A Hand Shaped Blood Print

Hello good day. I came from Philippines and I have this friend who’s telling a story about what happened in him 3 years ago and still experiencing up to now.

He is a boy. One night in their school, he and his friends walked and passed by in a dormitory inside their school. While walking, they are telling a story about the lady ghost walking in that area.. my friend sai, he won’t until he see it with his eyes.

After passin by the dormitory, his professor told him  What happened to your polo, there is a blood shaped hand? It was like there’s someone who hold his shoulder. What he did is he throw the polo.. when he is on his way home.

His friend told him that there is a blood running through his forehead. Until now he is experiencing severe bloods cane from his body.

Faith healers here told him that there will be no solution in his case anymore.

We also found out that there’s 9 ghost asking for his help. They were all murdered but my friend didnt know them except for 1. That 1 is our friend who died because of suicide but we didn’t believe in that.

My question is what or how could this be solve? What’s happening in him? He used to kill 2 persons but he is not in his mind by that time.

Asked by nikki

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    I would like you to email me privately. If you scroll to the bottom of this webpage you’ll find my name Ama Nazra, which is a link that leads to webpages with my email address on them. I want your friend’s full name and date of birth, but in private please. With that I might be able to help clear his energy.

    Love & Peace

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