Feeling A Tug On My Shirt From Behind

This has been on my mind for quite sometime and have shared this with only a couple of friends. But I am curious. In the past 7 years I have experiened the following only 3 times.

Once I was on my deck at night speaking with a friend. I clearly felt what I can best describe as a hand or a solid air mass sweep my back from around the back of my neck down towards my waist. I wasn’t afraid but my friend noticed that I turned quickly and asked if I was ok. I explained what I felt.

The other time I was at a Church service and felt a tug on my shirt from behind. I turned and the closest people were a couple of rows behind me. No one in the row directly behind me.

The more recent was in July of this year, I was leaned over on an island in my kitchen reading something. I was alone and it was night as well. I, without question, clearly felt a tug on my shirt from behind, upper right by my shoulder blade. A short solid quick tug.

In both occasions I did not feel threatened nor fear. I slowly turned to see who had tugged me. No one. No one was at my residence that night.

I’m curious if anyone has had any experiences like this and/or know what this is? Thank you in advance.

Asked by Pete

  1. Hi Pete,

    Sounds like a ghost or two trying to get your attention. I’ve had tugs, taps, my hair pulled, air blow on my neck, my name called multitudes of times in very strange locations, my hands held, all very friendly .. been rocked on my feet, shoved, tickled, irritated by movements out of the corner of my eye .. mildly annoying.

    What I usually do is ask my angels to ‘find’ whomever is tugging me and ‘take’ them into healing (or heaven). It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in angels or heaven, because they believe in us .. and it works.

    Next time it happens ask for help for your ‘tugger’, it will be appreciated.

    Love & Peace

  2. I have felt like something tugged on my shirt a few times what do it mean

  3. Hi James,

    When do you feel the tug? At the same time, or the same place (location) each time? Does anything else happen that’s a bit strange?

    Love & Peace

  4. The tugging on the back of my shirt started when I was little ..around 12 years old I’m 28 now.It always happens in a kitchen , no matter whose it is I will be turned around doing something and things will get extremely quiet and I will feel a noticeable tug on the back of my shirt .If I don’t turn around right away it will contue .I know for a fact I’m not going crazy because I’m like if I didn’t feel a tug then why am I turned around looking for something that tugged my bottom part of my shirt …even if other people are In front of me…Cannot explain!!!!

  5. Hi Mario,

    Have you asked the entity not to tug you? Is it always at the same time of day? It is a way of getting your attention, so are you doing the same sort of activities when it happens?

    Otherwise .. I suggest you ask Archangel Michael to “FIND the entity tugging your shirt and TAKE it into healing”. That’s the simple version of the Michael Invocation at the bottom of this page. That should give the entity more than enough attention, and stop the tugging.

    Love & Peace

  6. I had my shirt tugged twice around 3 months ago,and again last week.
    All instances occurred in my kitchen,and were identical, a Sharp tug at the base of my shirt/T shirt. On the most recent occasion I did actually say “PLEASE don’t do that” and I’m just hoping that whoever/whatever is doing it takes notice. Fingers crossed!!

  7. I have had the same thing happen to me. This has happened many times over the years. Probably starting in my early twenties. It does seem to happen mostly in he kitchen. I feel a tug on my shirt from behind me. It is very noticeable and I always turn around. Nobody there at all. I don’t understand it but I feel something is trying to get my attention. I hope this is my guardian angel.

  8. Hi, A tugging sensation at my collar started two weeks ago for the first time.Its happening now? I’m a shy medium anyways…I just went searching for symptoms and ended up here! Hummm it could very well-be…?

  9. Hi Frank,

    It could very well be … fairies. It could be a ghost, or a spirit. Have you had anyone die recently, that might want to get your attention? Have you been ghost hunting in the last three weeks? Even the supermarket can be a pick-up point for ghosts, rather than spirits. Either way, tell whomever is tugging your collar that they can stop now. If you are a medium, you might be able to hear what they are saying – and if so, either the message will be for you, or for someone that you know .. otherwise .. scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to send whomever is bothering you Home. It’s best for both of you, in the long run.

    Love & Peace

  10. I have had tugging on the back of my shirt many times. It used to happen in the garage and backyard I lived in and only at night when I was alone. It hasn’t happened for about a year and a half. I moved to another city to a brand new house and haven’t felt any tugging until recently. Always in the back yard when I go out for a smoke. I usually don’t turn around but the other day I felt a tug from the middle of the back of my shirt and this time seemed to pull up a bit and held it for a second or two so I turned and said I don’t want this and shook my head no. It’s getting to where I’m expecting it now when I go out in the back yard.. usually light multiple tugs from the bottom of my shirt or sweater. I should mention when I was a kid I was smacked in the face while sleeping one morning and when I opened my eyes there was nobody there. Also when I was about 21 something unlocked a deadbolt, turned a doorknob and opened the front door for me while I was reaching to open It. Again there was nobody there. Am I just susceptible to seeing and feeling these things? Do you think it’s the same spirit doing all these things? I tried the Michael invocation tonight, hopefully that will help both me and the spirits. Thank you for posting this, so far no tugs tonight.

