Does It Mean A Soul Has Gone On After Visiting?

Hello I would like to get your opinion on what happened to me two nights ago please! I went to bed and just as I was beginning to doze off I heard a voice I believe was my husband who passed away in December of 2009. The voice said I wish I could just hold her again!

I then felt someone lay behind me as I was laying on my side and put a hand on my side and the voice behind my head say I have been waiting to do this for so long. I did not feel fear at all! I then proceeded to open my eyes and I could see like black lines above me moving across the ceiling and then gone.

I have struggled very hard with the passing of my husband and was unable to move on for all this time. I have found my peace within myself finally and feel I am ready to move on again. We had a very short life together but a beautiful marriage for a year and seven months. He always made sure I knew how much he loved me daily as I always made sure he knew also.

I watched him die from a major heart attack in the hospital which was a very traumatic thing for me as there were no hospital staff other than nurses on at the time it happened.

I have met a man who spent a few days here with me and he felt a presence along with my cat acting very different she sometimes was very frantic and hide other times she was very affectionate towards him.

Also a picture my husband drew that I framed was on my window sill and ended up on the floor without breaking. When he asked about the pic I explained that my husband loved to draw freehand. The pic was placed on my dresser backwards. When I seen it I took it and placed it on the night stand facing outward. Two days after this is when I had the occurrence.

Any info you can give me would be deeply appreciated as I am trying to figure this all out. Also the man I am talking and feel a great deal for sees the numbers in triple digits and has shared that with me since this and directed me to this site. Thank you very much!

Asked by Donna

  1. Hi Donna,

    You were ready to say goodbye, so your husband said goodbye too. He was probably waiting to do that until you were ready. We all grieve in our own way, and at our own pace. He obviously loves you, and will always be important to you, but moving on, for both of you, is the right thing and I believe that was his way of showing it to you. I think that’s lovely.

    Doesn’t mean you can’t still talk to him in your head if you want to. Our loved ones in spirit always hear us when we talk to them. We don’t always hear the answer, but they know what is in our hearts, and we can always know they continue to love us, even after they pass over.

    Good fortune guide your steps in your brand new beginning,

    Love & Peace

  2. Ooops .. forgot the numbers .. I am, as usual, doing 222, 444 and occasional 555 and I wish they would go away. LOL What numbers is your partner seeing?

    Love & Peace

  3. His usual numbers are the twos and threes occational fours and once a week triple 5’s. Doubles and triples are always the twos and threes. Today was a rare day of twos and fours. We have researched this a little and they all seem to suggest weather it be 2’s, 3’s, 4’s etc. seem to all say that our spirit guides are with us and sometimes our arch angels such as raphael with the twos. So,… can you explain the difference cause they all seem simillar… The Fives are the big guy right??? :))

  4. Hello Donna,

    I am not sure where you are getting your number information from. The only source I know of, these days, is Doreen Virtue, which I take with a large pinch of salt. Can you tell me the url that gives you the information and I’ll go and check it out.

    The ‘big guys’ .. ?? My version of the big guys is the Michael, who are everyone’s guardian angels. The Raphael angels are the healers. The Uriel are the spiritual teachers, among other thing, and the Gabriel are our inspiration, they encourage our creativity. There are multitudes of angels within each group, and each is totally specific to the task they were created for. In other words, the Michael do not heal, the Uriel do not protect, the Raphael do not inspire, and the Gabriel do not teach – instead they call in the angels from the appropriate group to do whatever is required for each of us. It’s not like here on earth, where there are delays in everything. The angles live outside time as we know it. They live in the ‘here’ and ‘now’.

    So .. help me with a bit more information, and I’ll see what else I can tell you.

    Love & Peace

    This is the URL that I used to look up angel numbers. hope this helps you and me. :)) Thank you for your input and would love to learn so much more about this.

  6. Interesting site .. take basic numerology and apply it to angels. Ah well, I am sure they don’t mind. They reach to us any way we allow them to. :-)

    Do you have Doreen’s ‘healing with the angels’ book, or her other number book? I don’t know its name. They might prove useful.

    222 is about newly planted ideas beginning to grow and not quitting when things seem to be delayed or tough.

    444 the angels are surrounding you .. I see that one a lot. Given that I ‘see’ angels a lot, seems a bit silly to show it to me, but perhaps I am being forgetful and should say thank you more.

    555 .. buckle your seat belt for major life changes .. which are always a bumpy ride. Try to keep a level viewpoint about everything (neither positive nor negative) and search for peace among the changes.

    Life is good.

    Love & Peace

  7. UGHHHH Well I see everyone has a different perspective on the angel numbers!!! Thank you for giving me your time and input on this. I will check on those books though. you have a blessed day always!!! :)

    your friend, Donna

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