Do Poltergeists Act Out Against Some People More Than Others?

Do poltergeists act out against some people more than others in a household?

I have suspected that I have a poltergeist in my home for sometime. It usually doesn’t give me a lot of problems, other than knocking noises at night, that I have learn to ignore most of the time.

I have a cleaning lady that comes a couple times a month and we have had some weird things happen when she is here. One time when she turned a lamp on, the light bulb blew up and shattered into a bunch of pieces, but I just thought maybe it was just a bad bulb, but another time while she was cleaning something kept switching the light in the kitchen off and on. Just this week while she was here, a big picture fell off the wall. Neither one of us was near it. The screw in the wall that was holding it was still in the wall firmly and the wire across the back was still in tack. It didn’t just slide down the wall, it feel with a big bang and quite a ways from the wall.

Later we heard a ringing noise in the kitchen and we both went in there and the metal sink stopper was vibrating on the counter and making a ringing noise. Neither one of us was near it.

I’m beginning to think this thing doesn’t like her or it wants to get her attention. She is a believer in spirits, but I think things in my house is starting to spook her. I might have to get a new cleaning lady!

Sincerely, Nancy Abbott

  1. Hi Nancy,

    Poltergeists are not usually intelligent energy forms, they are generally created by teenage children, and sometimes by menopausal women .. lots of emotions running rampant there. They usually start out small, get noiser and more violent, and then taper off and disappear. They don’t generally appear only when one person is around .. unless the person brings the entity with them when they visit. Do other weird things happen when your cleaner is ‘not’ in the house, or only when she’s there?

    What you describe sounds more intelligent, so I am thinking you have a ghost. The ghost might not like your housekeeper, or might be related to her in some way, which is why it keeps trying to get her attention .. so my question would be ‘what is the painting a picture of’? Also, does she have problems with the entity when she’s in her own home?

    I would suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and click on the Michael Invocation link and use it to clear your home, and give it to the lady to clear her energy. That should settle the problem.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hello dear Ama,
    U Said,”they are generally created by teenage children, and sometimes by menopausal women”, what does that mean? how is a poltergeist ‘created’?

  3. Ama, I have had other things happen in my house from time to time, but more so when she is here.
    She says that she doesn’t have anything happen in her home, even though she claimed to be a wickam and believes in spirits.
    I have told her about my past experiences with things that have happened from time to time, but the things like the light bulbs and light switches only has happened when she is here.
    She is the one that has given me sage to burn when it gets real noisey in my house, but I don’t think I do it the right way because it only quiets down for awhile.
    The bumping and knocking on the walls and creaking floor boards gets real anoying sometimes.

    The picture that fell off the wall is a big old oil painting of a small fishing boat in a Harbor. It belonged to my late husband. He bought it at starving artist show years ago. I have never really liked it and have been planing to get rid of it for a long time. I got rid of it after it fell off the wall. In fact I gave it to her. lol
    I’m going to do the Michael Invocation that you suggested.

    Nancy Abbott

  4. Hello Shreesa,

    Human being pump out energy all day long – every time we exhale, every time we ‘feel’ emotions, happy or sad .. and everything in between. Those emotions are magnetic, they attract ‘like to like’, in other words, happy goes to happy (think of them as little sticky bubbles), angry to angry. Get enough of the negative ones together, say frustration, and they can .. to a certain degree .. react with each other, causing all sorts of energy spikes. Things can move, or ‘jump’ ..

    A ghost, on the other hand, once its been dead long enough, can develop the skills needed to pick something up and move it, or throw it, or knock something off a wall. They do it for the attention .. its a ‘visible’ sign of their presence. They can be seen as poltergeists, but they actions appear to have a deliberation behind them, as the ones for Nancy appear to have. This entity is not a poltergeist, but its actions can be described that way.

    I hope that helps,
    Love & Peace

  5. Hello Nancy,

    I feel like we are repeating this conversation .. I am sure I’ve answered your question before. True Ghost Tales or Or did you write to me privately? No problem.

    Wickam? .. Wicca .. its a belief system much like Christianity, only they honour the Goddess and the earth, rather that God and JC. Witchcraft, which includes spells, is something different again. As for sensing spirits, you can be any belief system, or none, and still have that ‘gift’.

    It was lovely you gave her the picture. Now I am wondering if your ghost/spirit isn’t your husband? Do you dream of him at all, and what are the dreams like – happy or sad? He’s probably happy the picture has gone to a new home.

    The Michael Invocaton will cross your husband, or whatever ghost/spirit it is, so things should quieten down after that.

    Wishing you a good day,
    Love & Peace

  6. Ama, I did entend the later post as a reply to you, but thanks for the information about the Wicca religion.

    You asked if I dream of my late husband?
    No I don’t for some reason, but I think about him a lot. This thing that I have came several years after he passed. After we had a bad wind storm and damage was done to my home. I never thought of it being him, but it could be, but I really feel like he has passed on. I hope he has! :)

  7. Hello again,

    Thinking about those we love can draw them closer to us. If your husband was a ghost you might end up feeling very tired after the thinking, or have sad or scary dreams about him. Since you are not, I’d asssume he’s crossed over too. As to why the picture dropped off the wall, it might have been him wanting her to have a picture he knew you didn’t need to keep. Perhaps she admired it. :-)

    The other activity, and the picture, could be a ghost that was disturbed by the house being damaged. Perhaps an old owner, or maybe it was simply a ghost that was travelling through, liked what s/he saw and decided to stay. Ghosts are people. They have all the same fears, phobias, likes and dislikes they had when they were alive .. sometimes they simply do not like people, and sometimes they can be warning you about something? I wonder if your ghost is just showing the cleaner that its around keeping watch …

    Still needs to be crossed into heaven, in my opinion. Ghosts are people caught up in their own personal pain, we all need healing from that.

    Love & Peace

  8. This world is made of strange stuffs, these energies we pump out of ourselves….spooky! anyways, thank you for a prompt reply :)

  9. You are welcome.

    Love & Peace

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