  11. Hi Al,

    It’s good you cleared yourself with the Invocation. I hope you also used it on your home, just to be sure. That should take care of any problems.

    Love & Peace

  12. Hi,my boyfriend and I were standing in our bedroom when I seen a dark shadow move across the wall towards my boyfriend,suddenly his shirt from the bottom side lifted up and was tugged twice very quickly then his shirt fell back down to his side and the shadow shot of quickly right out of our bedroom! It’s was an amazing site to see! Dishes get thrown and broken, jackets hung in the closet get zipped up! Loud banging noises very close to us at any given time but mostly in the evening when we’re trying to sleep!

  13. Hi Heather,

    I do not put up with destructive ghosts. It’s better for them to be crossed into heaven and stop using the living for food and entertainment. (They drain our energy from us and can leave people feeling very sick, angry or depressed, or emotions like fear and jealousy that they would not normally feel.)

    I would suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home and yourself, and get your boyfriend to say it too – just as it is. That should get rid of your irritating ‘visitor’.

    I doubt you’d let one of your relatives or friends wreck your home, so why allow a ghost?

    Love & Peace

  14. Thank you for your response Ama! Both myself and boyfriend have casted these demons out on numerous occasions! No matter what we do they return! This has been happening for many years through different homes! Doesn’t matter if I move there are always paranormal activities happening! We have taken recordings “EVP” tand the demon or devil speaks in real time responding to our conversations! He refers to himself as the terrible one! And he warns my boyfriend that he better not leave me alone! We stopped all recordings years ago because they were terrible horrible things and sounds that would cause a non believer to run from our home! I spoke with a psycic who tells me I’m a light in the darkness and I have to learn to controll my gift or they will never leave me alone! I’m constantly under negative feelings because I’m so sensitive to them! I feel there hopelessness, and despair! I pray for them tell them to go to the light and encourage them to pray for forgiveness.I have been usingredients the michael invocation more times than I can count! They say we are legion we are many and for every one demon I cast out they will return with 10 more 10x stronger! I feel like I’m losing my mind and don’t know what else to do! Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

  15. Hi Heather,

    To start with a ghost is not a demon, but I am sure you know that. The Michael Invocation linked below was created to remove demons, daemon and ghosts. Ghosts, once removed by it, do not return .. but that doesn’t mean a lot more come to ‘visit’. Our house is like a railway station some nights, spooks coming and going .. mostly going, when they come to my attention. They don’t return.

    After using the Michael Invocation you should have a some peace.

    I agree you should learn to control your gift, if you have not already done so. Is there a medium’s training circle, or a psychic protection group anywhere near where you live? They could help. Otherwise, also listed below, is a link to White Light Shields which are easy to learn, easy to use, and very effective. There’s both the personal and the house shield. Learn them and use them.

    The term ‘light in darkness’ could mean that you, like me, are a beacon that attracts all sorts of weirdness, or you could be a redeemed fallen angel .. in which case, the dark don’t like to let go of what they used to own .. so yes, you will be harassed all your life. That’s why the shields and the Invocation are very important. They help separate your from other people’s, and being’s, negative energy. If you want to know more about that write to me privately .. a link to my website is also listed below. You can also ask me to clear your home for you ..

    Love & Peace

  16. Hi. I recently experienced something great when I was in the hospital for about month. I was in constant pain, the drugs used for pain relief didn’t last even an hour so I stopped taking the morphine, and I was pretty much fasting for about a month since anything I ate and drank I would vomit. Two days out of the month I felt complete relief in body and in mind…I felt no regret of the past and no fear of the future. I felt completely in the moment. I was crying from joy and sorrow at the same time….it felt totally weird. Since then I became more spiritual. I went back to church after being a self proclaimed atheist for about 10 years. I’m practicing yoga and not just for the body but for the mind. I practice Chan meditation and stay at the temple to listen to the lectures. I even practice mantras. I’m trying to reconstruct my brain from a view of pessimism and at times extreme nihilism. I been feeling great, experiencing some very spiritual things, and just been acting totally out of my element from before. I even prayed for the thief who stole my 2k$ bike. It didn’t even bother me that the bike was stolen but I still reminisce about the act of cycling. I was at a bookstore one day debating on getting a book on yogananda or one that talks about the 7 chakras called wheels of life. I was leaning on the wheels of life one and then I felt a tug on my shirt and turned around. No one was near me and the cashier just stared at me…she didn’t even give me an awkward look lol. So I got the wheels of life book. Since then till today I been getting tugs on my shirt and no one is around. Today I was at a book sale and got a tug on my shirt…low and behold I found a good set of books by yogananda called the royal science of god-realization…only for 10$! Also bought other books by the dahlai lama and the prophet by Gibran. A few hours ago I was walking out the door with my books on my way to work and then something whispered in my ear…I have no idea what the language was but the tone of voice wasn’t harsh and I didn’t feel any fear. Just caught me off guard. I don’t feel fear about these experiences but should I take any precautions? If their is something I could learn from this via “spiritual goodness”, I guess, I don’t want to chase it away. The more I try to increase my spirituality how much further will this extend and will I have to worry about malevolent forces? Thank you in advance.

