Feeling A Tug On My Shirt From Behind

This has been on my mind for quite sometime and have shared this with only a couple of friends. But I am curious. In the past 7 years I have experiened the following only 3 times.

Once I was on my deck at night speaking with a friend. I clearly felt what I can best describe as a hand or a solid air mass sweep my back from around the back of my neck down towards my waist. I wasn’t afraid but my friend noticed that I turned quickly and asked if I was ok. I explained what I felt.

The other time I was at a Church service and felt a tug on my shirt from behind. I turned and the closest people were a couple of rows behind me. No one in the row directly behind me.

The more recent was in July of this year, I was leaned over on an island in my kitchen reading something. I was alone and it was night as well. I, without question, clearly felt a tug on my shirt from behind, upper right by my shoulder blade. A short solid quick tug.

In both occasions I did not feel threatened nor fear. I slowly turned to see who had tugged me. No one. No one was at my residence that night.

I’m curious if anyone has had any experiences like this and/or know what this is? Thank you in advance.

Asked by Pete

  1. Hi Pete,

    Sounds like a ghost or two trying to get your attention. I’ve had tugs, taps, my hair pulled, air blow on my neck, my name called multitudes of times in very strange locations, my hands held, all very friendly .. been rocked on my feet, shoved, tickled, irritated by movements out of the corner of my eye .. mildly annoying.

    What I usually do is ask my angels to ‘find’ whomever is tugging me and ‘take’ them into healing (or heaven). It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in angels or heaven, because they believe in us .. and it works.

    Next time it happens ask for help for your ‘tugger’, it will be appreciated.

    Love & Peace

  2. I have felt like something tugged on my shirt a few times what do it mean

  3. Hi James,

    When do you feel the tug? At the same time, or the same place (location) each time? Does anything else happen that’s a bit strange?

    Love & Peace

  4. The tugging on the back of my shirt started when I was little ..around 12 years old I’m 28 now.It always happens in a kitchen , no matter whose it is I will be turned around doing something and things will get extremely quiet and I will feel a noticeable tug on the back of my shirt .If I don’t turn around right away it will contue .I know for a fact I’m not going crazy because I’m like if I didn’t feel a tug then why am I turned around looking for something that tugged my bottom part of my shirt …even if other people are In front of me…Cannot explain!!!!

  5. Hi Mario,

    Have you asked the entity not to tug you? Is it always at the same time of day? It is a way of getting your attention, so are you doing the same sort of activities when it happens?

    Otherwise .. I suggest you ask Archangel Michael to “FIND the entity tugging your shirt and TAKE it into healing”. That’s the simple version of the Michael Invocation at the bottom of this page. That should give the entity more than enough attention, and stop the tugging.

    Love & Peace

  6. I had my shirt tugged twice around 3 months ago,and again last week.
    All instances occurred in my kitchen,and were identical, a Sharp tug at the base of my shirt/T shirt. On the most recent occasion I did actually say “PLEASE don’t do that” and I’m just hoping that whoever/whatever is doing it takes notice. Fingers crossed!!

  7. I have had the same thing happen to me. This has happened many times over the years. Probably starting in my early twenties. It does seem to happen mostly in he kitchen. I feel a tug on my shirt from behind me. It is very noticeable and I always turn around. Nobody there at all. I don’t understand it but I feel something is trying to get my attention. I hope this is my guardian angel.

  8. Hi, A tugging sensation at my collar started two weeks ago for the first time.Its happening now? I’m a shy medium anyways…I just went searching for symptoms and ended up here! Hummm it could very well-be…?

  9. Hi Frank,

    It could very well be … fairies. It could be a ghost, or a spirit. Have you had anyone die recently, that might want to get your attention? Have you been ghost hunting in the last three weeks? Even the supermarket can be a pick-up point for ghosts, rather than spirits. Either way, tell whomever is tugging your collar that they can stop now. If you are a medium, you might be able to hear what they are saying – and if so, either the message will be for you, or for someone that you know .. otherwise .. scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to send whomever is bothering you Home. It’s best for both of you, in the long run.

    Love & Peace

  10. I have had tugging on the back of my shirt many times. It used to happen in the garage and backyard I lived in and only at night when I was alone. It hasn’t happened for about a year and a half. I moved to another city to a brand new house and haven’t felt any tugging until recently. Always in the back yard when I go out for a smoke. I usually don’t turn around but the other day I felt a tug from the middle of the back of my shirt and this time seemed to pull up a bit and held it for a second or two so I turned and said I don’t want this and shook my head no. It’s getting to where I’m expecting it now when I go out in the back yard.. usually light multiple tugs from the bottom of my shirt or sweater. I should mention when I was a kid I was smacked in the face while sleeping one morning and when I opened my eyes there was nobody there. Also when I was about 21 something unlocked a deadbolt, turned a doorknob and opened the front door for me while I was reaching to open It. Again there was nobody there. Am I just susceptible to seeing and feeling these things? Do you think it’s the same spirit doing all these things? I tried the Michael invocation tonight, hopefully that will help both me and the spirits. Thank you for posting this, so far no tugs tonight.

