Can You Help Me To Discern What I’m Dealing With?

I wished that someone could help me discern what I’m dealing with.

It started out with my personal belongings being either moved or taken away all together. I’d also wake up every morning around 3 – 3.30 am. like it was just time for me to get up, no grogginess, nothing. But I’d have pain in my right hand, it would be swelled up pretty bad with razor like cuts to it and also bruises that weren’t there when I went to bed. And I don’t wear jewelry to bed.

I’ve also had crosses turned upside down in my jewelry box. I’ve also once went into my closet to get a top to wear, and when I opened up the closet, I noticed that tons of my tops had pants hangars on them. The ones that have clips. There were 18 total like that. My husband was there to witness that one. He couldn’t believe it.

I once put some of my expensive jewelry and fragrances inside a safe that had a combination lock to it. Got up the next day and some of my belongings were gone but in it’s place was a small white plastic tray that had driveway gravel, dirt and 2 pennies inside. This is no joke, it’s true. I would never embarrass myself in public, believe me.

I’ve also had opened up my ashtray in my car one day and inside were nothing but my sons brand of cigarette butts. Not ONE was my brand and may I add, my son wasn’t even IN my car for months before this.

Lots of other thing happened to me but it would take forever to type it all I wished I knew what I’m dealing with. I’ve tried sage, house blessed by the priest, etc.. no luck. still going on. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know thx

Asked by Annette

  1. Hello Annette,

    You asked this question on another site here today. You didn’t put as much detail there. Sounds to me as if someone is playing games with you, whether its the living or the dead .. apart from the cuts on your palm, which I did ask you about on the other site, its all mischievious tricks and not really harmful.

    I hope the jewellery was returned. Perhaps the message there is that some things really have very little value, in the scheme of things? It is only us that put great price on bits of rock and metal ..

    If it is a metaphysical problem then the Michael Invocation (at the bottom of this page) should help clear whatever entity is doing this. If it continues, I would look for a living source.

    How often have you experienced the cuts on your hand?

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Annette and Ama

    I was about to respond on the other thread but, having seen this one which has more detail, I’ll respond here instead.

    First off – good answer Ama.

    How long has this being going on Annetta? Weeks? Months? Years?

    Your experiences bring to mind a few examples of similar experiences others have had. Have you read the South Shields Poltergeist? In the main, it’s not much of a book – more about using literature as a vehicle to massage the authors egos than anything else, but – the people who were the focus of the poltergeist had a lot of very ‘un-poltergeist’ activity. This included physical abuse.

    Now, the book is long-winded and laborious. You have to trawl though 313 pages worth of reading how brilliant the paranormal investigators are until you finally get a very brief and almost dismissive explanation as to what was causing the disturbances. But, if you can stomach sifting through all the clutter then the foundation of this investigation is fascinating.

    It turned out that the ‘entity’ or ‘alien’ was travelling through and feeding off electricity. It fed off batteries as well as mains electricity. Once fed, it had strength to cause all kinds of problems for its victims. A druid, Stephen Swales, was the one who managed to solve it and get rid of the ‘poltergeist’. Having had the opportunity to read Hallowell and Ritson’s notes about the case, he suggested they simply turn off and unplug all the electrical equipment when not in use, rather than have things on stand-by. This, he stated, would stop the entity from gaining access and feeding. The family did this, and it worked. The ‘entity’ either moved on, or dissipated –they’re not sure. But, there was a large overhead power cable near by, so the theory was it travelled around from place to place using that as a pathway, until it found ‘subjects to study’.

    What exactly was the ‘entity’ in question? Well, it did not fit the remit of a self-constructed daemon. For a start, it demonstrated it’s own intelligence. It did not have a specific person as a focus and the case went on for months not a few weeks. Although the authors of the book never got to the bottom of exactly what it was, the entity sounded like some kind of daemon (earth elemental) to me rather than a ghost, demon or self-constructed energy form. In short, an alien energy life form.

    Then there was the case I was personally involved with that mirrors the South Shields Poltergeist case on so many levels.

    I was asked to help a young lady with a problem spirit that, again, did much the same thing as you’ve witnessed. This was a first for me, I admit, but the upshot of it was this;

    Someone had hexed a charm. We never knew who had hexed it, nor for what reason because there was no apparent connection between the charm and the young woman’s mother whom had purchased that charm. But, as soon as that charm entered the house things started happening. It turned out that whom-so-ever had hexed that charm had used some kind of ‘binding spell’, literally imprisoning an earth elemental (goblin) to the charm. The earth elemental was forced to do bad things, mainly aimed at the daughter, thanks to being under control of the spellbinder.

    It took a while to work out:
    a) the source of the problem
    b) the cause of the problem

    but, once I had released the goblin from its binding (imprisonment) and neutralised the charm, the bad stuff stopped happening and the goblin was able to return to its family a free elemental.

    I suspect the fact that neither the sage nor the priest’s blessing worked is because you have got a different kind of entity to that which those mediums are aimed at. In short, sage and blessings work for ghosts and demons, but are ineffective when it comes to natural daemons. To sort out problems with them requires a different approach.

