I Am Hearing Child’s Laughter At Night

I am a 15 year old boy… I was sleeping in my bedroom…. and then a lightning stroke very noisely…. I thought it was morning but no… I saw the time….it was 3am…..and after seeing the time I emmiedietly heard a child’s laughter….I was scared to death so I sat up and then went to the other room where I heard the laughter….but after going there….I saw nothing….there was no one or no such thing which could have caused that sound….

I want to know that is that a spiritual thing? Or any demonic activity cause some of relatives have also experienced paranormal activities like floating up in the air and seeing a lady standing in a corner and after turning a flash of light and then dissapearance…

I want the answer….thank you

Asked by Wasif

  1. Hello Wasif,

    Is this the first time you have heard a child laugh? It is entirely possible that it was a ghost, or a spirit (which is not a demon). It is possibly something paranormal (not spiritual, which is to do with God by whatever name), or it could be an echo of sound, sound being very strange and able to travel long distances.

    I would suggest you scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and say it, to clear your home of any ghosts or other entities that might worry you. If it is appropriate you can change the name of ‘God’ to whatever you name your God, if it makes you more comfortable.

    Ghosts come and go. The majority are not harmful, and certainly children love to play, even after they leave their bodies behind. The Michael Invocation helps them find the peace they need. It’s the least we can do to help them.

    Love & Peace

  2. I was practicing a folk dance (cultural related) and the time was about 10 15pm and shortly while dancing, without music. I heard a small child giggle. There was no one in my house and I was alone. It was rather distinctive and it was very clear. I checked everywhere in my house but it’s clear. There is no child at all. Can I get some assistance on this. This is not my first incident. Months ago I heard a rubber duckie sound in my house as well. Could it be a link? Because children can play with rubber duckies and laugh as well? I don’t know and I was hoping you could help me

  3. I heard something like this to lastnight. It was around 2 or 3am. I was dosing off to sleep when i heard. The child’s laugh sounded very peaceful. Then afterward i hard a loud clap(1 time)! I was so confused.

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