  11. Hi Al,

    It’s good you cleared yourself with the Invocation. I hope you also used it on your home, just to be sure. That should take care of any problems.

    Love & Peace

  12. Hi,my boyfriend and I were standing in our bedroom when I seen a dark shadow move across the wall towards my boyfriend,suddenly his shirt from the bottom side lifted up and was tugged twice very quickly then his shirt fell back down to his side and the shadow shot of quickly right out of our bedroom! It’s was an amazing site to see! Dishes get thrown and broken, jackets hung in the closet get zipped up! Loud banging noises very close to us at any given time but mostly in the evening when we’re trying to sleep!

  13. Hi Heather,

    I do not put up with destructive ghosts. It’s better for them to be crossed into heaven and stop using the living for food and entertainment. (They drain our energy from us and can leave people feeling very sick, angry or depressed, or emotions like fear and jealousy that they would not normally feel.)

    I would suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home and yourself, and get your boyfriend to say it too – just as it is. That should get rid of your irritating ‘visitor’.

    I doubt you’d let one of your relatives or friends wreck your home, so why allow a ghost?

    Love & Peace

  14. Thank you for your response Ama! Both myself and boyfriend have casted these demons out on numerous occasions! No matter what we do they return! This has been happening for many years through different homes! Doesn’t matter if I move there are always paranormal activities happening! We have taken recordings “EVP” tand the demon or devil speaks in real time responding to our conversations! He refers to himself as the terrible one! And he warns my boyfriend that he better not leave me alone! We stopped all recordings years ago because they were terrible horrible things and sounds that would cause a non believer to run from our home! I spoke with a psycic who tells me I’m a light in the darkness and I have to learn to controll my gift or they will never leave me alone! I’m constantly under negative feelings because I’m so sensitive to them! I feel there hopelessness, and despair! I pray for them tell them to go to the light and encourage them to pray for forgiveness.I have been usingredients the michael invocation more times than I can count! They say we are legion we are many and for every one demon I cast out they will return with 10 more 10x stronger! I feel like I’m losing my mind and don’t know what else to do! Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

  15. Hi Heather,

    To start with a ghost is not a demon, but I am sure you know that. The Michael Invocation linked below was created to remove demons, daemon and ghosts. Ghosts, once removed by it, do not return .. but that doesn’t mean a lot more come to ‘visit’. Our house is like a railway station some nights, spooks coming and going .. mostly going, when they come to my attention. They don’t return.

    After using the Michael Invocation you should have a some peace.

    I agree you should learn to control your gift, if you have not already done so. Is there a medium’s training circle, or a psychic protection group anywhere near where you live? They could help. Otherwise, also listed below, is a link to White Light Shields which are easy to learn, easy to use, and very effective. There’s both the personal and the house shield. Learn them and use them.

    The term ‘light in darkness’ could mean that you, like me, are a beacon that attracts all sorts of weirdness, or you could be a redeemed fallen angel .. in which case, the dark don’t like to let go of what they used to own .. so yes, you will be harassed all your life. That’s why the shields and the Invocation are very important. They help separate your from other people’s, and being’s, negative energy. If you want to know more about that write to me privately .. a link to my website is also listed below. You can also ask me to clear your home for you ..

    Love & Peace

  16. Hi. I recently experienced something great when I was in the hospital for about month. I was in constant pain, the drugs used for pain relief didn’t last even an hour so I stopped taking the morphine, and I was pretty much fasting for about a month since anything I ate and drank I would vomit. Two days out of the month I felt complete relief in body and in mind…I felt no regret of the past and no fear of the future. I felt completely in the moment. I was crying from joy and sorrow at the same time….it felt totally weird. Since then I became more spiritual. I went back to church after being a self proclaimed atheist for about 10 years. I’m practicing yoga and not just for the body but for the mind. I practice Chan meditation and stay at the temple to listen to the lectures. I even practice mantras. I’m trying to reconstruct my brain from a view of pessimism and at times extreme nihilism. I been feeling great, experiencing some very spiritual things, and just been acting totally out of my element from before. I even prayed for the thief who stole my 2k$ bike. It didn’t even bother me that the bike was stolen but I still reminisce about the act of cycling. I was at a bookstore one day debating on getting a book on yogananda or one that talks about the 7 chakras called wheels of life. I was leaning on the wheels of life one and then I felt a tug on my shirt and turned around. No one was near me and the cashier just stared at me…she didn’t even give me an awkward look lol. So I got the wheels of life book. Since then till today I been getting tugs on my shirt and no one is around. Today I was at a book sale and got a tug on my shirt…low and behold I found a good set of books by yogananda called the royal science of god-realization…only for 10$! Also bought other books by the dahlai lama and the prophet by Gibran. A few hours ago I was walking out the door with my books on my way to work and then something whispered in my ear…I have no idea what the language was but the tone of voice wasn’t harsh and I didn’t feel any fear. Just caught me off guard. I don’t feel fear about these experiences but should I take any precautions? If their is something I could learn from this via “spiritual goodness”, I guess, I don’t want to chase it away. The more I try to increase my spirituality how much further will this extend and will I have to worry about malevolent forces? Thank you in advance.