  17. Hi John,

    I know a number of followers of the teachings by Yogananda, they are lovely people. I loved The Prophet by Kalil Gibran. And truthfully, I often hear a voice in my ear, or in my mind – they vary from my angels to ghosts and elementals, so it makes sense to take care of your energy while you go through this lovely spurt of spiritual growth. Expect trials and challenges, with lovely flashes of peace and joy, and you’ll do well.

    It is wise to test any being that starts speaking to you in your mind/ear. You can ask it ‘do you come to me in then name of Jesus Christ?’ They will answer ‘Yes, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ’. Don’t accept anything less, and don’t let them get away with any excuses for not answering in that way. You might get ‘we come to you in the name of Jesus Christ’ because the angels are a collective consciousness and speak of themselves in plural, even when there is only one.

    Do not accept anything that feels like a lie. There are also many tricksters in the spiritual planes that will connect themselves to new searchers .. so I recommend you take a copy of the Michael Invocation (link below on this webpage) and the White Light Shields, and use them as you feel appropriate. They are useful tools.

    And don’t expect the spiritual journey to last forever. We do it in stages. Fast learning, painful lessons, long breaks when nothing seems to happen, times when we go off on tangents but finally come back to the ‘path’.. its all normal, and wonderful.

    Happy journey,
    Love & Peace

  18. p.s. I forgot, the tug on your shirt is obviously a way to make you look carefully around you. Mine is to hear my name called, usually in unexpected places. Or it could be a ghost? Ghosts are not guides, nor are demons or other negative entities, regardless of what they tell you.

  19. I used to live in another state. While i lived there, i felt a tug on my shirt at work. The first time it freaked me out a little. The second time i just said to the ghost “yeah i know youre there”. And it never happened again. Once i was in bed, and it felt like someone sat on the bed at my feet. Turned on the lights but nobody there.

  20. I just experienced about 3 mega tugs of my coat!!? Like behind my neck between my shoulders!!? I’m SO weirded out! It was So much real pulling on me!!? the first one, I just froze…but then there were two more. I turned, instantly thinking it was my husband (who had been inside…and then dreading the thought it was one of my boys!!?)…no one????..I am super tripped out. 😳. My dad passed 6 yrs ago tragically….. I’m always looking for a sign that he is out there somehow… but totally not religious or expecting anything…. idk, but that was really really crazy!!!

    I kinda really want it to happen again!? I wasn’t scared or anything, just wanting to see whi are was tugging on my coat!!

  21. My experiences happened about 4 years ago. Both times at work. I was standing in front of my computer. I felt a tug on the back of my shirt. I turned around, nobody there. I just thought my shirt got caught on something. The second time was i think about a year later. I was working in a new area. I was standing looking over the process area when i felt the same kind of tug.i actually felt some sort of presence with me. I wasnt scared, i just said outloud “yeah i know your there.” And it never happened again.

  22. About 2 days ago, felt a different type tug on my back. This time i was at parents house and it felt like someone twisted like a pinch on my back. I did acknoledge it but did not say anything because i was eating dinner with my folks and i did not want to alarm them. What does this mean?. Is this a ghost of a family member who has passed.i did not feel threatened. I’m just curious why does this happen, and as i read other stories like this, why always on the back. Why not the front. Is it more fun for the ghost to do it from the back. Kind of like a little kid playing tricks. I have always been very open to the thought of ghosts, but not sure if they are people who have passed on or something else. Ama “do you believe in shadow people, or have you ever heard a wierd clicking noise in your home.

  23. Hi Tom

    As you suggested, there’s a game we play, when we sneak up behind someone and poke them and run away again. Probably every child has played something like it over the years. It’s very hard to sneak up in front of a person, even if you are invisible, because a person’s senses are finely tuned to be more aware in front of them than behind. I would suggest you or your parents clear them home, since ghosts are not good to have around the living, nor should they be trapped outside heaven. The Michael Invocation, below, is useful for that.

    Yes, I believe in shadow people. My husband can see them, and often comments on those around, and a shadow vortex in our lounge room ceiling .. which I cannot see or sense. Given that I can ‘see’ and ‘sense’ incredibly negative energy and entities, I have never found shadow people to fit into this category, so I don’t worry about any around the house .. but if I feel spooked, I just tell ‘everyone’ to ‘go outside’ and visit someone else .. or I clear the energy of my home, which kicks anyone who is a ghost into heaven, and anything negative outside.

    As to a weird clicking noise .. you’d have to describe it better. I hear all sorts of strange noises very frequently, to the point of regularly having my hearing checked, and clicking and tinkling, and buzzing and radio frequencies shifting .. its all normal to me, and I do not have tinnitus. I just am capable of hearing ‘clairaudiently’ (clear hearing).

    Love & Peace

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