Deja Vu And Seeing The Future

I not only see my own future but others as well.

I cant explain this but I see something called deja vu almost daily and I’ve also seen others experience of it while I’m with them like it was my own.

Some people have told me its just that my life is on track that’s why I have it and it seemed true for a while but seeing others deja vu and seeing myself in there eyes seems a bit more to me and it has happened multiple times.

Its not restricted to sleep either I can remember seeing these future events during normal day activities like playing a game or even swimming. When I see my deja vu in my daily life or dream I instantly forget them until the deja vu is activated then I see the moment in time I had the dream or when the events came to design in my mind.

The reason I say deja vu is because I don’t know a better way to describe it its more its like I see events just before they happen and am able to let them happen let my body go into auto pilot or alter it. If I leave it be the same thing happens if I alter it nothing life goes on and I just continue to have this deja vu type thing I’d like any explanation if you have an idea what this is.

Asked by Raul

  1. Hi Raul,

    Deja vu is a feeling we get when we think we are experiencing something we have either dreamed of, or had a vision of, in the past .. even if its only a few minutes past.

    I am not sure what you mean by seeing others experience deja vu .. but perhaps you are clairvoyant (means clear vision) but only see the future a few minutes before events. We all affect the future with our choices, so you might be blessed to know the results of your choices when you make them. I also ‘negate’ (say no, or deny the predestination of the action) things … I refuse to allow them to happen, and since they don’t .. I have come to believe I can stop ‘some’ things, not every thing that might happen.

    You could also be precognicent, which means knowing that something is going to happen before it does, which might appear to you as glimpses of the future .. but I still go with you being a clairvoyant who sees visions.

    Love & Peace

  2. I have a similar gift that you have, except I haven’t really noticed me seeing others futures. Usually it’s just my own future and I have dejavu nonstop to the point it feels numb and not as exciting anymore. I just feel like I remember every living moment of my life from a vision or dream I have had before. It’s interesting the way I experience it, I am glad you spoke up about it! I am glad to know I am not alone! You said you can alter what happens, which I think is cool since I haven’t been able to alter my visions/dreams of the future so far.
    I think what’s going on is that you are seeing the future. When the future that you saw HAPPENS, you get the dejavu feeling. That’s normal. :) Some only seem to experience it once in a lifetime, others, like us, notice is happening many more times in their lives.
    Then there is also the fact that some people get to see a possible future in their sleep, but they do not remember it when they wake up. That also happens and sometimes they only get the dejavu feeling when that future they saw occurs.

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