  17. Hi John,

    I know a number of followers of the teachings by Yogananda, they are lovely people. I loved The Prophet by Kalil Gibran. And truthfully, I often hear a voice in my ear, or in my mind – they vary from my angels to ghosts and elementals, so it makes sense to take care of your energy while you go through this lovely spurt of spiritual growth. Expect trials and challenges, with lovely flashes of peace and joy, and you’ll do well.

    It is wise to test any being that starts speaking to you in your mind/ear. You can ask it ‘do you come to me in then name of Jesus Christ?’ They will answer ‘Yes, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ’. Don’t accept anything less, and don’t let them get away with any excuses for not answering in that way. You might get ‘we come to you in the name of Jesus Christ’ because the angels are a collective consciousness and speak of themselves in plural, even when there is only one.

    Do not accept anything that feels like a lie. There are also many tricksters in the spiritual planes that will connect themselves to new searchers .. so I recommend you take a copy of the Michael Invocation (link below on this webpage) and the White Light Shields, and use them as you feel appropriate. They are useful tools.

    And don’t expect the spiritual journey to last forever. We do it in stages. Fast learning, painful lessons, long breaks when nothing seems to happen, times when we go off on tangents but finally come back to the ‘path’.. its all normal, and wonderful.

    Happy journey,
    Love & Peace

  18. p.s. I forgot, the tug on your shirt is obviously a way to make you look carefully around you. Mine is to hear my name called, usually in unexpected places. Or it could be a ghost? Ghosts are not guides, nor are demons or other negative entities, regardless of what they tell you.

  19. I used to live in another state. While i lived there, i felt a tug on my shirt at work. The first time it freaked me out a little. The second time i just said to the ghost “yeah i know youre there”. And it never happened again. Once i was in bed, and it felt like someone sat on the bed at my feet. Turned on the lights but nobody there.

  20. I just experienced about 3 mega tugs of my coat!!? Like behind my neck between my shoulders!!? I’m SO weirded out! It was So much real pulling on me!!? the first one, I just froze…but then there were two more. I turned, instantly thinking it was my husband (who had been inside…and then dreading the thought it was one of my boys!!?)…no one????..I am super tripped out. 😳. My dad passed 6 yrs ago tragically….. I’m always looking for a sign that he is out there somehow… but totally not religious or expecting anything…. idk, but that was really really crazy!!!

    I kinda really want it to happen again!? I wasn’t scared or anything, just wanting to see whi are was tugging on my coat!!

  21. My experiences happened about 4 years ago. Both times at work. I was standing in front of my computer. I felt a tug on the back of my shirt. I turned around, nobody there. I just thought my shirt got caught on something. The second time was i think about a year later. I was working in a new area. I was standing looking over the process area when i felt the same kind of tug.i actually felt some sort of presence with me. I wasnt scared, i just said outloud “yeah i know your there.” And it never happened again.

  22. About 2 days ago, felt a different type tug on my back. This time i was at parents house and it felt like someone twisted like a pinch on my back. I did acknoledge it but did not say anything because i was eating dinner with my folks and i did not want to alarm them. What does this mean?. Is this a ghost of a family member who has passed.i did not feel threatened. I’m just curious why does this happen, and as i read other stories like this, why always on the back. Why not the front. Is it more fun for the ghost to do it from the back. Kind of like a little kid playing tricks. I have always been very open to the thought of ghosts, but not sure if they are people who have passed on or something else. Ama “do you believe in shadow people, or have you ever heard a wierd clicking noise in your home.

  23. Hi Tom

    As you suggested, there’s a game we play, when we sneak up behind someone and poke them and run away again. Probably every child has played something like it over the years. It’s very hard to sneak up in front of a person, even if you are invisible, because a person’s senses are finely tuned to be more aware in front of them than behind. I would suggest you or your parents clear them home, since ghosts are not good to have around the living, nor should they be trapped outside heaven. The Michael Invocation, below, is useful for that.

    Yes, I believe in shadow people. My husband can see them, and often comments on those around, and a shadow vortex in our lounge room ceiling .. which I cannot see or sense. Given that I can ‘see’ and ‘sense’ incredibly negative energy and entities, I have never found shadow people to fit into this category, so I don’t worry about any around the house .. but if I feel spooked, I just tell ‘everyone’ to ‘go outside’ and visit someone else .. or I clear the energy of my home, which kicks anyone who is a ghost into heaven, and anything negative outside.

    As to a weird clicking noise .. you’d have to describe it better. I hear all sorts of strange noises very frequently, to the point of regularly having my hearing checked, and clicking and tinkling, and buzzing and radio frequencies shifting .. its all normal to me, and I do not have tinnitus. I just am capable of hearing ‘clairaudiently’ (clear hearing).

