Did I See My Friend’s Astral Body?

What did I see that night?

When I was about nine years old, there was a night where I had woken up with a dry throat. I got up to get a glass of water, and as I was drinking it, I was making faces at myself in the mirror (I was a strange child). As I was looking in the mirror, a blue-ish orb appeared next to my face. I looked over to see if it was there in real life, but it wasn’t, it was only visible in the mirror. Eventually, this orb took form of a human body and slowly developed details.

After everything had fully developed, I recognized this figure as my (still alive) best friend. The figure turned and looked toward me (still only visible in the mirror) and said, “Hi, Mystic.” It sounded kind of echo-y and distorted, as if perhaps a hologram were speaking? It was really strange, and after I hurriedly jumped back into bed and uncovered my eyes from the blanket, the figure was gone. I was wondering if maybe you knew what this could have been?

I’ve been trying to do some research ever since (literally about eight years later) but all to no avail. Last night I stumbled upon an article over “astral bodies,” which said that the human consciousness and the physical body are two separate things, and when the physical body is not conscious (during sleep or even meditation), the human consciousness takes a form and begins to pretty much live a life of its own, wandering from place to place. Perhaps I saw my friend’s astral body?

If there is anything you could tell me, it would be very appreciated!

Asked by Mystic

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  1. Hello Mystic,

    The simple answer is that your friend was ‘astral travelling’ and you saw him/her spirit.

    While we sleep our spirit goes out from our body and goes back to the astral/spirit plane and goes visiting, or goes to school, or goes to China .. which I once did, from Australia, or anywhere else in the world, or other worlds. If you are not bound to this planet, there is no limit. :-)

    Why you only saw him/her in the mirror is, perhaps, that mirrors are a portal that spirits can travel through, and s/he was.

    The astral body is part of the 7 levels of energy of the aura. If you do a quick search on the internet you will find them described in detail. I like this one.

    psychiclibrary .com/beyondBooks/seven-layers-of-the-aura/ (it will work if you copy and paste it into your browser and take out the gap between psychiclibrary and the .) It’s brief but good. The first level, etheric, is also called the ‘physical’ level.

    Love & Peace

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