Did I Really Talk to My Dead Parents?

Hi, my name is Jeanette. Thank you for letting me post here as I am really in need of some advice on a paranormal matter.

I recently downloaded one of those free spiritbox apps on my phone in hopes of contacting the other side and maybe even my deceased parents…

So I took this video in my kids’room last week and I’m still completely shocked! I did not know what was on the audio until I reviewed it afterwards.

The audio is a bit distorted, but if I turn up the volume I swear I could hear answers and replies to my inquiries…so I went through the video and added captions at the bottom to display on the vid what I think I am hearing.

I was hoping that some more experienced ears than my own (i.e: all of you, lol) can help me gain some insight and perspective?

**Btw, please excuse the cleanliness of my kids’ room as some days I just cant keep up with 4 kids lol**


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