Hearing Mysterious Noises In House

Three years ago my husband and I and four kids moved into a house that we completely remodeled. The first year was uneventful.

The strange happenings and noises began around our second year in the house. It began with small incidents (which I usually brushed off as overreactions on my kids parts). My oldest daughter claimed to see her guitar strings strummed and made noise while it was lying on the floor with nobody near it. Our dog would always end up in the bathroom in the basement with the doors locked. Last year, my kids were on our main floor doing homework after school,and my oldest was in the basement (we added a den, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom in the basement which was nothing but cinder blocks before) sleeping on the couch.

I was in the kitchen cooking,on the same floor as my two kids doing homework. From the basement we heard, what sounded like, somebody grabbing a door handle and rattling the entire door. This went on for a minute or so. Then all the sudden the door slammed violently four or five times. I ran to the basement, expecting to find my oldest messing around. She was still lying on the couch,but looking at me with a startled expression. She had been woken up by it,but had seen nothing. I continued looking around the basement to find any explainable reason for the noise,to only find my dog locked in the bathroom again. This was definitely very scary.

This past winter I arrived from work shortly before 4 am (I work nights). I opened the door from our mud room to enter the house and heard a shrill piercing scream. I was very shocked and ran all over the house to check on all my kids who were all sound asleep.

Then, two nights ago I was startled awake because I believed I had been woken up by another scream. I layed in bed to wait and see if I heard it again (wasn’t sure if before I was partially dreaming since I’d just woken up). About 15 seconds later, I heard the scream again. This scream sounded more like a woman who was terrified of something. Two of my kids were sleeping on a hide a bed we have in the basement. I jumped out of bed and raced to the basement. I thought for sure one of my kids was hurt. When I got to the basement they peacefully sleeping. I’ve seen my kids have bad dreams,and usually they’ll still seem restless. But they were still as could be.

I have never been one to believe in hauntings or paranormal activity, but I’m beginning to become very concerned over what has been happening. I usually will try to rationally hash things out and come up with a scientific explanation, but I’m not able to come up with any concrete thoughts and have started telling others about what we’ve been experiencing.

I felt I needed to share this in order to get ideas on how to deal with this. Neither my kids nor I have ever been physically harmed,but what has happened makes you feel threatened in a sense.

Asked by Elisa

  1. Hello Elisa,

    I am a rational, logical, methodical, can’t say patient .. wish I could .. person, who gets a house full of ghosts from time to time, which my husband sees, much to his amusement. I ignore them unless they want something. Sounds weird, doesn’t it, but since we can both see them, and so can the cats, and one or two have woken my mother up .. to have her send the ghosts upstairs to see me .. the upshot is .. ghosts are real. They are people without their bodies anymore. They are annoying, demanding, noisy, bossy, rude, I can add a few more descriptions, but you get my drift .. they sound like teenagers, don’t they .. since I had two of them .. and my daughter can see ghosts too.

    The screamer is probably reliving the moment of her death, or whatever frightened her bad enough to keep her trapped outside of heaven/healing. She needs your help.

    The door slammer might be her, but it also might have just been some idiot passing through .. they do travel around these days. They don’t have to haunt where they died anymore .. its more ‘when’ they died, in the sense of whatever emotions trapped them in time and memories.

    What I would recommend you do is one of three things (one at a time, if necessary)
    1) ask your local Minister (church) to come in and bless the house
    2) ask a medium to come to the house and talk to the ghosts and cross them over .. this is NOT a paranormal investigation team, with cameras and other toys, many of them just stir up more trouble. You want someone who knows how to ‘rescue’ lost souls, not irritate them and then leave you with the result .. and no, it doesn’t sound as if you have demons, from what you have written, which is another load of nonsense they can come up with. (Hmm.. might sound a bit cranky there, but I’ve had to clear people’s houses and calm them down, and away from that sort of belief, which its totally unjustified).

    or 3) Scroll to the bottom of this page and do two things. There’s a link to the Michael Invocation, and another to White Light Shields. The shields will keep ghosts out of the house, and the Invocation will clear the energy, both ghosts and negativity. You can do that yourself.

    And then tell me how things are. At worst I might need your email address to clear your home myself .. but we’ll sort that out later.

    Love & Peace

  2. Thankyou for your response, very interesting insight.

    I’m trying to find some history on the house as well. My neighbor across the street has lived in the area for many years. She has indicated of some strange occurrences about the house before, but I’ve usually half listened or just brushed it off. Now I think I will pay better attention.

    I’ve thought about having a priest come in this coming week to bless the house (actually have my parent’s pastor ready to come). Any thoughts on using smudge sticks throughout the house?

  3. Also, would there be any explanation why I seem to be the only person getting woken up or hearing the screams? They are definitely loud enough that I thought they should’ve woken up everybody. Thankyou

  4. Hello again,

    Smudge sticks are good for clearing out the negative energy .. ghosts leave the building .. but once the energy goes back to grumpy again the ghosts just come back inside.

    Ask the priest to specifically ask that any ghosts in the house, or on the land, are sent into heaven (or to God, or whatever the right words are for you). That will take care of the visitors. Then use the shields as well, just to make sure.

    Love & Peace

  5. Yep, who did you inherit the gift of clairaudience from? It means ‘clear hearing’, and since you are the one that is woken up, it might be only you that has the gift, which is good for the kids as they are growing up. I had it from birth, and clairvoyance (I see lots of things), and my growing up was populated by ghosts, demons, and a whole lot of things I couldn’t explain, even to my parents.

    Nowadays, if something like that happened, I would clear the house or demand the ghosts ‘take it outside’ .. actually, I would ‘find’ the lady and ask her angels to ‘take’ her into heaven. No one needs to repeat that much pain and fear over and over again.

    Love & Peace

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