in your life?

    The spirit world is really beginning to make its presence ‘felt’ these days. It was easier when it didn’t, but people are more sensitive now, and less sensible .. and while they focus on scaring themselves silly with horror movies, the type of energy they produce during those times draws entities like ghosts to them .. and the ghosts then keep looking around for other people to annoy .. hence the tapping.

    Ghosts in general are not dangerous, but they are lost souls and do feed on living human energy. You can clear your home, using the Michael Invocation (link on this page at the bottom) if you are particularly worried, or if the tapping continues ..

    Love & Peace

  6. My husband and I went to bed for the night he was sound asleep
    while I was wide awake watching TV and playing a game on my
    phone when I was tapped on my left shoulder three times. I wasn’t
    afraid just kind of puzzled. The next morning I walk into our living room
    the ceiling fan was on high with all five lights on. This is twice the lights
    and fan were on within a week. There’s nobody else in our home.
    What could this be?

  7. Thank you for your response. We do not welcome the occult into our home e.g. scary or spooky movies reading materials, etc. There was a non violent death (older person passing) in our home prior to us buying and moving into the house. I am a funeral director by trade, and have seen activity at the mortuary. The knocks on our door- we don’t open the door to allow entry. I just mark the calendar. In times past, a death did follow- with two of the occurrences. Thank you for the resource. I will use it.

    Rene Michele

  8. Ive also been awakened by someone who tapped me on the shoulder 3 times. When it woke me I was startled, then i looked and noone was here and the cat was not in there either

  9. Hi, I’m just looking for an answer if you could help me.

    I was in bed last night (18 march 2016) where I was trying to fall asleep behind a closed door, I was tapped 3 times on the right shoulder (it felt as if it was 3 taps in 1 sec). My heart was racing fast. Ive never been tapped on, ive always had 3 loud knocks on my door, and visions of big events happening with my family members. The last time I heard 3 loud knocks was when my grandad died (September 2k15).
    I am pretty chill when it comes to visions or spirits wanting to comunicate but I have never been tapped on. What does the 3 taps on the shoulder mean?

  10. Hi Eugene,

    Do you remember what you were thinking about at the time? It could be that one of your spirit guides was trying to draw your attention to something, or focus your attention on something? Or it could have been a ghost trying to give you a fright, which gives them energy. Since it was not the usual signal for a death in the family, I wouldn’t be worried about .. but if it happens again .. remember what you had in your mind.

    Love & Peace

  11. I felt really sick and i got three taps on my right shoulder i was awake too it make me jump

  12. I was awakened from two distinct taps on my right shoulder. There was no one in my room. I could not see anything but had a feeling that there was someone watching me. I had a difficult time falling back to sleep.

  13. I’ve just searched for ‘strange shoulder taps in the night’ and found this thread. This happened to me on Sunday night (26/06/16). It was light so around 4.30 am. I was asleep and felt three taps on my right shoulder (laying on my left side). I turned over and saw my wife sleeping and facing away from me.
    Although I was worried, I turned back over and went back to sleep. A short while later I was woken by my wife asking if I had tapped her shoulder? Although both of us were a bit concerned, we both fell back to sleep. I was then woken again what must have been a short while later with another three taps on my right shoulder, but harder this time. It was almost like my daughter trying to wake me up (then way she did when she was younger).

    Nothing has happened since but considering both of us experienced the same thing without telling the other does seem very strange. I’m sceptical of such things but is this is a little weird and worrying!

  14. I had a similar thing happen last night , I woke up to two sets of three taps on my hip like my daughter would do from behind me, but everyone was asleep on the other end of the house, didn’t get much sleep after that.

  15. Oh dear I feared this would be common! I too was woken up in the night by 3 taps on my right collar bone two days ago! I thought my heart was gonna burst! Now I don’t want to sleep!

  16. I was just searching the web to find out what three taps on the shoulder could mean, it happened to me last night for the first time ever, three taps on the left shoulder, solid taps to. What could this mean? i rolled over to see my husband was sound asleep and facing the other way. I asked him this morning if he had tapped me on the shoulder during the night, of course the answer was no. Bit scary.

  17. Tonight I was washing the pots from tea and felt 3 cold taps on my right shoulder , as the kitchen is below the bathroom I automatically assumed that the must be a leak from the ceiling but no ! Very strange , also earlier this week I’ve had a weight on my legs when I’ve been asleep like a cat curled on my ankle even tho my cats have been put out for the night ( they sleep in the utility room ) I’ve had previous cats that passed away while we have live at this house !

