Can We Speak To Our Departed Relatives?

Can we speak to our departed relatives?

Asked by prakash

  1. Hello Prakash,

    Yes, we can speak to dead relatives, because they hear what we are saying. What we often can’t do is hear them talking back to us.

    We are not supposed to spend our lives focused on dead relatives. They have their business, we have ours. It might seem fun and fascinating, but unless there’s a very good reason, its unlikely our relatives in heaven will come and visit when we ‘demand’ it. They might visit when you sleep, and you do converse when them in dreams .. so if there’s someone you specifically want to, write them a note and put it under your pillow for three nights, requesting to speak to them in dreams .. and see what happens. If its important, they’ll be there, but you might not remember.

    Love & Peace

  2. And then there are those whose belief system tells them that, no, you cannot speak to your dead relatives. They have passed on to another realm wherein a great divide separates the living from the dead. They think of you and perhaps speak of you now and again since they retain all their memories from this life, but they have no concern for your life here, cannot hear you and cannot interact with you, until you pass on also.

  3. There are those whose belief system say, NO, you cannot speak with your departed relatives or anyone else who has passed on. They are not yet in heaven but in paradise hanging out with the God who created them and others who have passed on. They may think of you and speak about you now and again, like they did in this life, but they have no concern for you and cannot be reached until you pass on to their side.

    Heaven is still to come.

  4. I spoke with a medium after my father passed on. It was online. There was no personal information divulged whatsoever, and she was able to tell me the simplest of details about my father that no one except anyone who lived with him would know. There was no “I’m so proud of you,” or “I still love you,” like you would see on TV programs. I found it fascinating, but not really comforting at all. I don’t know why.

    I have had many, many dreams about my father, though they were certainly more prominent in the first couple of years after he passed. I had an uncle, my favorite, actually, who passed three months before my father. In one dream my father and uncle were together, and my uncle said “We have it so good where we are, we don’t care about what’s going on with people down here!” followed by his hearty laugh, which was just exactly how he would be. Not in a hateful manner at all, it was just my uncle’s way of being. :)

    Something I must note, though, is that when I see my father in dreams he is always looking young and healthy, maybe in his late 30s or early 40s…in my opinion, when he looked his best.

    Are they messages of some sort, or just my longing for my father? I don’t know; especially since they’ve lessened dramatically since I’ve learned to cope with his absence over the years. I must also note that he never says a word.

  5. Hello again Lothar,

    My usual comment to something like that is “I’ll tell the next ghost/spirit I talk to that they are an illusion”. And then there are the various spirits that have appeared before me, passed on a message to someone they love, and gone back to ‘paradise’ presumably. They love their families so much that they take time to come and give them comfort, rather than just hanging around staring as Jesus .. the “staring at Jesus” is an actual quote from a lovely, very sad, old man whose wife had just passed over. He really thought he wasn’t important enough for her to remember, or that she wouldn’t care enough to come back to him when he was in so much pain. How much of that pain, I have to wonder, was caused by the thought that she wouldn’t look for him?

    Actually we got one of those ghostly illusions on video last weekend at a haunted house. He went from an orb to a full body apparition, with hat, right before our eyes. That was very groovy.

    Also there was the lady who put her warm fingers on my ear in the late afternoon, the day before yesterday, at our new home that my husband and I are renovating. Tom has seen her in the house twice, and he keeps hearing ‘someone’ singing a second world war German song “Lily Marlene”. Since th previous owners were both German, and have now passed over, we are wondering if the lady is checking out what we are doing as we rebuild varioius parts of the house .. and fix the garden which is a riot at the moment. Now, if we could just get the electricity company to turn on the power today .. a week late .. we’ll be back there sunday. LOL

    Love & Peace

  6. Hello Renirc,

    I didn’t find the 3 hour chat I had with my father, three days after he died, comforting either .. but it certainly helped clear the air, for both of us .. and then I helped him cross over.

    Some people take comfort in knowing their loved ones still exist in spirit, after death, some don’t. I find the subject fascinating, but I don’t go hunting dead people to talk to ..

    Your uncle sounds like a fun person. I understand his sense of humour too .. of course they care about us. We don’t stop loving once we are dead, we LOVE more, and more deeply. And family will always be family.

    Did you see your dad and uncle, oh yes. And the patterns of their visits is normal, and healthy. As you heal they don’t need to be there so much, and can get on with their ‘lives’, but they can still hear you and see you and know your heart.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  7. Hello :)
    If I may share…I was with my mamaw when she passed away..she passed at 2:30 am, and I have to say I held on to her like a life line and wanted to go with her…………………………any way… she passed in her home.. after everything was taken care of..I went home and my babys daddy said I’m sorry about your gma…He said that my baby son started laughing out loud hard a deep laugh like someone was tinkleing him, and that was around 2:40.. he told me that my son woke up out of his sleep because it was like he was being tickled and had a deep laugh and squirming in the covers.. so I know that mamaw paid him a visit before before she went home :)

  8. It is not simple or possible for everybody to see or talk a passed away ghost except based on god’s permission and only by particular persons that they are familiar to heavenly mysteries but usually sometime we succeed see or talk them in the real dreams.

  9. I have a question. My mamaw passed away in May, she was more important to me than I could ever write in a blog. I have dreams all the time about her. She isnt trying to talk to me in them she is just there and we are doing things. She talks to me in them but its not like she is telling me messages to use here..its not like she is deceased in them..she is just living and happy. Is this just my brains way of dealing with the fact that I am still grieving? I have a hard time thinking about her when I am awake bc it makes me so sad. Are the dreams from her? Does that happen?

  10. Hello Erin,

    I doubt your mamaw wants you to be sad, and so she comes back into your dreams to show you that she is still happily doing what you guys did when she was alive. Yes, in a way these images might be being created by your subconscious mind, but from my experience, and from the experiences of so many other people who have written to me, publicly and privately, over the years, she loves you very much and doesn’t want you to be so unhappy.

    Grief is a process, and if you let it, it will lessen over time. I remember when my grandmother finally left me for the last time (she’d been a ghost around me all my life), I grieved. I was wrecked .. but I knew I would meet her again one day, so I let the feelings pass through me, rather than holding tight to them, and that helped. We can’t change that the people we love pass on, but we can accept dying as a normal part of being alive, knowing that it is only a step through a door into a brand new life.

