Entity Waking My Daughter Up

My daughter recently moved into a rental house. Her two children seem to be adjusting well. Their bedrooms are upstairs.

My daughters bedroom is downstairs and for two night she has been woken up in the middle of the night. The first night in the house she was awoken by a tapping of what she perceived as a woman on the window. Then a loud piercing noise which she described as ( sounds like it was coming from inside my ears.)The children did not wake up.

The second night there she was sleeping and felt a presence two inches from her face and it sounded like a mans voice saying “BOO”.

What if anything should she do?

Asked by Mary

  1. Hi Mary,

    First – I would ask the owner of the house if the house is haunted. I think its illegal in America not to tell people this before they rent or buy.

    Then .. make a decision about whether she wants her family influenced by ghosts. Personally, children and ghosts are a not a good idea. They can end up terrified. Adults and ghosts, also not a good idea. Ghosts feed of the energy produced by the human body, and everyone could end up very tired and sick if the ghosts around them take too much .. so better to arrange to have the house cleared by a medium (owner’s permission is a good idea), and if the owner won’t agree (someone should pay the medium), then changing house will probably become necessary.

    Or .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and get your sister to ‘claim’ the house as her ‘home’ (This is MY home!, said with intention in the house) and then use the Invocation to clear it. That works just fine.

    Love & Peace

  2. I had to do an exorism for a teenage girl who was experiencing something similar, though hers involved some rather troubling spectral touching. There’s a difference between possession and obsession; in both of these cases, they seem to be the latter. As a priesthood bearer, the exorcism (or blessing) was uneventful and effective. It might not be that way for non-priesthood holders, so good luck. I’d call a Mormon bishop if I were you.

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