    Start off by trying Ama’s Michael Invocation. You can also try unplugging all the electrical equipment in the house when they’re not in use. It worked in the South Shields Poltergeist case.

    I hope you get this matter resolved soon


  3. Wow, thats something because I just had a reading by a medium who is on a tv show and has done this work for over 30 yrs. She told me that she feels this is the work of ‘elementals’ attactched to my husband because he has a bad addiction. She told me too, that there was a little girl of about 9 yrs old still in my house that doesnt know she’s dead. She likes to play with my clothes. I’ve had expensive department store cosmetics missing, jewelry, clothes, shoes, ect. anything that i used. I used to be a makeup artist, so i really enjoyed my collection of them. so maybe that is the reason for it targeting what i liked. I just dont understand why I get razor like cuts to my hands and sometimes my feet. They last about a week, and leave a scar sometimes. They burn when i wake up to them. I’ve also had bruises that weren’t there when i went to bed. I dont move when i sleep as i’ve got a neck problem. My husband sleeps with me and he can attest to the fact that i dont move when i sleep. The paranormal team we had doing the investigation suggested that this is coming from my husbands addiction, they dont like it that i’m trying to get him help to stop it. If you need anymore info let me know. I’d do anything to get my life back to normal. I’m afraid to even buy anything knowing that it will be gone anyway, I’ve recited the st michael prayer many times too. I’ve been trying everything. Thank you for the reply.

  4. I forgot to say that this activity really kicked into high gear last summer. around the end of june, first of july, when my husband started his sex addiction therapy. coincidence?

  5. I read again what you wrote me and it makess sense, but the only thing is, I wouldn’t have a clue as to what article this entity is attatched too. That would be the hard part, finding out where it is and where its coming from. This seems to be an intellgent haunting as it knows my likes and dislikes. I hope to rid of it soon. It’s so hard to live this way, not knowing if i’ll be attacked again or my things taken from me. thank you for the reply!

  6. Hey AJ,

    Sage is useless for getting rid of ghosts and demons. What the smoke from burning sage does is change the structure of the energy in a room, or house, and the ghosts go outside .. where they often hang around until the effects change back, and in they come again. They might leave, but there’s no guarantees.

    Back tomorrow,
    Love & Peace

  7. Hi Annette,

    Probably not a coincidence. How angry were you when your husband was going through the addiction therapy? Entities feed on our negativity, which means anger, fear, jealousy, helplessness, frustration, envy .. we are all great at creating problems for ourselves, even when we don’t want to.

    Love & Peace

  8. Hi Ama

    I agree totally Ama, and prefer burning lavendar for cleansing/blessing/lightening the house and lifting the atmosphere. But, sage can be enough to deter some spooks (the same way as a priest blessing the house can) and so they move on to somewhere else. That said, the only time I ever smudged a house with sage it had bad repercussions as the spirit in question kicked back in a big way. But then, it was demonic!! That’s why I use lavendar – it sends them to ‘sleep’ for a bit whilst I come up with a cunning plan to get shot perminantly. LOL!


  9. Hi Annette

    I’m afraid these things are all about a process of elimination. It’s like casting a big fishing net, then gradually drawing it in until only the true facts remain. It’s just like detective work! Call me, Columbo. LOL!

    I have read through all your posts but just need to clarify a couple of points to make sure I’ve understood you correctly:

    The way I understand it, you lived with your husband in the marital home but, when you guys seperated, it was you who moved out to somewhere else and not him. Have I understood that correctly?

    It was only once you had moved out that prominant paranormal activity started. Have I understood that correctly?

    When you moved back, paranormal activity turned up a notch and became more intense. Is that right?

    These are important points. And it also leads to another question. Was there any indication that you had a ghost (the child!) or the nasties BEFORE you split with your husband? IE in the matital home, before you moved out. If so, was it similar to what you are experiencing now? Or what it completely different?

    Because of the very sensitive nature of your husbands addiction and your current situation, of which I need to ask further sensitive questions about, would you prefer to continue with this discussion privately? If so, click on my name. It will take you to my website. Go to the ‘contact’ button and email me from there. It doesn’t matter which you choose because they all come straight to my private email address. However, if you are happy to continue posting on here, then I’ll just ask away.


  10. Yes, the activity started at the MARITAL home first, That is why i left my husband, I thought that it was HIM who was taking my personal belongings and doing other weird things like turning the crucifix necklace that i had in my jewelry box that was sentimental to me because my father wore that on his deathbed. After I moved out, things got worse. The physcial injuries started as was all the other things, the pics of me as a child when i was molested were placed in differant rooms in place of things this entity took from me. It was sort of like mocking me. Now that i’m back with my husbband, I still get cuts and bruises and things taken or moved to a differant place, but the activity is not as intense. I’m worried about what was found under my bed at the other house that i left my husband for, It was a brown thing that was embedded into the carpeting, it looked like a dead animal with fur. The paranormal team saw it too and said the same thing. It’s still there, but i’m too afraid to go back. And it absolutely wasn’t there when i had my bed put up by my son. He said the same thing, that it wasn’t there when he brought up my bed. If there is anything else you’d like to know, i’m more than happy for any help. I wished to God that this was over. I just want peace, thank you so much

  11. I just remembered something now that you say about lavender. I bought some kind of roots and oils from an etsy shop online. It said that it will help get rid of evil things in the house, The lady who sent it said that she prayed that 3 angels would make it safely to my house. Once it got here, I threw it everywhere, in each room, It was kind of like a powder. The very next day, there was that powder thrown all over my makeup, the top of my dresser, teh bathroom sink. everywhere, like it was throwing this stuff BACK at me! My husband saw it too and was freaked. This is horrible not knowing what i’m dealing with and how to get rid of it.