    So next time you dream about mamaw enjoy the sharing time that you are having .. and let it give comfort to your heart now, as I believe she is trying to do for you.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  11. My mother passed away last september i want to met her in my dream i want to say her sorry plz help me plz

  12. Hello Anon,

    I don’t have a name to call you?

    Your mother can hear your thoughts and knows how you are feeling. You can tell her you are sorry in many ways. Simply think about her and pretend to have a conversation with her, as if she was still alive. You can direct the conversation in any way you want it to go, but don’t be surprised if the conversation goes off in unexpected directions.

    You could write her a letter telling her everything you want her to know and then burn it. She’ll get the message.

    To have her come to your dreams first you have to allow yourself to find a calm state of mind. We block spirit visits with our emotions. When we are very upset we don’t let them come through. It’s not that they don’t want to, its that they can’t. So take a deep breath, and another, and then when you are feeling peaceful, ask her to visit you. You could write her a quick note and pop it under your pillow for three nights .. and then remember to give yourself permission to remember the dream (her visit).

    It might take time for her to come through to you, but don’t give up hope. She will come when the time is right, for both of you.

    Love & Peace

  13. ( Excuse me if I say straightforwardly) I can’t help you till I am sure you are honesty in your requesting. Also I am not interested to respond who talk me so unknown. You could choose a name for yourself than I know what is your gender at least.

    One of the method is what AMA offered you. Of course I more tend to hypnotism. This method must be done by an expert and professional hypnotist. I don’t trust everyone. I knew an expert hypnotist he could connect between a watcher’s soul and his dead friend soul in a court ( basically I am suspicious of what is made herein out of religion but it was believable to me because it was done in an Islamic court and in front of the people, judge and other court personals also that event published in a newspaper). That hypnotist had chosen a name for himself. His chosen name was ” Kabok ” I don’t know what is its meaning because I could not find its meaning in Farsi language. That professor (in hypnotism) was a common Muslim but he had a guilt and was judged in that court. In that Judging he claimed he could does hypnotize. The magistrate allowed him to do that with one of the court watchers and he did. He could hypnotize that watcher less than two minutes. Before he begins hypnotize he asked that watcher, what he want to see during hypnotizing. That watcher said : I want to see my martyr friend. When kapok hypnotized him he began talking a person (with closed eyes) while was shaking and sweating. Eventually he began weeping hardly whereas was saying loudly and Supplicant : don’t go Mohamed …. Don’t go…. Please wait I want to see you…. In this situation Kabok awakened him while he was crying so. The court magistrate asked him what you saw. That watcher said : I saw my martyr friend Mohamed …he had worn a very white and nice cloth ….he was in a very vast desert …he smiled me and talk me as the time he was alive …..Kabok went to prison for a while and after a few month released. After a few years then he died. He had a book I didn’t seek for to find it. I think his book is Farsi but may it has been translated to English as well.
    Anyhow, that occurrence caused I believe that it is possible someone see a passed away otherwise the religion path although I believe if it is done by a novice hypnotist my it is perilous and the soul of who has been hypnotized don’t go back to his body

  14. That is an absolutely fascinating story, Mans. I haven’t heard of hypnotism being used to talk to spirits before. Did you see it happen? How was the man afterwards?

    Do you think the man hypnotised only imagined he saw his friend? The act puts a person’s mind into a very open/suggestible state .. that might cut the natural resistance some people have to seeing spirits. I know it often works very well, for changing other sorts of behaviours.

    Love & Peace

  15. Hello AMA

    Let me explain more. I read that adventure in a formal newspaper which payed to important issues. In that duration Iranian Islamic revolution had been triumphed recently and newspapers payed to important and serious events relevant to revolution. There was not enough time or proper situation they attend to inconsiderable , usual or fun subjects. That event published in one of the most formal Iranian newspaper in that condition. Also the courts of Islamic Iran had been established recently and those judges were religious and serious as well. Therefore there is not any doubt for me that event was right wholly. I read the article in that newspaper and saw a photo when he was hypnotizing that watchman in the court.

  16. It sounds like it really happened to me too, Mans. I wonder if people will try and turn it into a new trend, given so many strive to find usual things to do in their lives.

    I hope seeing the man’s friend helped him in some way. Perhaps it confirmed life after death for him.

    Love & Peace

  17. Hi AMA
    I found some information about kabok biography. I thought may you are interested to know about him more :

    His real name was “ Shaaban “ and his last name was “ Tavousy “ . The meaning of Kabok which he had chosen for himself is “ confidant “. Also it does mean “ cradle “ too . He was born in 1930 in Ghazvin city of Iran and died in 1992. He had master of law degree . He could get the psychology hypnotism license of American universities and became one of the members of the international professional hypnotism organization. Also he got a “ Yuga” license in New York. In 1975 he was invited to America hypnotism community and became one of the most professional hypnotist in the world.

  18. Thank you Mans, I shall check him out.

    Love & Peace

  19. Absolutely. If you call to them they will come. I highly recommend speaking to loved once all the time

  20. Excuse me Janet is it apparent what are you saying. ” You highly recommend speaking to loved one all the time ?? A person have to be dead to talk his loved one all the time

  21. He just died how do I talk to him and can he fix what was said. How can I hear him. I lost both in a very short time. It is hurting the not knowing the anger the love the yes or no. The why. Please my heart my tummy is hurting my mind can’t think anymore. Help me please

  22. Hello Patricia,

    Who just died? You can talk to him in your mind, or by talking out loud .. the harder part is hearing him answer. Have you been dreaming about him? Hopefully you have in the past few days since you posted this message. I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner, the system didn’t advise me of comments, as it usually does.

    Would you like to tell us, or me privately, what happened? You’ll find a link to my webpages at the bottom of this page .. Ama Nazra .. under Friends

    Love & Peace

  23. Hello its me dikshya from nepal….. I read ur reply for other,i liked it… I want to share something with u.. I had my grandmother whom i loved alot…i lost her 4 yrs ago…still i rember her n cry like a madperson… There are lots of things i need to say her.., how can i communicate her n how will she reply me… I deeply need ur help plz help me

  24. i want to talk to my grandfather because he lived in mexico and i lived in houston and everytime i came to mexico he was never home he was always working and he died on march 9th and my birthday is on march 17th and his birthday is also in march and i just want to talk to him again he died in 2012 and i just need to have the connection with him like the rest of my family did…. please if you can help me talk to him i will be very happy

  25. Hello Anon,

    Ask him to come to you in your dreams. You can chat all your like there. Otherwise find a medium who can talk to spirits, and see if you can communicate that way.

