Is It Normal To Hear 3 Knocks After A Death?

I just recently heard of Death Knocks and their meaning, eg if you hear the 3 loud knocks means there is going to be a death in the family.

Back in 2002 after my sister passed away I would wake up in the night to three loud knocks. Even though I knew my sister was gone I knew it was her. I’d throw back the covers and race to the front door and throw it open. Nothing, So I’d race to the back door and do the same.

This went on for months almost every night. Is it normal for the knocks to come after a death?

Asked by Vicki

  1. Hi Vicki,
    May I ask how your sister died? And How was your relation with your sister?
    I ask these questions because, my mother lost her sister 3 months ago and she had similar experiences. I don’t want to compare yours with my mother’s and I will write more about her experience but first I would appreciate if you give me your answer please.


  2. i never heard of that one to hear three knocks after death or before death meaning there is going to be a death in the family never! but i have heard of this one that death comes in 3s either someone you know or a friend or family when they pass away they tend to come in threes. and that i have come to find out is not so true either it is not necessarily so.

  3. Hmm… after the first or second time, I think I would have told my sister to stop knocking. She already had your attention, she didn’t need to keep doing it.

    No, 3 knocks do not mean there is going to be a death in the family. Three knocks can simply mean ‘pay attention’, either to a spirit or a ghost. Three knocks are a traditional way of opening a door, like the ceremony in the Australia Houses of Parliament .. from memory one of the officers of it knocks 3 times, then the door is opened. I think it works the same in the Mason’s ceremonies.

    It’s part of popular culture in the songs I grew up with.

    It might work this way – first knock you can ignore, second straight after, you realise there’s another knock, and third has your attention.

    As to there being three deaths after one person dies .. that’s not true either. Yes, sometimes, things happens in threes, and I tend to look for that myself (tradition or superstition says that about bad luck or good luck), but not where deaths are concerned.

    Love & Peace

  4. Hi there I wonder if someone can help me? My mum has recently passed away, the night she had a heart attack, I heard 3 knocks at my back door, my mum was a very physic lady, we had 3 people die in the same week, is the knocking connected please? I’ve heard the knocks before sonia

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