Do You Always Feel A Cold Feeling When Spirits Are Near?

I have heard when sprits are near there is a cold feeling. But I know I have seen one spirit, which was my grandfather, sitting on the end of my bed he woke me up by touching my leg. But I did not feel any cold.

Also when my father passed I saw him and he spoke to me but no cold feeling. Then one night in 1978 I was living at my brothers home after a divorce, after about a week being there one night about one in the morning I woke up and got a drink of water in kitchen, went back to bed, the bed on the left side was pushed up against the wall, when I got back in bed I could not go back to sleep right away so as I was laying there I started feeling tingling coming up both legs, I had my hands behind my head, it took me a minute to realize what was happening. I tried to move my hands from behind my head and could not. Could not move my body at all, but then I realized I could feel the covers on left side of bed rise up and I could feel a leg run down my leg as if someone was getting into bed with me.

Then all of a sudden my brother came running into the room and I felt the tingling go back down my legs and I could move again. But can’t remember feeling any cold.

My sister-in-law said my brother sat right up in bed and said ‘there is something wrong with Katy’, which is what my brother calls me, and came running down the hall to my room. He said you look like you seen a ghost. Did not see it but felt it.

Asked by Rita Gruenwald

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  1. Hi Rita,

    In my experience when spirits are near us, they are not cold at all, nor make us feel cold. Spirits are people who have crossed into heaven when they die, they reconnect to source energy and, when they visit, feel warm, safe and friendly.

    Ghosts, on the other hand, make people feel cold and often frightened. The cold comes because ghosts feed on our life force, and the quicker that is taken from us, the colder we become. The fear comes because our energy speeds up to try and meet theirs, to aid in communicating with them, but really its best that people don’t talk to ghosts, just in case the ghost tries to attach to the person and follow them everywhere. They can often be a challenge to get rid of.

    The tingly feeling, do you remember it as sharp and prickly or like ‘pins and needles’, I’ve felt negative entities like that … one just recently, at a haunted house. The entity opened the door of a cupboard in front of me, then passed by me .. feeling very sharp .. and funnily enough, rather warm.

    Odd, very odd. LOL

    Love & Peace

    • Thank you for replying Ama, I did not notice it until it got to my knees, I was at the time trying to move my hands from behind my head and move my body, that’s when I felt sharp and prickly feeling and as it was getting to my chest was when my brother came in and then it ran back down my body and out my feet.That scared me so much. Because I know it was trying to get in bed with me, it was in bed with me. I moved out the next day. My sister-in-law said someone keep kiss her on top of her head she was 8 months PG at the time. about a week later they moved also. Two weeks late at 3am the house blew up. No one was living there at the time. But I never felt cold with any of the sprits and I thought you were suppose to. Again thank you,Rita that helps me

  2. Some people experience a cold feeling or a shortness of breathe; some have even felt a spirit move through them and it sometimes causes them to fall over. As for me, I have been real fortunate that that hasn’t happened to me in my life. When I feel my family members with me, I feel warm; loved and even dream about them. Once or twice I have for sure felt two family members touch me and that has been it. I think they can see us and I am sure they miss us.

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