    When I want to talk to my relatives who have crossed into heaven, I just think about them and then talk to them as if they are right in the room with me. They generally are, even when we can’t see them. They are never very far away. It is only us that can’t see them. They see us all the time.

    Love & Peace

  26. I lost my grandpa 5 days ago to a sudden and massive heart attack. He was a very healthy person at 75. Both of us laughed and spoke heartily 10 mins before the attack.
    Typing more details would only make me cry more.
    I’d like to talk to him…

  27. Hello SG, and everyone who would love to talk to their family members who have died.

    The answer is always the same. We can talk to them any time we want to, because they can hear what we say, and see how we feel, but it is us that cannot hear them when they reply, for the most part. Some people have the gift of mediumship, and they can talk to those who have died, but most people don’t.

    What we can request is that those we love come to us in our dreams, and we can talk to them there, in ways that satisfy us far more than brief glimpses of them that we receive when talking to most mediums. And truthfully, as much as it hurts, we should accept that the person we loved has died and moved on. We will meet them again, when its our turn to go ‘home’, but until then, we have to let go and move on ourselves.

    SG, five days is not very long, and I am very sorry for your loss, but your grandfather is never very far away. He resides in the wonderful memories you have of him in your heart, all the time you spent together and all the great conversations. He’ll be watching over you, but it has to be from a distance, and you have to get on with your physical life. Dedicate it to him, if it makes you feel better. Be a fantastic person, and have a wonderful life, because he taught you how to do that. That will honour him and make him very proud.

    Saying goodbye is hard but never forever, because heaven, in whatever form you believe it, waits for all of us .. eventually.

    Love & Peace

  28. I had a very vivid dream last night that I cannot quit thinking about. My father, who passed away 3 years ago appeared in my dream. He was standing there and I asked, Dad is that you. He turned and looked at me in the eye and he appeared to grow and shadow over me, he was glowing or looked golden. I looked up at him and told him I missed him. He smiled and I asked him if he was here for me. He replied, No, it will be a long time until I come for you. I said who are you coming for and he gave me a family name. This person is not ill, is still young and I am deeply worried. Do you think this was just a dream? The dream is so vivid and felt so real. I also had feeling of great peace after the dream. It was very strange.

  29. Hello Sharon,

    We can hope its just a dream, in the sense of the warning, but it was lovely for your father to come and visit you. Perhaps you can find your young family member, give them a bit hug, and tell them to be careful for a while? The future is never fixed, but sometimes events like this are unavoidable, and it might help you, and your family, to know that your father will be there to catch the person when s/he falls.

    Love & Peace

  30. Hi Ama

    My name is Anjali.I lost my brother on may 7 2013.He committed suicide.
    I am missing him very much.From last two months I am just crying crying and crying.Day by day it is getting really very difficult for me and my family to live without him.we all want to know why he killed himself without any reason.I put that note also under my pillow but he did not come.
    I request you to call him and talk to him.please please help me.You are the only hope for me.

  31. Hello Anjali,

    Why are you crying? What are your beliefs about life after death? Are you crying from fear for his safety, now that he is a spirit, or because you are feeling guilty that he chose to end his life before anyone could help him with whatever the problem was that drove him to do it? Or was it an accident? How did he actually die? Sometimes people will attempt suicide as a ‘cry for help’, only to succeed when they, instead, wanted to be found and saved.

    Since I do not know all the facts, I can only speculate .. and no, I can’t call him and talk to him, because I do not know his name – and I can only call ghosts to me .. but if you would like to write to me privately, my email address can be found via the link (look for my name) at the bottom of the page .. I will try, but I can make no promises.

    If he’s a ghost I will cross him over, if he’s not, I’ll ask that he comes to you in your dreams – and you can talk to him yourself. Or is there a ‘medium’ (a person who communicates with spirits) somewhere in your area where you can go and talk to him with their help? That would be better, because if the medium is good, you might have a reasonable conversation – and find the answer you seek.

    Love & Peace

  32. First of all I am sorry for you. Don’t be such sorrowful. This is the occurrence which has been happened and you can’t change anything by your continuous weeping. I don’t know what is your religion. May you are Christian and it is hard for me to Guide you based on the Islamic statements but I say somethings herein that those are not so much far from Christianity beliefs because they believe in God and believe he is the creator of the universe, the same thing that Islam has said. God says in Quran ( when a dear of the family dies ) :

    ” give glad tidings to the patient, (155)who, in adversity say: ‘we belong to God and to him we shall return. ‘ (156) ”

    Also Imam Ali ( the leader of Islam after dying Mohammad) said :

    ” When one of you is dead, suppose he has gone to a trip. So If he doesn’t return to you, you will go to him ”

    However, be patient and try to be so. Then I have the personal recommendation that it will work for you in the high probability. May God allows you to see your brother in the dream and talk him. Do examine it ( with all your heart. Thus I am sure, you will get respond ):

    When you got in bed and before the sleeping, notice your thought to God and say :

    ” O God, I witness, you are one God and there is not any God with you. I swear you to Mohammad the messenger of Islam that you allow, I can see my passed away brother and talk him in my dream “

  33. Hello Mans,

    I was just thinking of you yesterday, as I was scrolling through one of the messages we had had a chat on.

    I love the quote you wrote: ”When one of you is dead, suppose he has gone to a trip. So if he doesn’t return to you, you will go to him”. That’s beautiful, and very true. Our loved ones might not come to visit us after they die, but one day we will find them again.

    Thank you,
    Love & Peace

  34. Hi This is piyush kumar.I had one brother named prashant kumar,he committed suicide in may 7, can I talk to him in any way or can you talk to him,I just want to talk to him for some time.please help

  35. Hello Piyush Kumar

    I am very sorry about your brother. Suicide is a very sad thing, and I wish people would seek help before making that choice, but often they don’t. If you will read the rest of this webpage you will realise that I answered this same sort of question above your request. And the answer is the same for everyone. We can ask those who have crossed into heaven to come and visit us in our dreams, but we have to be open to receiving a message from them. I can check to make sure they not ghosts, but I can’t always get messages, either from spirits (who have crossed into whatever heaven they believe in) or ghosts (who are lost souls who wander the earth).

