I Think There Is A Ghost Attached To Me

I think there is a ghost attached to me.

Can you help me?

Asked by rebecca

  1. I am constantly going through a lot of light bulbs. It seem to happen no matter if I am at home, work, store. I am wondering is it me or is something attached to me?

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Why do you think there is a ghost attached to you?

    Love & Peace

  3. Hi Caroline,

    How annoying for you. You might be one of the unique people who put out a certain frequency of energy that shatters the vibrational patterns that holds glass together. I doubt its something attached to you, but you could use the Michael Invocation (link under ‘pages’ below) to clear your energy and if it keeps happening, learn to ground your energy.

    Look up ‘ground and centering’ and use whatever technique seems good to you and hopefully that should settle the problem.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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