Is It Possible For Something To Communicate This Way?

Lately I’ve been waking up startled in the morning from thinking someone is ringing my doorbell, when I get up to check no one is there. I’ve heard it throughout the day loud and clear and have asked people around me if they heard it but they look at me with confusion.

I just want to know if it’s possible for something to follow you and try and communicate in that sort of way?

Also I’ve recently found a few personal items missing, knowing where I last placed them and suddenly they’re gone, can that also mean something?

Asked by Cass

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  1. Hi Cass,

    Take note of what you are doing when you hear the doorbell. Do this for a week. Look for any patterns in your mind or actions. If it is a form of communication, there should be a pattern or two. It might be something small, so you have to pay attention.

    Things going missing – what sort of things? As weird as it might seem, fairies exist and they like to borrow things. If you ask, firmly but kindly, they will usually reappear, in some unexpected spot, like the middle of a freshly made bed in a room you just left, or a shelf in the refrigerator. Or on your desk, the way I found a small tube of cold sore cream that I swear was on the kitchen table when it went missing for a couple of days. After I had picked up, and moved, everything on my desk, it appeared again yesterday morning.

    Love & Peace

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