    Love & Peace

  24. Ama, thankyou for your response. I have had lots of odd experiences. Whats really amazing is after something happens to me, i find out later that other people have had these same things happen to them. I’ve seen strange lights in the sky and take pictures of the moon when its full. Sometimes when i turn around i see something move away just for a split second. If i feel a presence in a room, i speak out loud and say ” is there somebody here”. And sometimes i get a strong chill down my back. I have a shadow person experience that kinda scared me, so not sure if i’m ready to talk about it. As for the Michael invocation, not sure if i want to do that. I kinda like the fact that maybe i have some sort of gift. What do you think?

  25. Hi Tom,

    The Michael Invocation only removes negative entities from around you, not spirits playing games. Nor does it stop you being able to sense and experience the weird and the wonderful. Ghosts, being people without bodies who are trapped outside of a place of peace and healing, with all their negative emotions driving them, should really just be crossed over – and then they can come back anytime they like.

    If your tugging visitor is a family friend (in spirit) just dropped in for a while, they will still be there.

    Love & Peace

  26. Hi Ama, hope im not being a pain, but i like talking to you. Um, a very close family member died over thirty years ago. It was my brother. We were not very close and i have recently talked to another family member about it. He took his own life and someone once told me, that when that happens the deceased have trouble passing over. I’ve never had much belief in heaven or hell or all the things written in the bible. Although i guess im a bit of a hypocrit because the part in genesis about the fallen angels who came down and created the giant nephilem interests me. Could my ghost tugger be my brother after all these years?.
    When my brother passed away, i can remember being mad at him and yelling at him and God for hurting everyone. Years later i forgave him and understood why he did it. I think we all get hurt inside and have trouble talking about it.

  27. Hi Tom,

    No you are not being a pain. I was given this site especially so that people could come and share their experiences, ask questions and get help if needed.

    I am very sorry to hear about your brother. Occasionally people who commit suicide have problems crossing over, not because of the actual act, but because of the emotional or physical pain that caused them to make that choice in the first place.

    I don’t believe in hell the way its described in the bible either. I do, however, believe in heaven, a place of love and healing, that everyone goes to after they die .. which is why I’ve spent over 30 years helping lost souls cross over.

    You are not hypocritical in being fascinated by the nephilim. Do you know that archeologists have uncovered a few really tall skeletons over the years. Given the average height of people during the height of Egypt’s rule (Exodus in the Bible) .. well, they were very short, so a giant would stand out quite clearly. I’m actually a theologian, a person who studies the bible, and I have always found it, and them, fascinating.

    Sorry, gone right off topic .. its not hypocritical to think that one part of the bible is true and another is not, its just a fact. LOL

    Could the tugger be your brother? Is it an anniversary, a birthday, is there a problem in the family, is someone ill – whether you know or not? There has to be a good reason for a spirit to return to the family and try and get your attention. Is anyone else in the family experiencing the tugging? If yes, it might be him .. if no, it could simply be some passing ghost trying to get your attention for reasons of his/her own.

    And yes, we all get hurt inside, and for some people it is very hard to talk about .. so perhaps he’s come back to tell you he’s just fine now .. you could ask him to tell you this answer in your dreams. Sit down on your bed just before you lie down and ask him to come into your dreams with the message. Do this three nights in a row, and then you might get an answer to that question.

    In the meantime, if the tugging continues, and you are not comfortable with it .. the Michael Invocation is wonderful for helping people cross into healing – a place we all go to after each lifetime.

    Love & Peace

  28. Hi Ama,
    I see nobody has added an experience since me. Why?. Anyway i dont know if any of my family have been tugged,i didnt ask. They probably think im crazy already. Have u ever seen a UFO?. I have seen strange lights in the sky at night. And have pics of some. I did ask my father (the scepticle one) once and he saw a light in the sky off the back of a cruise ship, that moved in a strange way. I think i see things that most people dont because i look for them and believe that alot of things are possible. Could it be that i still like a child have a strong imagination. Or am i really seeing and having supernatural experiences?.
    I will tell you about my shadow person experience next time. Time for bed, goodnite. Tom.

  29. Hi Tom,

    People tend to read the messages on the webpage and find their answers there, or if they don’t, they ask more questions.

    I have seen something far away in the distance, that looked like a tiny cigar-shaped something that shot off out of site at a 45% angle, that ‘might’ have been a space ship, or might have been something else, but the angel it was travelling was unusual. I was standing on a hill, with my daughter and a friend, in Lismore NSW, just as the sun started going down, to watch the bats come out of the caves there. That sight was spectacular, and the friend told me she had seen objects like that many times before, some even closer.

