Hat Man Sighting

I and my sister, along with my step sister, all witnessed what appeared to be a shadow figure. He stood at around 6′ 4″, wore what seemed to be a fedora and trench coat, and stood motionless. We could only see him from the mirror. He also was holding a gun.

I haven’t seen him since but we also barely slept since. I need answer please. Is it dangerous?

The only other thing is my mom used to practice witchcraft, but she hasn’t done it in 15 years or so.

Asked by Kamen

  1. Hi Kamen,

    Thankfully ghostly guns don’t kill people. The hat man .. I’ve read stories where entities were all sorts of different hats, so do ghosts. What you probably saw was a ghost reliving a memory of the events of his death, rather than a ‘hat man’ specifically.

    I suggest you use the Michael Invocation to clear the house you saw the ghost in. Use it to clear the mirror. Then ‘close’ the mirror against images like that. There are a number of different ways to do this .. If you are Christian, draw a cross on the mirror three times with the ‘intention’ (thought in your mind) of closing it ‘never to be opened again’. If you have some other symbol that you use for protection, draw that three times. You can ask that it be ‘closed in Jesus’s name’.. or any other god of protection. It is the intent, not the title, that works. I’ve ‘closed’ more mirrors than you can imagine, simply because I don’t like ghosts in any house I am visiting, or my own.

    The Michael Invocation you’ll find at the bottom of this webpage. You’ll also find a link to white light shields, that includes a house shield. Use the Invocation to clear everyone’s energy as well, and your mother’s, if she isn’t feeling safe.

    As to your mother .. did she practise black magic or white magic? If it was black then a clearance is advised. Also she’ll have a lot of karma to clear, one way or another. If it was white, then the wiccan rede reads ‘if it do no harm’ and the wiccan people live by that, and if she has, then she has nothing to worry about.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hello, and thank you for responding. I’d like to say that things have happened since the sighting. I woke up with claw marks, but I think it might have been my cat. Anyways, as far as my mom, I asked her about the “rituals” she performed. She said she used the Ouija board, which alarmed me. Also, she stated that she stopped doing these things due to the belief that she encountered a dark entity. I also wanted to point out that my sister used the Ouija board a few months ago. We have halted use of tools since. I do not know if this links with hat man, or if the Ouija board is fake altogether. Nothing has happened since of course, and I hope no activity shows up. I have researched some, but found nothing regarding the events. I also wanted to point out that I was very skeptical prior to the encounter of “hat man”. Also, we can’t really cover up the mirror, due to it being a really large mirror. Thank you for your time.

  3. Hi Kamen,

    You don’t cover the mirror you choose to ‘close’ it, as if it was a doorway, by drawing symbols on it that you believe will close it, such as the cross. I use choku-rei, which is a Reiki symbol for opening and closing, and ‘will’ it closed.

    Scratches may well be the cat. I have cats, and have had scratches from them when sleeping.

    Ouija boards .. are real, dangerous and should not be used. I hope you have destroyed it, rather than leaving it around, because it, like the mirror, can be a door that negative entities can travel through. But using an Ouija is not using witchcraft. They are two very different activities.

    Love & Peace

  4. Oh ok. Lol I guess I take too much literally. As for the Ouija board, it hasn’t been destroyed, but I don’t know where it is. Thanks again for your time.

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