    To get a message in a dream we have to be open to receive it. Sometimes we are frightened of them actually appearing, and that will stop them, because spirits are not allowed to interfere with human free will, and we tend to push away what we are frightened of. But what it comes down to, is we are not supposed to focus on those who have died. We are supposed to accept their passing and let them go, and then move on with our lives. It might be nice to be able to talk to them again, particularly when we don’t understand why they committed suicide, but perhaps that is part of our life lessons .. to learn to be more watchful over everyone around us, more concerned about them, so that we can notice when they are unhappy, rather than being totally focused on our own lives, moods and emotions, and missing the often subtle clues that say that someone is so unhappy that they think that suicide is the only alternative .. or they might have done it by mistake, trying to get people to notice.

    Read the page …

    Love & Peace

  36. Hello Ama

    How are you? I am glad see you. I also enjoy your social and and mental advising . I know you as a logic and studier writer. Also you are very active and willful woman in your life. You don’t wast anything or any time and try to use them in the best manner. You love humans and try to help them or donate them relaxation at least. You wish peace and fortune for humanity. Do what I said about you is true? ( happy smile )

    Thank you Ama for your justice and graceful respond

  37. Hi Mans,

    Thank you for the lovely compliments. (big smile) My family will agree I am willful (which means stubborn), and I admit it too. LOL It can also mean determined, if you turn stubborn into a positive attribute. And I can be a great time waster (just teasing), if I get a new silly game to play on my computer .. but not as often as I used to, because there are so many people seeking help these days, and I have made some good friends out of some of them along the way.

    I am very glad to see you here too. It’s not as busy a site as TGT was, but the stories and questions are definitely interesting, and I appreciate your opinions and thoughts on whichever you choose to answer.

    Wishing you a lovely day,
    Love & Peace
    Ama (going to have breakfast)

  38. I have not posted in a year for many reasons but I appreciate your response, Ama, to the question about suicide.

    blessings to all.

  39. Thank you Lothar, nice to see you back.

    Love & Peace

  40. Hi, if possible can you ask my mother to come talk with me in my dreams. Her name is Dorothy Dent. She passed March 10th. I was there when she took her last breathe. I miss talking with her so much. She came in a dream before, but brief. Thank you, Marsha.

  41. Hello Anon, I don’t have your first name, so I address messages this way.

    I am very sorry about your mother’s passing.

    We are not supposed to cling to people who have crossed over. We are supposed to let go, and get on with living our lives. The process of grieving is painful, but it can be worked through. The problem with seeking to speak to those who have crossed is, that unless there’s a very good reason, and just missing them isn’t really one in the long term, waiting for them to come and speak to us, even in our dreams, just delays our healing, and sometimes theirs.

    When we die we have two choices, to become spirits (in heaven), or ghost (out of heaven). Spirits bring us dreams full of peace, only their visits are very fleeting. Ghosts .. can bring people nightmares.

    Your mother came for a moment, and I hope she gave you comfort in the dream. She cannot really come to you ‘just for a chat’, but only for reassurance .. which I am assuming she has already done, as you don’t say what was in the dream, and probably would have if it had been sad or frightening.

    When you are sleeping your spirit lifts our of your body, as does most normal people’s, and goes astral travelling, and you and your mother meet there and have all the chats you want. You don’t remember, but that is normal too. For the next few weeks ask yourself to remember your ‘dreams’, each night before you lay down to sleep. And then ask your mother to come and ‘visit’, and hopefully the two will combine and you’ll get a chance to ‘chat’.

    We create our reality. We also have to create a space within it, and us, to communicate with spirits – but not all the time. We also have to learn to let go.

    It’s better not to communicate with ghosts.

    Love & Peace

  42. Good afternoon,
    2 months before, I lost my father. I was unable to talk to him. Just I want to talk to him. I need to discuss somany matters.

  43. Hi..!
    I lost My Best Friend On 21st July In A Car Accident. He Was On The Way To Visit A Holy Place. See The Destiny, He Was Willing To Visit God’s Place But God Himself Called Him To His Place Forever… :'(
    His Name Was Bharat Raj, Our Day Used To End with our conversation daily, But Now No hopes Of Call then also Every Night when the cell rings, the only person comes in mind is Bharat.
    Just Before A Hours of Accident We had A talk, All that Communications is going in mind till Date. Now Whenever I Laugh, Have Happening Time With Friends His Memories Are Damnly Running In Mind. Cant Forget Him..
    Please Help Me, Please Tell Bharat To Talk to Me

  44. Hi I lost my mom last year she died of a illness she had at a very young age and I really miss her . I believe she talks to me when I feel down or angry and trys to calm me down and make me feel better . Can spirit s hear what u say to them do they know how u feel just curious

  45. Please help me talk to my mother

  46. Is this you, Brittany .. if it someone else .. it would be nice to know your name. I suggest you make an booking with a very good medium to have confirmed that your mother is still ‘alive in the spiritual planes’ and then you can have a chat with her. Or ask her to come into your dreams and talk. That way often works well for people, to make them feel better. We are not supposed to talk to people who have died .. we, and they, need to grieve and move on. I know its not easy, but acceptance is part of our human lifetime, and an important lesson for each of us to learn.

    Love & Peace

  47. Hi Brittney,

    I am very sorry to hear about your mother. The answer is yes, they can hear when you speak and they know how you are feeling. They often answer .. its us that can’t hear them .. but they are not supposed to hang around us all the time. Their time on earth is done, and we have to grieve and move on with ours. Time can be a greater healer, and acceptance of the situation may be hard, but its a very important life lesson, and will make us stronger people for learning it.

    Talk to her anytime you like. Think of her as being just over your shoulder, or in the next room. She can hear you. If you want an answer ask her to come into your dreams, once in a while, so that you will know she’s just fine now .. and then let go. You’ll meet again, when its your time to cross over.

    Love & Peace

  48. Hi again why is it not good to talk to my mom sll the time? She gave me one of her collection dolls and I accidently dropped it when u drop something that belongs to a family member I have a feeling she saw me drop it and watched it break I didnt mean to I dont know if shes upset with me for it is there way to say sorry to her ?