  12. Hi Annette

    Thanks for the clarifications, they are very helpful.

    OK! We can rule out an evil (demonic) entity right there because, whatever powder or potion that was that you obtained from that shop, whether voodoo pagan or wicca, it was a specific blend to getting rid of evil spirits (demons), therefore an evil spirit (demon) would be repelled by it. In other words, it would not be able to throw the powder around because it would be unable to get anywhere near it. The same goes for the crusifix, actually.

    That’s the good news!

    Can you remember what was in the substance? Lemongrass? White Birch bark? Angelica? Hyssop? Sandalwood? Camphor? Black salt? Cloves? None of these?

    Here are some more questions – sorry, but they’re important;

    Is your molestor still alive? Do you still have to have contact with him?
    Did the molestation include physical abuse resulting in cuts and bruises similar to what you endure now?
    If not, were there threats made from the molestor to injure you in this way if you did not comply with their demands?
    Has your husband always suffered from his addiction or is this a resent development?
    Does his addiction involve third parties, or just aimed at you?

    I’m so sorry for asking these sensitive questions publically. Please feel free to email me if you’d prefer not to go public with your response. To email me, click on my name and follow the ‘contact’ link to send me a message directly.

    In the mean time, please try the Michael Invocation as I’m still of the opinion it is some kind of elemental behind all this.


  13. Lavendar sends them to sleep, AJ? LOL Just love it. :-)

    Well, it does ‘balance energy’ beautifully, and helps get rid of headaches .. but I’ve never see it send a ghost, or demon, to sleep (these beings don’t sleep). It would calm down a ghost, I suppose, but mostly what it does is calm us down .. but then I haven’t tried it in demonic possession situations, so hmm…

    Love & Peace
    Ama :-)

  14. Hello, Ms. Annette,

    I am not up to par with Ms. Ama and A.J. and I am just a country girl from WV, but reading your posts I have to say Bless your Heart!.. My ex sister in law had a little girl ghost in their home and she would take things and hide them.. they never paid any mind to her.. so to this day ss far as I know, that little girl is still playing and having fun… they were just like “whatever”.. I would be total opposite of that lol… anyways… and this is nothing towards ya’ll.. but just reading what you posted reminds me of this really old movie called “GAS LIGHT”.. were the husband tried to make his wife seem like she was going crazy… see, in this story the wife’s matron had valuable equity to pass on.. but off the subject sorry, not making light of what you are experiencing.. but in my own ideals of the matter… an addiction is just that.. it doesn’t matter what it is.. it takes hold of that person.. and it becomes a battle of will.. now from what I have read your husband has this named addition..such things as that like drugs, alcohol, sex, OCD… etc… It becomes a part of that person… and it rules and maybe it is spilling over into the energy of your home.. you are the wife and like you mentioned it taking it out on you..

    Do you feel the marks on your hands as you sleep.. are you on any meds to help you sleep? … I hope things get better for you ma’am.


  15. Hi Annette and AJ,

    Annette .. picking up some bits from your comments on the other site first:

    You said: “The paranormal team told us that his addiction is possibly the reason that i’m getting injured.”

    If the entity is a ghost who died addicted to sex, or demon, then it could be jealous of you and choosing to cause you harm. If it is then its adding to your husband’s problems, because it will be attached to him and encouraging his problem. Would he say the Michael Invocation for himself, with the clear intent of being rid of the thing?

    When you left him he was probably angry and upset and feeding the entity that energy, unintentionally, which might explain why the activity increased around you when you went. It could still be haunting you, no matter where you were, as long as your husband knew where you were.

    Objects moving are called ‘apports’.

    Is your older brother still living? The picture might have just be placed where you would find it for the emotional reaction, which the entities feed on .. but this is a nasty ghost, not a child ghost. Could be a demon, but I don’t want to call it that yet, since there is no real evidence that it is one.

    The rearranging of the clothes hangers really strikes me as a child’s actions, as does the ‘borrowing’ of the jewellry. You didn’t answer whether you got it back or not, and what happened to the tray that was left behind? The gun could be seen as a bit of a worry, but kids grab their parents ones whenever the parent is foolish enough to leave them around. Again, I see that more as the action of a child.

    A cross works the same way right-side-up and upside-down. It’s a person’s beliefs that empower it, not the cross itself. Finding it upside-down is a way to frighten you, but doesn’t signify anything unless you think it does.

    AJ .. I really think Annette is dealing with more than one entity here. There’s traces of game playing, which could be a ghost (child) or elemental (nature spirit), or daemon (human created entity) but the cuts are usual for all of them.

