Am I Hearing Voices Or Going Crazy?

I really do think I’m going crazy.6 months ago, I bought a house in a small rural area in Mississippi. It’s not very old, maybe 10-15 years old. No one has died in or on the property as far as the Realtor knows but the area is rich in Civil War history.

Now this is were I think I’m going crazy. I keep hearing voices outside my house. Mainly in the middle of the night between 1 to 3 am. They are not loud because I sometimes have to strain myself to hear what they are
saying and I still can’t hear them clearly! But when I go to see who’s outside my house talking, the voices stop and I don’t see anyone.

I’ve asked around about any skirmishes that may have taken place close to where I live or if there was any bodies buried in or around my home and everyone says no.

Now when I told my grandmother about what was going on,she said it was the “Weirding”, and it was my blessing and my curse. That the voices I keep hearing are the lost souls of those who have passed on.

Now I’m freaked! If this is true, what do I do to make it stop? I moved here to find peace and quite and now this? I’ve asked around to find help but no luck. Any ideas?

Asked by Mary

  1. Hi Mary, ‘weirding’ is a nice word. :-) I prefer clairaudient myself .. it means ‘clear hearing’ and means you can hear spirits and ghosts, as can I, and the majority of my friends. To us its normal, so no, you are not going nuts.

    I can suggest two things, one at time .. at the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation. Use that to clear your property, not just your house, but the whole house block. The instructions are on the page. If that doesn’t settle down the voices (it will send all the ghosts to heaven) then write back and I’ll tell you how to set up a ‘gate’ for them to walk through, which will also cross them over.

    Don’t worry .. ghosts are people too. They just don’t have their bodies any more.

    Start with the Invocation ..

    Love & Peace

  2. Thank you! I will try it.Thank you,again.

  3. The house sounds like it would have nothing to what is going on. The lands are old and so much blood has been spilled all over this old earth and so many people has been and still are stuck in a time loop like sorta. So not always is it a haunted house but perhaps haunted lands which carry over to a building that has been built there. Ama has given great info to you and to any one else that might have this problem as well

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