  49. Hi Brittney,

    It’s fine to just talk, as if your mother is in the room with you, anytime you like – but don’t go from medium to medium hunting contact and messages, because that’s not healthy, as I explained.

    There is no way your mother is going to be upset because the doll broke. She understands things like that happen. Don’t feel guilty about it, she won’t be angry at you. Even if you had smashed the doll on the floor in anger and frustration, she would still love you so much, and understand where the pain was coming from. She knows you miss her, and she’ll always keep an eye on you, wanting you to be happy and at peace .. that’s what our family in spirit does.

    Love & Peace

  50. My stepdad had a heart attack but during the heart attack my mom said it wasnt his time to go yet she sent him back he told me that mom decides when its his time to go. Is it true spirits do that?

  51. Hi Brittany,

    It’s not mum’s decision when your stepdad decides to die, its his. We all choose various times when we might die during our lives, but we don’t have to do it then, we can return to our bodies, if its suitable, and get much older. If you look up this subject on the internet, you’ll find lots of stories of people who have been sent back into their bodies by their relatives, who have gone on to lead longer lives.

    Our families-in-spirit meet us when we die, to help us through the transition from one state of being (alive) to another (spirit). Death is not frightening, its just like stepping through a door. We just often fear the ‘unknown’.

    Love & Peace

  52. My stepdad also told me he had a dream where he saw her in a white dress in her wheelchair saying she was happy I thought he was making it up lol

  53. Oh no, not making it up. :-)

    You tell your stepdad if he sees her in the chair again .. he can tell her she should be dancing. She doesn’t need the chair anymore, honey.

    Love & Peace

  54. I am frightened of ghosts all tho they dont hurt us they scare me abit I remember last year I experienced activity in my apartment . I have a celing fan and the light bulbs in it were burnt out so they didnt work at all but they kept flickering randomly and it was starting to bother me …but it started getting warm and cold then I felt scared as if somrthing was there then I got mad and started say stop get out !! Go away then the flickering from the lights would stopp then it hapened again then I damanded it to go I was fusterated this time . I heard 3 nocks at my door went to go check no one there I got paraniid and ran out theres a ghost in my room !! People were looking at me like I was dumb but I know there was a ghost it got hot then cold lights that are broken flickering and every time I say stop go away it stops then continue for a bit strange but I know the place has friendly ghosts . I am disabled and live in a apartment with disabled people and some have passed but I strong ly belive other come by and open doors for us or help us or just say hi but scares me sometimes I footsteps on the roof alot but it only happen s at a certain times at night . I love ghost storirs and stuff its interesting but I dont want to mess with it cus I am terrifed of ghosts my mom didnt even pass yet when this happened

  55. I was wondering if I need guidence and am unsure what happens to us after death will a relative who have already passed over want to reassure me there is something out there after we pass. Also I was thinking of a relative who has passed on the other day asking for a sign of Maggie’s if they would here me..two Maggie’s came is it just a coincidence????

  56. Martin always dreams that he’s able-bodied, doing ‘whatever’ in the dream. He never dreams he’s in a wheelchair.

    For those who believe in Astral Travel during our sleeping, then this concurs with Ama’s “Dance Again”.


  57. Hi RW

    After death we are met by a variety of people, depending on what our heart is seeking. Sometimes its a relative, sometimes an angel, a familiar friend, or someone you thought important in life. The object is to make you feel safe and comfortable as the transformation process happens.

    When you said ‘two Maggie’s came’, what exactly happened? Was one easily identifiable as your relative?

    Love & Peace

  58. Hello sir,

    my mom was expired on august’13. I require to communicate with her and need to ask some questions and suggestions. I love her even more now. Still she comes often in my dreams, but doesnt speak anything to me. Please help..

  59. Hello my name is jewels. My mom passed away and I feel like she isn’t all the way gone. I don’t want her to leave me so I write to her everyday. My mom is my best friend and I miss her so much. I live in her old house and it tears me apart that so much of her is here and not the part I want,her. I’m having trouble with this all and I feel lost without her. I wonder if she can hear me when I talk to her. If she can see me writing this. I guess I want to know is it really possible or am I just crazy.

    With hope,

  60. Hi Jewels,

    Yes she can hear you, and she can read over your shoulder, and she still loves you, even more now, than she did before.

    We all need time to heal and let go. It’s not easy when we have had a close relationship with someone we love, but they have moved on, and so must we. You have time to write to her, and to let yourself grieve the way you need to .. and I know that she wants you to do this, and to be happy again, because all of our loved ones in spirit wish this for us.

    Love & Peace

  61. Hi,
    My husband committed suicide on December 15th in singapore.I am living in India.I want to know the reason why he committed suicide.I want to talk with him directly.Please help me.Pass comments through my mail.

  62. They’re called “exit points” Ama! ;) The different points in our lifepath that we lay out for ourselves before we venture into the journey of our next life! This is a topic I would love to delve further into! Maybe I will create a question to spark discussion! :D

  63. Good idea, Luna,

    Love & Peace

  64. My mom died in an road accident on 25th October 2013,i still miss her a lot and my sister says see sees my mom and my mom often come to her dreams but i never see her not even in my dreams though i know my mom loves me more than she loves my sister,on December 11,2014 i lost my most loved dog charlie.i miss him a lot too and few years back one of my younger sister died on the night of 31st October.though honestly speaking i don’t miss her now so much..but my elder sister she says she sees mom,she also says she sees my younger sister too.i never see anyone.though my younger sister had always been close to me and was with me when she died.i feel bad about this.she was just 19 year old when she died.even it was not my mom’s age to die and my dog was just 5 and a half year old.i want to talk to them and want to know if they are fine and if they do know that i miss them so much and why things happen this there any way i can talk to them.I am confused about their being as a spirit and looking at us and the reincarnation thing.i mean what are they.A spirit,a ghost or reincarnated somewhere else.these things confuse me and my sister keeps going to pandits and babas and she is too much into all this.i don’t believe in those pandits and babas because whomever i met,i find him or her a fraud.i should say like this.but i believe they don’t know real things and just making people fool and playing with their beliefs.can i talk to my sister and my mom and my there any way

  65. Hello BS.

    I am very sorry for your losses, and I wish everyone could talk to those who have crossed over, but some people just don’t have the gift, and others are either too desperate, or too frightened, even when they say they want to, to allow their conscious mind to remember what we do all the time when we are sleeping. Our families are always watching over us, and perhaps, when you let go more, you’ll see your mother in a dream .. but in the meantime, get on with living, being the best person you can be each day, and that will make her very proud of you. If she is supposed to come through to you, she will .. generally when you stop expecting it.