    Being able to see what others don’t, or can’t, is a gift. I know plenty of people who are very observant and desperately search for the weird and unusual, and yet have never experienced it .. and then there’s me grumbling because the last thing I had seen ‘float’ was a plate, a few years before, so the large wardrobe door went out of its way to be very noticeable as it slowly opened itself .. and we got it on video .. another adventure from many years ago in a haunted house. Would it have happened if someone else had been in the room, either by themselves, or with me .. we shall never know. The house was sold and is no longer a Bed & Breakfast .. but I know quite a few of us had weird and wonderful experiences there. :-)

    Enjoy yourself, appreciate your gifts, and take care,
    Love & Peace

  30. Hi Ama,
    Me again. Funny you said what you saw in the sky flew off at a 45 degree angle. The one i saw happened when i was driving home from work at 1130p. I saw a very bright light hovering in the sky. It was shaped like a squatted square. I couldnt take my eyes off of it. I ruled out airplane, but at first thought helicopter. Until it shot straight up about 500 feet and stopped suddenly. As i approached my exit, i then saw it turn on a 45 and shoot up into the heavens and disappear. Later i read that alot of people saw it as well.
    As for my shadow person experience. First off i did not know anything about this sort of being. Until it happened and i researched it on the web. I was layin on my livingroom sofa, about to drop off asleep watching tv. When in my perifual (bad speller) vision i felt something watching me. As i quickly turned my head to get a better look, what i saw was not really a shadow but a black mass shape of a torso, arm and hand, and a head, but no face. It quickly retreated into my kitchen. Well i freaked out. Jumped off the couch, ran into the kitchen and yelled at it to get the h… out of my house. I found nothing, and after checking all the doors and closets i went cack to bed.i never saw it again.
    Alot of people think we never went to the moon or that there is an alien base there. How do you feel about that matter.

  31. Hi Tom,

    Shadow people are flat, one dimensional beings, that people see move along the wall, floor, ceiling, etc, they have no depth to their shape. This is how my husband, and many other people describe them. And then there are ghosts, who think they are shadows and ‘look’ like them because they believe this. We can also see them out of our peripheral vision. The difference between shadow people and ghosts is that ghosts are generally aware of living people, and shadow people aren’t.

    As far as the moon and aliens are concerned – I think humanity did go there. I wonder why they stopped going, the possibility of them being warned off by aliens .. is just that. It could be they ran out of money, which is probably more likely. But I do believe that humans of lots of different types and varieties exist on other planets .. if the notion of interbreeding is possible, we have to share the same DNA .. which makes us all either human or alien, depending on what planet you come from. Personally, I think the scientists, and every other person, should focus on saving our own planet rather than racing off into space to find a new home when we have completely wrecked this one ..

    Love & Peace

  32. Hello Ama,
    You said that people go to heaven after each lifetime. So am i right in saying that you believe in re-incarnation?. And when people have dejavu, is it because they may have experienced something simalar in another life?.
    Off topic, i sense by your story about watching the bats in Lismore, that you live in Australia. It must be wonderful to see all that wildlife. Have you ever seen kangaroos or koalas in the wild?. I love wildlife and walking through the woods to see what i can find. I’m sure you have to be careful there with all the crocodiles. I looked up Lismore on googlemaps and came across Lord Howe island. If you look off the east side in the ocean. You will see what looks like a volcanic eruption coming out of the water.
    Anyway back to the odd stuff, my clicking noise story is quite strange. I will tell about that another time. Tom.

  33. Hi Tom,

    Yes, I believe in reincarnation and the unconditional Love of a God who has many names.

    Deja vu is possibly connected to past life experiences, it can also be connected to astral travelling, or precognitive experiences, the former can happen if you are worried about visiting some place (or person) and project yourself out of your body when you are sleeping, to check out the scene. Then when you arrive while awake, you get a feeling you’ve been there, or done that, all before.

    The gift of being precognitive is that you can sense, or see, the future, and might actually dream of an event, or place, that they happens.

    Past lives – on my first trip to England I gave street directions to a young couple, to a place/street I had never heard of in this lifetime. Thankfully the friend I was with at the time told me I had the directions correct. And England, and Scotland, really did feel familiar. I knew I had lived in Edinburgh the moment I drove into town .. the ‘at home’ feeling was so strong. I’ve also had that feeling in Luxor and the Giza Plateau .. not so much in Cairo, it had changed far too much from when I remembered it. I remember standing under the Great Pyramid and thinking how short it was LOL. Not sure of my ‘bird’s eye view’ on that one, but Egypt is, or was, definitely an interesting place to visit.

