Can Ghosts Or Spirits Hear Your Thoughts?

Can ghosts hear your thoughts? Can they read your mind?

Can demons, elementals, and spirits from heaven hear your thoughts? Can they read your mind?

Asked by Micle

  1. If I think ‘at’ a ghost it can hear what I am thinking. What they can do is read your emotions, and feed from them.

    Spirits also read emotions, and hear your thoughts when you think ‘at’ them. They don’t invade our space the way ghosts do, and don’t feed from our energy.

    Demons create fear, and feed on the fear. When you are frightened you are focused on what frightens you, and they can anticipate what you will think or do .. its not a form of reading your mind, simply knowing what humans will or won’t do.

    Elementals are really only interested in themselves, but again, communication happens when we think ‘at’ them. First they must make their presence known, to get our attention. They do not feed from human energy, being, like angels, directly connected to ‘Source’.

    Love & Peace

  2. So basically, if you direct your thoughts to any of those listed, they can hear what you tell them. So none of those (ghosts, demons, spirits from heaven, and elementals) are able to hear your every thought automatically? Someone told me before that ghosts and spirits can hear all your thoughts and I thought that was true.

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