  18. I’m just needing something to go on this morning around 530am on Sunday I was in a middle ifs dream. I was dreaming I was sitting on the floor crying in my dream I felt that my parents spirit were there. I was not close to my parents but wish I was . Both my parents have died recently with 4 months apart from each other. I can’t say for sure but I had felt 3 pokes on the back of my neck which has woke me up. Please help me understand this.

  19. Hello Athena,

    I am so sorry you lost your parents so quickly. I lost my father 18 years ago. We didn’t have a close relationship, but he did come to visit me after he died and that helped things between us.

    A visitation in a dream is not unusual. Of course your parents would want to comfort you, and the quickest way to make you remember what you ‘dreamed’ is to wake you up in the middle of it. A few pokes would do that, so that you could remember they were there.

    The question then becomes – how did you ‘feel’ in the dream, apart from crying. Did their presence give you comfort?

    Love & Peace

  20. So last night I was asleep in. A dream and I’m 15 and I was dreaming then I woke up with three taps on my left shoulder it was so quick and hard I woke up and turn toward the door I was scared I looked out my door it was dark I thought it was my siblings playing with me so I thought they were laying in the floor beside my bed messing with me and I look but no one wasn’t there I was shocked I turned around with a little noise saying. Mmmmm cause I was tired and went to sleep so quickly

  21. it just happened to me i have a recently tattoo of a samurai mask on the back of the neck and was tapped 3 times in 1 sec there while sleep at 18/02 3:15 am moreless

  22. I recently was playing pool in a arcade establishment and i felt something tap my right shoulder back.I turned around and no one was there.I have been thinking of spirits or ghosts for some time now and actually had one in my home 5 years ago.Any ideas???

  23. Hello, I often get this wierd dream like i am being pulled away into a dark room.. i had this dream nearly more than three times. Why does this happen. And also one mrng at seven i woke up n again went back to sleep , suddenly someone tapped me on my thigh once and when open my eyes no one was there..

  24. last night my brain woke up but my body was asleep……I woke up because I was being tapped on the chest a number of times and then my hands were grabbed. I forced my body to wake up because it startled me. I wasn’t scared just startled. I believe it was my son who had passed two years ago. I was speaking to my younger son just a couple hours beforehand about his big brother ❤️❤️❤️

  25. I’ve had 3 taps early morning right shoulder twice now. Felt friendly. Roll over and no one there. Expected to see someone. Not scary at all. Three is a significant number. Holy Trinity, the number of Shiva… I feel clearer in my head and Direction each time this has happened.

  26. I also just had three taps on my left shoulder blade in one second. I had been dreaming a lot. My mom is in the hospital with cancer. I had spent the whole day a night and all day yesterday with her there. Came home to get some sleep, her home. I give her care 24/7/365. In this same bedroom a few years ago her long term mate knocked on the this bedroom door three times the night he died. He was with family 500 miles away when he passed but he had spent many nights in this bedroom. I know the three taps on my shoulder was someone important telling I’m not alone. I’ve have other paranormal experiences enough to know this stuff is real. To all that read down this thread, you aren’t crazy. This stuff is real. I hope you feel comforted by the taps. I think it’s a good thing. I feel like calling and checking on her right now but I know it was someone tapping that has passed OR maybe your creator saying hang in there, I’m not alone. I’m an only child and this is my last close parent type relative so I’m under a ton of pressure right now to caregive, I feel better for the taps, not freaked out.

  27. hi I’m Julia I am 13 now but I was 12 when this happened I was in a deep sleep and at about 3:30 in the morning something firmly touched my left shoulder just once though I had my door shut and when I woke up there was no one there what could it be

  28. Hi Julia,

    It might have been a family member who has crossed over, who dropped in for a moment. Since you don’t mention anything else happening since then, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

    Love & Peace

  29. Julia,
    It could have also been just a family member that checked on u. (Alive)

  30. I was lying down and I felt 3 taps on my right arm.

  31. I was recently visiting Venice and standing in a town square just before dusk. I received several distinct taps to my right shoulder and turned around but nobody was there! (10 November at 4.30pm).

  32. A few weeks ago, I was in my home office and felt two hard taps on my right shoulder. I immediately turned around and there was no one there. I then felt chill sensation and all the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, arms and top of my head.

    It was definitely a weird experience..

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