    Ok, now this question site ..

    Love & Peace

  16. Dragonsblood and salt seem to be the flavour of the month, AJ. You can get all sorts of odd mixtures that won’t bother a demon at all. If the intent of the person is not ttrong enough, who mixes it, it might as well be talcom powder.

    Love & Peace

  17. Hi Annette,

    More comments ..

    Addictions start within us, and then we can attract entities to us that make them worse. I wish we could write a new age dictionary to get the names of the different entities correct .. elementals, which are nature spirits, do not attach themselves to humans and encourage them to act badly, or in addictive ways. They can be bound to humans by other humans, but its not a very smart thing to do .. when they get free, they are not very nice to the person who did the binding.

    If you haven’t done the Michael Invocation, I would agree there is a child in your house. Do you live in the country, or near a park, because I think you also have elementals. Daemon would not surprise me, but who created it and when? Have you or your husband ever played with magic, even as children? Does your home have rumours of odd people living there before you?

    I think I’d write off the paranormal team as not very helpful. It is good that you want to help your husband and should not be causing you problems.

    If you meant the Michael Invocation off my webpages, I’m pleased, and how are things now .. if you mean another from another site .. please do mine. It was created very specifically for problems like this, and have your husband do it too.

    Love & Peace

  18. I can’t thank you enough for caring enough to try and help me. To answer the questions,, my oldest brother molested me at 6 yrs old till almost 11. I tied telling my mom about it but i dindt know the right words to say. She wouldn’t answer me when i tried telling her twice, so i walked away not knowing what to do. I dont remember hardly anything thank god. I’ve been to psycologist’s about it though. My oldest brother never hurt me physcially other than the rape. No cuts or bruises and no threats. He just told me to not tell our parents. As for my husbands addiction, he was addicted at 14 yrs old to porn that his older brother used to bring into bed. I had no idea when i married him that he was addicted. After the second week of marriage, i’d come home to porn books on the bed and evidence of his satisfaction. That is the biggest thing that we had major fights about because when i knew he did that, i’d accuse him but he’d never admit it, He’d rather deny it and abuse me in every sense of the word than admit his shame. So we’ve been married over 31 yrs now and it wasn’t until a yr and a half ago that he admitted his addiction, we both sought help through psycologist’s but it wasnt until last summer, he was referred to an acutal sex therapist in another town pretty far away. That is when this acitivity really started up heavy. My husband gets ‘fantasies’ in his head, if he see’s a sexy woman, he fantasises then acts out that fantasy behind my back and self pleasure and forget i exist, which hurt me terribly. I never felt pretty enough or good enough for him. still don’t. As for the jewelry and cosmetics taken, no , i ‘ve never seen them again. Just yesterday, i had a 300 dollar gemstone and sterling silver bracelet in a slot in my jewelry box, that is gone now. I’ll never see it again just like all the other stuff gone. It would be way over $10,000 worth of belongings gone. I could go online to the stores where i bought these things and print off everything i bought and the amount would show how much gone. We live in a small town, sort of in the country. I saw a show recently about paranormal and it showed one person who was having their belongings misssing and they found it behind the walls of the home! I never thought of that. And as for the little girl whomm the phycic said was here, she told me to try and cross her over on wednesday of this past week. So i tried that. I first read psalm 21 of the bible, i tried to imagine protectionn all around me and i called on angels and michael too on my right side, imagining he had a sworsd of fire. Then i called out the little girl whose here and told her that she is no longer on earth, and that her mother is waiting for her. All she has to do is go to the golden bridge, then walk into the light. That is what the medium who called me, said to do. She also told me to tell this little girl to take my hand, and i’d walk her to the golden bridge, which i did, then i told her to go into the light while not looking back at me. I then said pslam 23 of the bible at the end. I had a white candle in the middle of the room as i was told to do. The bible to the right of me. Afterwards, i didnt speak of it as that is what the medium said to not do out of respect for the dead. Just this morning, i woke up to pain in my right arm and hand. It’s swelled up really bad right now,. I showed my husband this morning and he agreed, at how swelled my hand and arm is. We went to a seminar last night for the paranormal groups in the state of PA, where we live. There was a young 18 yr old girl who is a sensitive. After all of the discussion, i approached her and told her that i was getting attacked by something. She just looked at me and didnt know what to say. The only reason we went there last night was to see if one of the sensitives would pick up on what is going on with me. But i had no luck. I’ve been praying so hard, but you’re right, i’m going to write down the michael prayer that YOU have as it is more involved than the original one. My priner isnt working right now, but will write it out today. I’m so thankful for this help. I feel so fortunate that you are reaching out to me. It’s very hard to live this way. I’d do anything to have my life back to normal again. As i’ve said before, this all started around the time y husband started his actual sex addicton ttherapy. Thank you for all you’re help, and cant wait to see what pans out here. God bless.

  19. not sure if i mentioned this, but I havent gotten the majority of my things back. I know it’s only material but it’s things i use everyday or enjoy. it is so frustrating not knowing what to do about it all. thats why i appreciate all the help. it’s to me, prayers heard.