    I do live in Australia. How wild do you mean? There was the koala who strolled across the paddock across the road, terrifying the six woolly sheep into one corner, until he reached the tree and ascended quickly. I was just getting into my car, parked out the front of our house, and couldn’t work out whether he was a koala or a wombat, until he reached the tree. Then there was the koala sitting by the water bowl in our front yard. She was a very sad story, kidney failure is a real problem for koalas. We had ‘Wires’ (wild animal protection group) come and get her but she couldn’t be saved. As for kangaroos, there was the wallaby (smaller version) that took out the postman one slightly misty morning early last year. John likes to deliver the mail between 5.30am and 6.00am, because he always has a busy day, and he says the happy hopper came out of nowhere and he and postie-bike parted company, and he ended up in hospital for a checkup, having landed on his face .. thankfully he was wearing a helmet. You see, the wallabies have a colony about half a mile from here, and when they are thirsty they will come down to the ‘never fail spring’ in our Botanic Gardens (30,000 years and still flowing). They live on the side of the dormant volcano I can see from the study window. And then there was the interesting morning I was driving from Roxby Downs, South Australia, to Woomera, about an hour, and slowed down for the fox, eagle and two kangaroos appearing to be having a conversation in the middle of the highway. They scattered as I got closer, but then the daft hoppers decided they were not satisfied with the side of the road they were on and shot across in front of me .. from either side. And if I want to see some more kangaroos, I can take a quick drive anywhere with a 20 kms radius of here (its all bush) at dusk and you can play ‘dodge the kangaroo’. Oh yes, and then there is the echidna who decided that, when I had finished taking photos of her as she wandered through our front garden, she was going to check out my foot .. she waddled right up to me, sniffed a bit, then looked up at me .. tipped her hat (a petal caught on one of her spines right in the middle of her forehead) at me, and waddled off to fall asleep tucked up under the wheel of my husband’s car. I have the photos. :-)

    I don’t live in the city. We live in a small rural town in Western Victoria. Our view is dominated by the Mt Rouse Volcano .. which rattles and shakes once in a quiet while, often for weeks on end. We are told its unlikely it will erupt, because of its previous activities, about 300,000+ years ago. There are other, more recent volcanos around us, which is part of the aboriginal history of our region. Interesting place to live, full of wild animals, some of them human. LOL

    If you want crocodiles you’ll have to go far north from here, we are at the bottom end of Oz. And yes, you have to be very careful, because they see us as food. My mother has been to Lord Howe Island, I have been been to Norfolk, which is off Sydney, by about 1000kms I think. I’ve also been to New Zealand, but that doesn’t belong to Australia. Very interesting place to visit, including active volcanoes.

    Love & Peace

  34. Hello Ama,
    I recently returned to the place i once lived.i did not see anything or have any feeling of past experiences. Maybe they have moved on. And no new ones where i live now.i do have strange dreams but i feel our minds during dreams get all mixed up and not sure if they have any real meaning. I sometimes know im dreaming because something doesnt make sense and i know i can end the dream by simply waking up. How do you feel about dreams. I have had dreams where i see someone who has died and usually wake up when i realize that.
    Ok, this is what happened one night when i lived in my old house. Hope you dont think i’m nuts. Before i start i just told a friend about it and he said he believed me. He admitted to seeing a ghost in his basement and thinks it was the previous dead owner of his house. So i felt more comfortable telling him what i saw. I mentioned before that i heard wierd cicking noises. Well, the night i heard this noise, it sounded like it was in my attick or outside. It was a pattern of clickity clicks, kind of like the noise when you turn on the heat in a house that has oil heat. Only thing is i didnt have oil heat in that house. Just writing this is giving me the chills. Well i was too curious to ignore the sound, so i looked around the house and found nothing. My attick i did not use because it had no floor boards and was hard to access. It was night outside and very dark out, so i took a flashlight with me and walked around my house. I could not find anything but still heard this odd clicking noise. Heres where it gets nuts, i shined my light to my garage roof and saw what looked kind of like a person on all fours. We stared at eachother for a moment and then it scampered up the roof and behind the chimney. It was hard to tell if it had on clothes and i dont remember seeing eyes on it but it did turn its head toward me. Well i got really spooked and went into the house. I never saw it again. As scary as the experience was at the time,i was able to let it go and not let it bother me. What are your thoughts on this?
    On a different note, did you see the solar eclipse? I saw a partial of it when i was traveling. It was really something to see. Well i got stuff to do, have a good day. Tom

  35. Is this site still active. Ama are you still there?

  36. Hi Tom,

    Yes, this site is still active, managed, but not owned, by me. I am also busy studying at university (mid semester right now), which takes up a lot of my time, among the many other projects I have, so I don’t get here as often as I should, but I do take a day to catch up as often as I can. Today.. well, tonight, as its nearly bedtime for me here in Australia, will not be it.

    I’ll try and answer all the questions tomorrow.

    Love & Peace

  37. Hello,
    I dont want to move onto a different website because i am very pleased with this one. I understand that you cant devote all your time to answering back right away. We all have a life to lead. I guess i’m just on edge and impatient,i appoligise. You seem very down to earth and personable by your answers and i thankyou for that. Get when you can. Tom

  38. Hi Tom,

    I can have some really strange dreams at times. Otherwise, our dreams are made up of all our life experiences, whether we remember events or not, and everything we watch on the tv, read in books, from the movies etc. Sometimes our dreams are our minds trying to sort through a problem for us. Sometimes they are actually visits from people we love who have crossed into heaven. Sometimes we have ‘lucid dreams’, which happens when we take control of the dream and make it go the way we want it to. Some people dream of a strange city, and keep going back for years and years .. who’s to say it isn’t them visiting a different dimension when they sleep, or even heaven in some form. I know its very real for them.

    I saw the solar eclipse on the tv. It wasn’t visible from Australia.