    Love & Peace

  66. Thanks Ama

    Thanks for the reply.i have read all the thread and i liked your comments.I really wish to talk to them.i am just so in distress and feel am not in good relationship with my father and my elder i feel like i have no family now.please please tell me if i can talk to my mom,sister and my dog.and if i can know that they are happy wherever they are.i just want them to be fine.Because i am from India and here you know people have so much stupid elder sister meets so many babas and pandits and some says my departed sister is not happy as she committed suicide.some says she is harming us,i can never believe that my sister is anyhow harming us.she loved us.and some says my mom is fine.some says different things.And am worried about my dog too.i loved him like my son.please tell me what can i do to talk to them.

  67. i lost my sister in august her husband and her had a scooter accident,since her death i feel anger towards her is that normal? she left 5 kids behind her from 2 to 19 , i dont know i m sad and angry i need to talk to her and i don t know how to

  68. Hello Bee,

    Yes its normal to feel anger towards someone who has died and left you. Is her husband still alive and looking after the kids, or are you? And the fact that she left at all could make you feel angry. Allow it to be a phase you pass through, don’t stay angry forever. It sounds like she died in an accident, so I doubt she meant to.

    Are you dreaming about her? You can talk out loud to her, or in your mind, and she will hear you. The problem is you hearing ‘her’. People either have the gift of clairaudience (clear hearing) or they don’t. More often those we love who have passed over might come to us in our dreams and answer questions .. so write your questions down on a piece of paper and sleep with it under your pillow for three nights. Hopefully then, if you are not keeping her away, she’ll be able to get a message to you in some form, that answers the questions. Or go and visit a medium and ask them to help talk to her.

    You both need peace, and so do her children. I am very sorry this happened and I wish you all well.

    Love & Peace

  69. thankyou for your answer i will try with a piece of’s true that i saw my father in my dream once telling my mother to come back because it wasn t time for her to go at that moment she was in a coma i truly believe that we can see our lost ones i just feel sad because i haven t seen my sister thankyou

  70. Dear madam,

    I lost my grand mother 3 months back. she is very beloved to me. i just wanted to ask her about family problem. my brother is 33 regarding his marriage. not able sell the property. due to financial problem. Her Name is Sarajomma.


  71. i wish i had my father today, he died in 2008,

  72. My mum passed away on February 4th and I still can’t accept that she’s gone . I’m feeling more and more depressed and sad,because it was an unexpected death.we lost her at a crucial phase of our lives.I just wanted to say that I love her so very much and so sorry for everything that hurted her.I’m struggling to move on with my life.Wish she came once and hugged me.

  73. Hello Deepa,

    I am so very sorry that your mother died. I know she will be watching over you even though you can’t see her or sense her. Perhaps if you ask clearly, she might come to you in a dream, but give her a few months, to get used to the new world she is in …

    In the meantime, if you are not coping, and grief is a real challenge, go and talk to your doctor about it. Don’t pretend that you are happy if you are not. It’s best to get help if you need it, after someone you love dies, to give yourself time to heal.

    Love & Peace

  74. Thank you so much Ama for your kind words and advices.I was thinking of contacting a medium to talk to my mummy but I am not sure how to do as this is my first time..I live in Sydney and is very far away from my home town where my mum lived and passed away.does it affect when I try to connect to her?

  75. When we are in this world, Deepa, we live in different towns or cities or countries, but when we live in the spiritual planes we live in the ‘here’ and the ‘now’ .. so it does not matter where your mother lived, she will be able to find you, to have a conversation through the medium, if the time is right. And there are plenty of good mediums in Sydney, I am sure.

    Love & Peace

  76. Thank you Ama.I searched internet and found that there are many mediums in Sydney.But I’m just confused whom to contact and everyone claims to be the best mediums. Hope I’ll find a way! Also, I don’t know if its just my illusion, she came into my dreams few hours after she passed away and told me that she is already gone.But she was crying and the dream lasted for few seconds. At that time I wasn’t aware that she died (My family informed me that she was critical and asked me to come home asap.) and was still praying for her for a miraculous healing.

  77. Hi Deepa,

    I do NOT recommend people who advertise in glossy magazines and on television. Do you have a local new age store? Or does NSW have a Spiritualist Union? You can visit your local Spiritual Church (do a search on the net for your suburb and spiritual church and see what comes up). You can usually talk to someone from there, and they can recommend a medium who is good at his or her work.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help. I live in Victoria, and my favourite medium lives in Queensland.

    Love & Peace

  78. Thanks Ama.I’ll find a local spiritual church and try to get a help.Thank you so much.

  79. I still miss my mom very much. My mom was passed away on 8 August 2013. At last breath, she was remembered me and nobody in her mind (vanished everyone). Also, I’m the most lovable child of her. Always I’ve scared about the ghost and the things all. Though even if she is my mother, I’m a little bit worried to ask her to come in my dream. Please Clarify me, 1 time I felt that she was coming and sat next to me and I feel that touch. At that time, I cannot able to see / touch her…. is it true or its my own thoughts?

    And please clear my fear, which mentioned above. I really wanted to see / speak her in my dream… Please help explain about my fear.

    Thank you..

  80. Always,she is worrying about my marriage. Normally, in morning time i feel like to try the method what you suggested (writing a note and put it under the pillow). But, after 9 (night) o’clock I’m getting fear to focus on the things that you said. Please help, I really want to talk with my mom and share something important things.

  81. No one can clear your fear except you, Mathi. You would like reassurance that your mother is well, and you had it .. the sense of her presence when she sat beside you. Now you would like her to visit your dreams, but if it isn’t necessary, its unlikely that she will.

    I’ll continue further down ..
    Love & Peace

  82. Hello again .. why would she be worrying about your marriage? Now, as a spirit, she will be able to clearly see whether it is happy or not. She won’t be worrying anymore, if she believes you can cope.

