I Dreamed My Cat Came Back What Does It Mean?

I know people don’t remember most of there dreams usually, but I remember this one very well.

I was home, with Loulou, Billy, and Sam, when I hear meows, meows that I haven’t heard within a month and then my older sister screaming at the same time “It’s Lily, it’s Lily, I found her she’s back” and in her arm she was carrying Lily, my Lily.

I left everything and ran to take her and hug her, she was finally home after she’s been gone missing for more then a month. It all felt so real. I was disappointed it was just a dream.

So I was wondering, does that dream means something? Does it mean Lily, my 6 month old cat, will come back home one day? Or does it mean that she never will?

Asked by alexa

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  1. just had such dream 5 minutes ago.. felt so real. i miss you biscuit😢😭

  2. This is most likely your brain coping with the grief when you’re in a deep-sleep (REM)

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