Determining Whether A Spirit Is Malicious Or Good

Hi there I recently moved into a house, the person who previously lived here passed, and I did know him. Before his funeral I was on edge, after the funeral I was at ease.

About a night or two ago, the on edge came back. Yesterday, 3 knocks on my door I already knew nobody was there as my door has a glass window. I wasn’t In the room alone and the other person (who was a close friend ) also heard the knocks.

Today as I was taking a nap in the room by myself, I felt a warm presence to the right of me and a voice say go to sleep. I’m fully aware there is something here, I just need a little insight on what to do, how to do it and if the presence is good or evil.

Asked by Naijae

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  1. Hello Naijae,

    Sounds as if someone who died has come to visit, so I suggest you either get a minister to bless your home, or use the Michael Invocation yourself (link further down this webpage) to send the ghost into healing/heaven. Once that is done you should not have any more problems.

    Love & Peace

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