    As to being fearful after dark – that is totally understandable, but as I wrote above, she might not visit unless it is truly necessary. And since you will be asleep when she visits, you might not remember the dream at all, just the sense of comfort, or a feeling of ‘knowing’ the answers to whatever questions you have .. so right now what you fear is the ‘unknown’, and the only way to get over that fear is to just decide to do so. Write the note, put it in your pillow and go and sleep. Lying in the dark waiting for her to tap you on the shoulder is only you scaring yourself. She’s your mother. She loves you. She would never cause you fear. And when you are dreaming, you’ll have no fear when you see her .. only joy. Definitely worth a bit of nerves, I think.

    Love & Peace

  83. Thank you very much Ama,
    I feel somewhat my mind is clean now. I’m going to write the note for my mommy.
    Sorry to ask you again, that you personally felt (any incident) Like I updated earlier (my mom sat next to me). The incident which I felt is real (normal for all the human organisms) Or it’s my personal sentiments….. Please clarify and explain me …. without any angry ..

  84. Thank you, thank you very much for your valuable replies….

    May I ask you something related to GOD. Everybody feels that special person (power / god) To lead us.

  85. Hi Mathi,

    There is no reason to be angry about your questions. :) I understand your doubts and fears, having experienced them myself, but let me tell you about some of my experiences, which help me to know that what you felt is real …

    I have had my father come to visit me, three days after he died, during the day. We lived about two thousand kilometres apart. He had no problem finding me, and we had a three hour chat, which was very healing for both of us, and then he went to heaven.

    My 6 year old son saw his great grandfather (called Pop), just after the old man died and came to use for comfort when his family got very angry with each other. We were haunted enough that my then-husband actually rang the family and tried to get everyone to calm down .. and then Pop went into healing after the funeral.

    I had a cat, called Cinnamon, curl up behind my knees and purr us both to sleep. He had died that day and was buried in the backyard, and I couldn’t see him when I turned on my bedside light, about 10.30pm, to check what was purring, but then he head-butted me .. no mistaking that purr and that butting ..

    Then there was Gus the dog, who kept sleeping on my foot, under this very desk I am still using, for three (3) weeks after we buried him near the roots of a tree .. and Lucy the cat, who ‘haunted’ two different healing centres (one after the other) over 4 years, much to the amusement, and amazement, of people coming up the stairs .. she would dash across the top .. and people would ask me if I had a cat in the building …

    And then there are the ghosts that come and haunt me, from time to time, who move curtains, open cupboards, talk to me, share their memories, break my heart over and over again, when I watch them die .. because sometimes that is all they remember, they might not even know their own names, but they know something is wrong …and, like my father, I sent them into healing, into heaven, by whatever name you like to believe in it.

    So when you wrote that your mother sat down next to you on the bed, I think of the number of them who have done the same with me, or leaned over me and “I died 15 minutes ago” .. only that lady had first woken up my mother, before coming upstairs to find me, and really .. she died in the 1800’s. She was looking for me, when she woke up my mother (who sent her upstairs to me). She didn’t know ‘why’ she was looking for me, but she found the peace she needed, because, as a Spirit Rescuer, its my role to cross them over .. set them free.

    So yes, your mother sat with you, and said she was ok, and she went Home, which is where she needs to be .. in a heaven in some form, because its different for all of us .. but its also exactly the same – peace, healing, acceptance and Love.

    Is it normal for some people to experience this, and many other forms of ‘visits’ … yes.

    Love & Peace

  86. Hello again,

    This is not really a question to me .. are you asking if everyone feels a special connection to God, by whatever name they believe the creator energy is called?

    Love & Peace

  87. Hi Ama,

    Thanks for sharing your incidents and was very helpful to clarify my worries and all.

    As a spirit rescuer, I reckon you can able to speak / contact with the departed relatives, right? Please correct me if anything is wrong…

    Yesterday night, I personally wrote the note and put it under my pillow; Waiting for my mom’s arrival..

    And some of them are kidding me that “I shared like my momma came and sat with Holding my hands”.

    After that I concluded myself as that and all my own illusion. But now I have come to recognize the truth because of you.

    Thank You so much for the clarification.

  88. Yes, I’m asking the same what said above…

    But for clarification only I required you.

    Since, in our society most of all are supposing that the god, ghost, spirits etc…and all fake and foolish things.

    But I personally believe all the things mentioned above…

    Thanking you again….

  89. Good morning from Australia, Mathi,

    In my personal experience there is definitely a force for Love that created all of humanity, all the planes of existence – which includes this universe, and much more. I have had two visions of the Creator energy in this lifetime. The Christians call them God and the Christ energy, but neither are Christian, they existed before humanity started creating belief systems (religions) to wrap around them, to try and explain what, or who, they are, and they are part of every belief system, under many names – and part of every person – the energy that gives us life. The experiences taught me that we are all profoundly loved, no matter who we are or what we do.

    I experience angels on a daily basis, and spirit guides, ghosts, elementals, quite frequently, and other more negative entities too frequently, particularly when they bother the living. That’s part of my role as Rescuer .. to help clear people of nasty energy.

    Ghosts are the spirits of people who have died and not gone to heaven. Spirits are the spirits of people who have died and Have gone to heaven. (The word ‘spirit’ is overused and can be confusing). While they are both human, their energy is the exact opposite of each other. Spirit guides are humans-in-spirit who are especially trained for the role, and are not relatives, nor are any of our relatives every ‘angels’, nor turn into them.

    Elementals are nature spirits, and can be very bossy. :-)

    Angels are a different stream of creation, created before humanity and humans do not become angels when they die, even if people wish they did. However angels can become human, but only by becoming demons first .. the demons do nasty things to humanity, but eventually they can choose to be redeemed .. and then have to repay humanity by becoming human. It’s all very complicated and governed by strict rules.

    And then there are the beings we call ‘aliens’, but only because we don’t really know who they are, for the most part.

    And that is a very quick and brief summing up of some of the energy of created beings.

    People choose not to believe in all or some of it, and that’s just fine. They all believe in us.

    Love & Peace

  90. You are welcome, Mathi. Leave the note there for a few days, just to secure the energy. Your mother might not arrive for a while, because we all need a rest after each lifetime, but she’ll come if she can.

    Our time is not spirit’s time .. they have no ‘time’ in heaven. Only here, and now.

    Love & Peace

  91. Very impressive, wonderful clarification!

    Thanks again!