    The character on the roof. Did it have long arms and legs? Could it have been a large possum? Could it have been an escaped monkey? It might have been a nature spirit, called ‘elementals’ .. since they are more visible to some people these days. Might sound a bit weird, but I have had conversations with a few of them over the years, but not on my roof. :-)

    Were the clicking sounds like crickets? If there were elementals around, it could be the way they communicate.

    Love & Peace

  39. Hi Ama,
    The creature on my roof did appear to have long and skinny arms and legs. I was amazed how fast it went up my roof. It was definetly not an animal as it had what i would say humanlike characteristics. It was easy though to walk up there as i have as well. I used to sit on it to watch fireworks from shows in the next town. I looked up elementals on the net and i guess thats possible. They’re depicted as a myth, but so are ghosts and aliens for that matter. So who knows what it was.
    On a different subject, my one friend totally believes in Bigfoot. I am not a big believer in it. I would think that one would have been found dead by now. Unless there existence is kept secret to not have the public go into mass hysteria. How do you feel on Bigfoot? Do you have any legends on strange creatures where you live. Then theres mothman,the chicago phantom and the lock ness monster, the list goes on and on. Sorry i got carried away.
    I remember what you said that some people who are very observant can’t see the things i or others like you can. Thats very true, i have a family member who is in the military and although wants tosee things,can’t.

  40. Hi Tom

    I was watching a tv program about bigfoot last night. It was supposed to be on the Lakota lands in Dakota. The description matches other types in other states of America, and also in the Himalayas, although they are said to be white furred, which, given natural adaptions, would be logical. In Australia we have legends of the yowie that live by lakes. I have never seen one, though I have experienced things like the Min Min Lights in the desert on the road between Woomera and Roxby Downs, in South Australia, a few times. I lived in Roxby for 10 years and travelled at night to a writer’s group in Woomera once in a while.

    As to Lochness. I know the scientists don’t find things, but I still consider them to be plesiosaurs, that might have finally died out sometimes after the people last saw them. We have other dinosaurs all around us, without us really recognising them .. whales, celocaths, and one long necked legend in South America, but I can’t remember its name. As to Mothman, I have no idea.

    I think humanity does not know as much about the being on this planet that they think they do .. I will keep an open mind.

    Love & Peace

  41. Hey Ama,
    What’s shakin? Sorry just being funny, hope no volcanos are shakin the ground there. LOL. Sometimes i see in my peripheral (ha..got the spelling right this time)vision something move and wonder, could it be its just me getting tired?,or am i really seeing something wierd and wonderful as you put it. You said that you study the Bible. Well i have to ask you your opinion on how old do you think the Earth and the universe is?. Scientists claim it to be millions of years old and the bible and christians depict it to be only about 7 thousand years old. Then there is the dinosaurs. Some say humans and them co-existed and science say they didnt. The public school systems teach us to believe in the millions of years theory while most religions believe the other. What is your belief on how humanity got its start? Did Darwin get it right or did we start as Adam and Eve?. Some of my christian friends call me an athiest because i question the bible. I do believe in a higher power, i’m just not ready to believe all that is written in the bible. Do you believe in Jesus and that there will be a second coming?.
    On a different note, the net has been buzzing about this new discovery. A planet called Nibiru, and that in its orbit it could bring large meteors that could destroy Earth. Any thoughts on that? Well you know the web always has something crazy going on,sometimes i dont know what to believe. Thats all for now, til next time, have a good nite. Tom

  42. Hello Ama,
    Looking back there has been so many stories of this planet coming to an end. For instance the mayan calender and before that the year 2000. Now its this planet Nibiru with its coming distruction thats supposed to happen Sept. 23 2017. Any thought on this matter. Well i guess we will find out in 10 days. Also there is talk of a major polar shift or like a wobble in our planet and that is why we have had so many extreme weather events like earthquakes and catagory 5 hurricanes.
    Oh by the way, i got a tug yesterday while i was sitting down in a crowded place. When it happened, i did turn and of course saw nothing. I just smiled and chuckled a little. Also saw a shadow of some sort move in my bedroom last nite. It went from a dimly lit area to a darker area. I turned on lights and saw nothing. You said previously that you’ve seen plates float and doors opening, i don’t know if i can handle that yet.
    And one more note, I think most people dont realize that there are lots of pyramids on the earth. The latest confirmed one i know of is in the ocean off the coast of Portugal. I always wonder what the earth looked like long ago. Obviously there was no water there when it was built. But again like the ones in Egypt, who built them? Maybe it was the Nephilim. Any thoughts on all this?. Tom

  43. Hi Tom,

    I think the weather is more due to El Nino and climate change. The world has had a wobble for a very long time.

    If the planet Niburu was going to wipe us out, it would be all over the internet now, on astrophysics sites, not just new age nonsense sites. Also on the news. They do love reporting disasters.