  20. I forgot to say that I just threw away the white plastic tray that was found inside my safe with the perfume and jewelry. I held onto it until i showed my husband and the paranormal team. Also forgot to mention, when the team did their investigation. they did both houses, the marital house and the one that moved into when i left my husband. Me, my husband and two of the paranormal team members were at the other house. We were all sitting right by the wall unit furnace at the time. The temperature registered 80 degrees at the time. when the team members asked this entity to show that it’s here, to make the temperature go down to 70 degrees, i started feeling very cold on my legs and feet. i told that to the other three there and they said the same thing, they felt really cold under the table. they put their thermometor under the table and it was 60 degrees! so it went from 80 degrees to 60 in a few seconds. It was THEN that i felt like i was being choked. I had a ciggarette in my left hand and i was ooughing. My husband looked over at me and said, are you ok? I just held my neck, the team member yelled, get her outside now! So my husband helped me up and took me outside. It felt like there was something squeezing my throat inside. I was terrified to even go back inside. All i can do is say what happened to me, that is what i told the paranoraml team. I’m honest almost to a fault. And i’d give anything to have a noraml life again. I dont know the purpose of why this is happening. I dont hurt anyone, i try hard to live by the 10 commandments and pray everyday for God to hear my prayers. I guess when i die, it will be then, that i know what the lesson here was perhaps. As i’ve said before, so much happened to me that it’s hard sometimes to remember it all. I can’t figure out the reason for the white tray with 2 pennies, driveway gravel and dirt that was thrown inside that tray in my safe. I took it that it was mocking me saying see? I got in your safe and your’ worth nothing. maybe i’m wrong. but it happened for sure. i still have that tray but i threw away what was inside. the team saw it though. tk care

  21. I just checked on what powder I bought on etsy and it was solomonds seal root. the powder was frankinsece, patchouli, myrhh & sandlewood. I threw it all through the house but as i’ve said before it threw it back at me in the places where my belongings were. like it was mocking me again. hope that helps.

  22. Yep! It calms everything down, including the spirit in question.

    A calm person is a less fearful person – a less fearful person is harder for a negative spirit to feed off. And it has great protective properties. It’s only a short term measure, but it allows enough to regains one’s composure. Just don’t use it if you have low blood-pressure.


  23. Dragonsblood?? What’s that when it’s at home?

    I know, but Annette implied she had bought something specific to getting rid of evil spirits. I’m just curious what was in that compound.


  24. Ama said: AJ .. I really think Annette is dealing with more than one entity here. There’s traces of game playing, which could be a ghost (child) or elemental (nature spirit), or daemon (human created entity) but the cuts are usual for all of them.

    I agree Ama, there is more than one. Just working out if they are of the same ‘type’ or there’s one ‘type’ leading/egging/bulling the other ‘types’.

  25. Thank you, Annette

    Just to go through the elements individually here …

    Used mainly for treating injuries to the musculoskeletal system BUT, As powders is used for Cleansing, Exorcism and protection.
    OTHER USES – The root is placed in thw four corners of the house to guard it; it is used in exorcism and protection
    spells of all kinds, and an infusion of the roots
    sprinkled about clears the area of evil.

    Used mainly for stimulating and elevating the mind. Useful for visualizing, improving one’s spiritual connection, and centering, it has comforting properties that help focus the mind and overcome stress and despair.

    Patchouli is a relaxing, uplifting and sensual essential oil. It is a powerful aphrodisiac and is excellent in skincare and for fighting stress, anxiety and depression.

    Myrrh does for the body, what Frankincense does for the mind. Myrrh stimulates blood circulation – and ensures proper oxygen to the tissues.

    Balances emotional state. Calming.

    I think the problem with the blend here, is Patchouli. The very foundation of you problem is sex so, as Patchouli is a powerful aphrodisiac, this should be avoided as it has obviously counteracted everything you were trying to achieve by using the blend in the first place.

    I can understand why Patchouli has been added into the mix because of its uplifting qualities but we really have to be so, so careful when using this kind of stuff because they simply may not be at all suitable to a specific situation. And in your case, it is sex obsession that is the root problem.

    Did you have it made especially for you? Or was it an off-the-shelf compound?


  26. Hi Annette

    Does anyone in your house, or family play Warhammer Fantasy games?

    May sound like a really obscure question but I have a reason behind it.


  27. Hi, i asked my husband and son about the game you mentioned and all said no,, that they never even heard of it really. I don’t either. I’m hoping between all the info, that we can come up with who or what and how many entities are here. Just a bit ago. i was looking under my bed and guess what was underneath right where I lay? A cap to one of my fragrances that is gone now and right beside the cap is a book of mine called ‘ invisible enemies’! I called my husband up immediately to come and see what I found and he said, it don’t surprise me because look at the title of your book. I said yeah, i know. Just mocking me again. This is so frustrating but i’m keeping my emotions in check and trying to be calm and like ‘so what’ whatever. I didn’t wake up to any cuts today so glad for that much. Thank you again for all the help.

  28. the etsy shop made it special for me, I told her what was going on in my life. So that is what she sent me. thx for the help

  29. Hey AJ, It’s a resin taken from a variety of trees, named that because of its red colour.

    I can only smile … belief is such a powerful thing.