    With love,

  92. Thanks ama,

    Simply, I’m having a doubt that how could you say that my mom will not come for a while. Is anything special information you know about the arrival? Or more often than not, you’re saying that spirits will need some peace for a while?

    And another doubt / clarification is that how the spirits will come to cognize about the note (under the pillow) Which is composed by our loved ones…

    I’m hoping that my mom will come and touch me… hope so.

    With love,

  93. Hi Mathi,

    After 30 years of listening to other people’s experiences, and having many of my own .. I speak from there. My father took 10 years before he dropped in for a short time – mind you, we did have that chat after he died. My friend Stefan died and arrived a few days later. My grandfather-in-law was there the day after he arrived. My grandmother hung around for 29 years, and finally crossed over (became a spirit) when I arranged to be confirmed as an Anglican Christian. She came back briefly, many years later. Very briefly .. it was a “hi, and bye” visit, but it was definitely her.

    I don’t know anything special about your mother’s visit, I just know what others have done, and said, about heaven after they pass. And everyone needs peace after a trying time .. and being human takes a lot of hard work, in most cases. I am looking forward to my ‘holiday’ after I am dead.

    How does your mother know what you wrote on your note? When you wrote it you thought the words, and sent the energy of the thought out into the universe, and she heard it, or saw it or felt it in her heart, just as your desire to see her is written there. Everything we commit to paper (write) creates a special sort of energy .. which is why its such a lovely way of letting go of negative emotions. We can write them down and then burn the paper .. can make a person feel so much better.

    Just trust. She loves you. She’ll come back in her time .. the same as she would have visited you when she was alive .. we are always human, even after we die.

    Love & Peace

  94. Sorry & thanks for clearing up all the silly questions raised by me..

    I asked all the doubts which are related to the spirits, because of my mom..

    Don’t mistake me, because I don’t recognize anything about Spirits. That’s What I raised all the doubts in the form of ridiculous questions…

    Thank you so much Amy for making this happen.

    With much love,

  95. I haven’t seen you write one ridiculous question, Mathi. And its my joy to answer the questions, otherwise CareTaker would not have created this site for me.

    I was raised to ask questions that challenge people too .. so never stop. The best way to learn is to ask ..

    Love & Peace

  96. Thanks for your kind support!

    And, what is a ghost? What are spirits (good / bad)? What is goblin etc..?

    What is the deviation between each other?

    Is ghosts are having any shape or dress code? Since some of ours are insisting that the ghosts and all are enduring with a white dress and looks ugly…

    Please clarify if possible…

    With love,

  97. Hello Mathi,

    A ghost is a spirit of a person who has died, who did not cross into whatever you believe heaven to be. They are usually hungry for living human energy, and can make a living person feel cold, tired, angry, fearful and many other negative emotions.

    A person becomes a spirit when they cross into heaven after they die. They can come out again and visit anytime they want to, without freezing the life out of the living, and/or scaring them.

    A ghost becomes a spirit when they cross into heaven (I call it ‘healing’ because we all go to a healing place when we die, or we are supposed to). Heaven, being a place made entirely of energy, becomes whatever we think it will be, or need it to be.

    A goblin .. has nothing to do with ghosts or spirits. A goblin is a name for one of the many different types of Elemental beings bound to planet Earth. You might know them as Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Sprite, Undines, Salamandars, Devas, Afrit, Leprechauns and more. Every society has different names for them, but their roles remain the same. They nurture the planet, and all the creatures upon it, including us.

    No, ghosts and spirits don’t have a dress code. Most spirits will appear before their families looking like the person they were before they died, perhaps a little younger and healthier, but always easily recognisable. A ghost might appear as themselves, but because they are hurting, and lost, they can appear in some form of frightening way, such as with an axe still through their skull .. that’s actually happened to me. I asked the guy to remove the axe and fix his head before he spoke to me .. so he did. They are trapped in the pain, fear and misery of their passing .. so we help to release them and cross them into healing. And some of the ghosts might appear wearing sheets over them, because they expect ghosts to appear like that .. its all an illusion. They are made of energy .. they can appear as anything they like.

    Wishing you a lovely day,
    Love & Peace

  98. Love You Ama,

    Thank you so much, Today morning I have seen my mommy. She arrived and touched, kissed me.. And we spoke nearly 10 mins… thanks a bunch.

    With lots of love,

  99. Hello my nephew passed away 2 weeks ago of a heart attack he was only 37 , ever since so many strange things happened , I think he is trying to communicate with us , a cat we never seeing before keep going to my brother place since he passed I think for some reason it’s my nephew trying to tell us something , his name is Mohamed could you tell me something

  100. Hello Nasser,

    I am very sorry for your loss. Can you tell me of any of the other strange things that have been happening? Is anyone in your family dreaming about your nephew? Also, where is the cat actually visiting, your brother’s home? What does the cat do there? Is the cat symbolic of something important to your family? Otherwise, it could just be a cat drawn to the energy of sorrow in the household. It is said that cats are drawn to that sort of energy, which is why some cultures used to fear them.

    Love & Peace

  101. My father in law (Achan) passed away suddenly and we miss him very badly.Even we need him back with us. We cannot live without his presence in our house. How can we talk to him? At least I want to tell him to speak to Amma, she is totally down. He was a healthy man and all of a sudden as a heart attack he left us in a morning. Please help me to know whether he can see his or hear us. I am mentally down now with this accident.

  102. Hello Ama

    My mother passed away recently and I am pretty much broken now. I have had dreams but how do you know if a dream is a dream or a visit. One dream the night she passed (had by another family member) involved her standing on our balcony with a huge smile, so happy and waving goodbye.

    The second dream by this same family member involved a tattoo he is thinking of doing has her date of death on it. In the dream my mum said thats not my date of death but the day I went home.

    Also somewhere in your comments you mentioned your favourite medium is in QLD I think? Im in QLD. Would you be able to pass on their name either here or by email.
    Thank-you so much for your website

  103. Hi Vanessa,

    Whichever of your family members is aware of the visits from your mother is very blessed. When we die we do go Home, so seeing your mother like that is very reassuring. The way we tell the difference between a dream and a visitation is the emotion. When spirits come there is nothing but love. When a ghost comes, we can feel very negative.

    From what you have described your mother definitely crossed into Home when she died.

    Love & Peace

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