    I’ve been seeing various cats around here the last few days, semi-transparent, and fast on their feet. I don’t mind. :-)

    The Nephilim were probably not the offspring of fallen angels and humans, but they might have been a very tall race of people, or from another planet, we really don’t know. There ‘were’ giants ‘in those days’, it seems we dig up their bones from time to time ‘these days’. :-)

    Love & Peace

  44. Had some interesting things happen to me at home recently in the past week. Nobody that I’m aware of has died recently, so I ruled this out. I’m an inituive, claircognizant and clairaudient, not an empath or medium. I was up around 2:30 in the morning and I was sitting on my couch doing some stuff and I get what feels like a thumb pushed up against my right ear lobe from the back and it was flicked. I knew right away it was a spirit and not a negative entity. I told it to stop and then I felt it’s energy dissipate. Then at 3 am this morning I was at my computer and I had a sharp quick tug in the back of my shirt, didn’t hurt. I asked what it wanted and that I acknowledged it’s presence. Problem being, I never got an answer.

    Many years ago I did what people call ghost hunting with a highly trained team, which was more about the actual paranormal research and I got answers back then but for some reason, I’m not getting answers now. I don’t know if they’re afraid to tell me something or what it is.

    I welcome their brief communication with me whatever it may be and go in peace, back into the light. Sometimes the invocation of Arch Angel Michael doesn’t work as some of the spirits and entities I’ve dealt with has no effect on them, they’re older than the Christianity and Judiasm.

    I’m what is known as a banisher (cleared negative energy, spirits, demons and other entities out of homes and businesses) as opposed to the summoners or conjurers. I close gateways between worlds and send the entities packing, so to speak. Some leave on their own accord while others aren’t too nice; that’s putting it lightly.

    Getting back to what’s happened, it’s disturbing that it happened but it’s not threatening as of right now. More like I have some wisenheimer spirit up for a good laugh at my expense. Both times I’ve told them that’s not cool and that they need to stop, to leave and I used the invocation every time. I’ve checked myself for recent attachments, bonds and other problems, I don’t detect anything.

    What do you make of these incidents?

  45. I’ve now discovered the identity of spirit who was playing tricks on me. It was a celebrity that was dying at the time, doing astral travel and projection. The reason why I couldn’t hear this person is because they didn’t know how to communicate in an audible way but could manipulate matter via telekinesis, a form of psychokinesis.

    The spirit who visited was Hugh Marston Hefner, this was his effort was to explain to me he was leaving this realm and saying his good byes. He has gone into the light, with no issues. I’m happy he’s a peace with himself and went where he was supposed to go. No further issue on my end, things are normal again.

    I do believe I’ve learned something valuable from this experience and do need to continue paranormal research at a later date.

  46. Hello Ama,
    Just a quick note. First off no new occurances. For some time now, i have been hearing odd sounds on my roof at night. What sounds like someone running acrossed it. I would hear it around 3am, but never investigated it. With all my past ghostly type experiences, my mind can sometimes race. Well no alien or ghost this time, as i caught with my spot light a racoon climb up a tree and plop onto the roof. Haha he got me. Have a good nite, Tom.

  47. Raccoons Tom, out here in Australia, its either possums or our cats, or both. LOL

    Love & Peace

  48. You know what always fascinates me, Lex, is how many ordinary people are visited by ghosts they believe to be someone famous who just died. Michael Jackson was incredibly popular with all his fans. If he had visited as many as he had while living, he’d still not be in heaven. Some of them he even had sex with over the years. That was usually people who never knew him in person, nor been to his concert .. so he had little or no way of knowing who they were when he as alive. Problem is, it wasn’t him, but there are entities out there who will pretend to be anyone you like, as long as people continue to do whatever the ghost, or other entity, asks. Spirits, the light bright ones, don’t do this – only the lost do.

    In the meantime, I am very happy to hear that Hugh passed over safely. Did you know him personally? Why do you think he came to you to say goodbye?

    Love & Peace

  49. Hello Ama,
    Nothing new, but i remember 2 things that happened to me in the past. I dated this girl a while back who had a father who died while we were dating. I always felt he didnt like me, because i was so much younger than her. About 6 months after he died (and i never told anyone this), i saw a car like his and when i pulled up next to him, i swore it was him driving. We got seperated by a traffic light and i never him again.
    This other thing happened to me, about 7 years ago. I was laying in my bed trying to fall asleep. When what felt like a person sit at the foot of my bed. I did have a cat, but too much pressure on the bed as it went down could not have been the cat. I turned on the lights and saw nothing. Someone at my work told me he has had the same thing happen to him in his bed. Have you ever felt anything like these things happen to you? Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Tom.

  50. Hi there,
    Was happy to find this site! We have recently moved into a124 year old converted church. I have always felt a peaceful feeling in the home, right from the day we looked at it. It’s never felt spooky to me. But I have felt on more than 3 occasions a small tug on the hem of my shirt. It’s usually while working in the kitchen. I have also felt it in the hall as well. My pets seem to notice something here and there. My dog randomly barks at nothing. Today it was very strong. I always look directly behind me immediately, knowing full well I am alone. To me it feels like a someone brushing their hand across my sweater near the small of my back. Or maybe a child tugging sometimes. Glad to hear others have felt this too. Thanks:)

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