    Love & Peace

  30. There’s a theory that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ .. or to make you immune to something you give yourself tiny doses of the toxin to build up your resistance. The ‘healer’ might have been thinking that when s/he added patchouli to the mix. It works well for some people, and not at all for others. In this case I wouldn’t have added it .. Annette wasn’t taking the mix, she was trying to get rid of something with it. By tossing it about the room, the energy was receiving the ‘mix’, and having itself stimulated. The only useful thing there might be the Solomon’s Seal and Sandalwood.

    Solomon’s Seal: “This herb gets its name from the fact that when the plant dies back in the fall and the stalk falls from the root, the scar left behind is shaped like a Star of David, also known as the Seal of Solomon. It is said that King Solomon, reknowned not only for being wise but for sorcery, put his seal on this plant to indicate its worth. Thus, this magick herb can be helpful for making difficult decisions and to increase wisdom. You can carry it as a protective amulet, use it in exorcism, place it on the altar to help ensure the success of a work, or burn it when consecrating an athame. An infusion of the roots is sprinkled about to turn away evil. The root has also been used as a means of calling the Elementals. It is associated with the Fall equinox and is identified with Saturn. The Cherokee censed their homes with this root (it smells like fresh popcorn). The Menominee smudged with it to revive unconscious patients.”

    Might have made the house smell nice though? But since we have enough problems with elementals, I think I would have skipped this one too.

    Annette .. we will get to the point eventually. Right now, as AJ said, we have to gather information to get an understanding of what is, or hopefully ‘was’, bothering you.

    Love & Peace

  31. Hi Annette

    That’s good about the game. It’s primarily a fantasy table-top war game. But, it can also be played on-line, and there is also a role-play version. Apparantly, fanatics of this game collect the models and have conventions. (Only found out about it myself yesterday, but there’s quite a cult following going on.)

    It’s about folk fighting daemons in order to move onto the next level of the game (usual scenario with these typed of games) and there was one specific daemonic character type (Lords Of Change) that kinda seemed familiar!!! I wanted to check to see if anyone knew of, or played the game because, if they did, they might be projecting the image I’m getting.

    That fact that no one your end has even heard of this game, let alone played it, rules out image transference (from person to person) or a spirit metamorphasising into the image of something of familiarity in order to confuse/twist the truth.

    What is the book Invisible Enemy’s about? Just curious …

    I’m glad you’ve been spared the cuts. Maybe you should say ‘thank you’?

    I am actually starting to think this is something trying to get your attention rather than attacking you for the sake of it.


  32. OH! I see! Thanks, Ama. But, what properties does it have?

    Don’t worry replaying, I’ll google for the answers. LOL!


  33. The book invisble energies is written by Jim Croft. Its a book about how to recogize and defeat demons. I don’t know what i’ve been dealing with so that is the reason i’ve been buying books on paranormal and searching for info online as well Only thing about this book in particular is that it is more so religion based, christian and refers to the bible alot.. Not so much a paranormal book like i thought it was. just today, me and my husband said out loud the st michael prayer, also lit a white votive, read from pslam 21 and 23. imagined protection for ourselves, then blessed the whole house with holy water. hoping it works.

  34. Hi Annette

    You know? Demonic oppression is actually very rare. In most cases the ‘enemy’ is either
    1. an earthbound spirit (ghost) that needs to feed off a living persons energy,
    2. an elemental/natural daemon of some sort that wants to ‘play’ with you,
    3.some kind of energy form that a person has managed to construct themselves – usually by externalising their negative energy (often referred to as a polterguist).
    4. A purposely constructed daemon, which is energy that someone has externalised and then attached it to a third party, usually for malicious purposes (often referred to as a hex).

    I think that you, personally, are better off with a religious-based book when it comes to spiritual matters, as they provide good grounding on how to protect yourself. And, as a Catholic yourself, you can certainly identify with that, more than paganistic protection techniques and/or expelling spirits from your life. The only thing I will say against Christian books on this subject (in general terms), is that when it comes to negative spirits, the concencious of the Christian belief tends to be that there there is only one Spirit and that is the Holy Spirit. All other spirits are demons and therefore must be cast out as if they are demons. Well, they’re wrong. There are a whole host of different kinds of spirit out there and different kinds of spirit require handling differently. You can not cast out an elemental using exorcism rites for a demon. It simply does not work because element Lore is outside of and different to God’s Lore. Elementals are earth spirits, not heavenly spirits.

    Psalm 23 is a lovely psalm. It helps you to draw closer to the Holy Spirit. It stops you feeling so alone in troubled times, because God is there with you every step of the way. It is also the first psalm that is often read in exorcism rites so, as Bible readings go, its a pretty darn good one to choose, not matter what the entity in question is. You draw strength from this psalm.

    The Lords Prayer is also excellent for general protection and comfort.

    Having just read Psalm 21, I have to be honest, I’m not so convinced. The second half is a bit aggressive. It’s like waving your spear at your enemy to indicate you want war, knowing you have no ‘army’ prepared to back you up should the enemy take you up on your invitation for a fight!

    Psalm 19 is a lovely one though, as it asks for forgiveness. Negative spirit work on our darker emotions – our guilt, our conscience, our faults, our fears. This psalm reminds us that we are only human and therefore possess human frailties. But, if God could forgive us our hidden faults, then we can release our negative emotions. Emotions that bind us and keep us down. By forgiving ourselves and releasing ourselves from these emotions, we have nothing to give the negative spirits to ‘play’ with.

    When you say, imagining protecting yourselves, do you mean a white light shield? Or, putting armour on? Or, surrounding yourselves with Gods angels?

    Do you know why water is used? Ancient earth-based religions believed that water was the only element that spirit could not move through. If, in the water they were trapped and if, outside the water, they would not enter for fear of being trapped. Over the years, this beleif has been adapted to suit a whole host of different religions but the fundamental reasoning behind it appears to remain the same. So, to use Holy Water, whether to annoint a person or to bless the home, is to stop entities entering and/or to trap them within the water. That, it seems, is why the spirits tend to scatter when water is used, because they do not wish to be trapped by it. Fascinating, eh?


  35. When I say about protecting myself, i imagine that my guardian angel is standing behind me to my right, I call on other angels as well. One to the back left. Then I call on two in front and st michael to my right, with a sword that is flaming with fire. I try to imagine a wall of protection up around me. I’ve been praying the st michael prayer that Ana has shown me, which is more precise and I love it. My husband read that along with me yesterday. I just wanted to bless the house because when our priest did it, he only blesse the downstairs. I blessed everything from attic to cellar. I did ask for my belongings back in a firm low voice but haven’t found any yet today except for a small gold cross pendant that was inside the change jar! Of all places! As i’ve said before, you see these things on tv but my lord, you never think they’d acutally happen to you. Something took my 300 dollar sterling 7 gemstone bracelet and ouch, that one hurt because i loved that one. I know they are only material things, but it’s constant. Every single day i find something gone, thats been like that since last july, so you can imagine the amount of things gone. Astounding to say the least. I just want it all to stop, and have a peaceful life again. It’s all i pray about. thank you for all of the wonderful info. it’s appreciated very much.

  36. Hi Annette

    Annette: When I say about protecting myself, i imagine that my guardian angel is standing behind me to my right, I call on other angels as well.

    That is lovely. Stick with it!

    Annette: I’ve been praying the st michael prayer that Ana has shown me, which is more precise and I love it.


    Annette: My husband read that along with me yesterday. I just wanted to bless the house because when our priest did it, he only blesse the downstairs.

    Yeah! Some priests don’t take the paranormal too seriously, unfortunately. You thought they would, given their profession. But, not all do. Sigh!

    Always bless all areas of the house, from loft/attic to cellar. You did good, girl!

    Annette: I blessed everything from attic to cellar.


    Annette: I did ask for my belongings back in a firm low voice ….

    Elementals are curious things. They tend to respond well to requests, but seldom respond well to demands.

    May I suggest you make a list of all that has been taken, then make a note of their sentimental value. Once you have done this, ask the elementals if they could please return the item because it means so much to you. For example, ask them to return the 7 gemstone bracelet because it was bought by your husband on your 25th wedding anniversary and so it holds great sentimental value – far exceeding monetary value. (OK! So it might not have been a present, but you get the gist. Whatever sentimental value it has for you OVER AND ABOVE MONITARY VALUE, explain it to the elementals and then ask, nicely, for them to return it.)

    Annette: Every single day I find something gone, thats been like that since last july, so you can imagine the amount of things gone.

    Yes, and I can also imagine your frustration. But, instead of getting angry with them, ask. You’ve had some things returned already. How did you ask for those to be returned? Did you ask nicely, or did you ask sternly?

    Annette: I just want it all to stop, and have a peaceful life again.

    Again, I understand having gone through it myself. Don’t worry, things are improving.


  37. HI just wanted to tell you that I was attacked last night again. I woke up and it felt like someone was pounding on my face all night long. Also, i did what was suggested about asking for my belongings back in a nice way and why, the sentimental part of it. I did that but for the last two days, I’ve had even more taken from me instead of finding anything, so that was disheartening. Also, I checked my jewelry box last night before going to bed, just to see what was in there and if anything was taken or moved. I then shut the door and when I went into that room this morinng, I walked in and that door was hanging wide open. I tried not to show much emotion, so i just walked right back out and left. This is getting so tiresome and frankly, it’s sad for me to keep losing all of my belongings day after day. I prayed the st micheal prayer again, like I do everyday. Is there anything else I can do? Also my husband is denying his addiction is stil there but my intuition tells me differant. He is sitting here now beside me and here is his question to you. He’s asking this question. Because i feel that his addiction is still going on, could that assumption of mine be the reason why this evil is still here? Another words, he is saying that because I believe he is still active in his addiction, yet he doesn’t do that anymore, that is the reason why this evil is still here in the house or attathced to him. What do you think? I’ve got to get a tooth pulled today, this will be the 4th time I’ve had to get a tooth pulled. I’ve had nothing but health problems since last summer, when the paranormal things started to happen. I’ve had a bladder infection which is very odd for me and nothing but dental problems, which i’ve never had so much in a short amount of time. Even my husband and son are experiencing alot of dental problems as well. Not sure if that is just a coincidence or not.

  38. Hi Annette

    Annette: He’s asking this question. Because i feel that his addiction is still going on, could that assumption of mine be the reason why this ‘evil’ is still here?


    Annette: Also my husband is denying his addiction is stil there but my intuition tells me differant.

    OK! I have two questions for you guys.

    1. Annette, why don’t you believe your husband?
    2. If your husband is still at the mercy of his addiction, why can’t he trust you enough to tell you the truth?

    Relationships are built on trust. Take trust away and you have nothing left. I think you guys really do need to sit down, take a deep breath and be brutally honest with each other. Honesty and openness is the only way to sort out your marital problems. It is only through being honest that you can both move forward in a positive way to sort this mess out.

    Annette: . I’ve had a bladder infection which is very odd for me and nothing but dental problems, which i’ve never had so much in a short amount of time. Even my husband and son are experiencing alot of dental problems as well. Not sure if that is just a coincidence or not.

    When we are under stress, this can manifest itself with health problems. As you guys are under such a great deal of stress at the moment, not just with your relationship but also with the supernatural, then it does not surprise me that your health is suffering.

    Please start trying to work together with your issues, not be at loggerheads all the time because one doesn’t believe the other, or one has to lie because they can’t trust the other to be supportive.

    I have to be honest, it’s your marital problems that are at the root of everything. But, you’re going to have to stay strong and be positive if you are to start making headway towards a brighter future.


  39. Sorry Annette, I forgot to include the following:

    Annette: HI just wanted to tell you that I was attacked last night again. I woke up and it felt like someone was pounding on my face all night long.

    You know, tooth problems can cause a pounding sensation in your head due to either nerve damage in the tooth, or swelling around the infected area. Stress can also give a similar situation.

    It may well be that the discomfort you were getting may be purely physical?? Just a thought!

    I hope you are able to get some relief from your toothache soon. That’s all you need on top of everything else, eh?


  40. Hi Annette,

    I agree with what AJ has been writing. There are a lot of issues you guys need to deal with, starting with learning to trust each other again. Conquering an addiction is about making a choice ‘not’ to do things again. The roots of the addiction might still be there, because they are based in fears and beliefs (the issues we all have to struggle with) but that does not mean your husband will ever act on them again. He’s to be congratulated for making the decision to help himself, and in doing so help you.

    Your husband received counselling for his addiction, did you also get counselling because of it? We all have issues we have to deal with. Are you having marriage counselling to help come back together as a couple, or should you split up?

    Teeth problems, from a metaphysical perspective, are about having to make decisions. Are there decisions you have been avoiding?

    Bladder problems, does cranberry juice help .. try some, if you haven’t already. The problems can appear anytime, particularly when a person’s body is worn out by stress as we age. The paranormal don’t usually cause either of those problems.

    Anger, fear, resentment and emotional pain are very negative feelings and draw negative entities towards us, to feed on our energy. Once they are there they can be hard to get rid of, particularly if we continue to feel the same emotions, and also we end up giving them a tacit (unspoken) permission to stay haunting when we decide we will ‘never be free from them’. We can clear out resident ghosts and other entities, but others just take their place, and fairies are a pain .. but even they move on when a person stops expecting them to keep taking what they own. How many times a day do you check your jewellry box to make sure ‘nothing else has been taken’? You are constantly drawing attention to what you fear .. you have to change that behaviour to change your life.

    I remember the pounding from toothache, the whole side of my face was inflamed and pulsed to my heart beat. Is that what was happening for you? Did it ease when you sat up or moved around, or put an icepack on it? Do you have painkillers to take? Or did you just lie in the dark ‘knowing’ that you were being attacked?

    The thing about teeth is that they all lose calcium as we age, that’s normal. They all weaken. One might go faster than another, but others follow. Have you upped your calcium intake since the first one was removed?

    You see, most of the problems have a logical explanation, not a paranormal one. Sometimes its easier to blame ghosts than it is to confront the reality that we create the problems for ourselves.

    About your husband – does he think the entity is attached to him, or is that your thought? If he has done the Michael Invocation, that specific one, then there should be nothing attached to him either. Just do it once a day. Saying it all day long shows that you are still expecting to be haunted.

    In the meantime if you will write to me privately with your full name and date of birth, and your husband’s, with your permission I will clear your energy. If you want the house cleared, I’ll need the address.

    Love & Peace

  41. Hi Annette

    Just to let you know I’ve emailed. The recipiant name is “tetra’tum Rock Band” just soz you know its from me.

    When not being a super-spook detective, or a boring old accountant, I’m a bass wielding rock chick – haha! (The many lives I lead stop life getting too boring!)

  42. oh no,, i deleted that email today. i didn’t know it was from you! sorry.

  43. No probs! I’ve sent it again.


  44. Perhaps you need to get counseling to handle the abuse issues from childhood. Something may be feeding off that energy and using it to manifest and victimize you more. Or there may be an attached spirit that joined onto you because of the dark energy around these assaults.

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