Is It Possible To Get Pregnant By An Incubus?

I have been having Incubus experiences since January, I was too scared to stop it. It would come to me as soon as I lay in bed.

At first I wondered why it didn’t come to me because I was getting used to it, and then on the Monday I started my monthly ‘gift’. But it’s not a heavy flow like it used to be, it’s just drips of blood. I usually tuck in my stomach when I exercise but I can’t tuck it in as much, it feels as though there’s a little body in there.

I went to the doctor and he pressed in, he looked shocked but didn’t say anything. Before this happened, I kept having dreams that I was pregnant and single. The child was always a boy with blonde hair, in the end the child would grow up to be evil no matter what I told him as a young boy.

Yesterday, when I was listening to music I could feel a hand touch my stomach but nobody was doing it. I felt comforted but when I felt that hand on my stomach, I would always feel a slight foot kick from inside me. I’m scared, if I’m not pregnant I would be relieved but if I am I don’t know what I’ll do, I do not have a boyfriend nor have I had intercourse with a human.

Asked by Dayla

  1. Hi Dayla

    My suggestion would be to contact your doctor and ask if anything is wrong ‘down there’. Or, get a second opinion from another doctor. Always ask questions. They may have found a non-life-threatening cyste, they may have noticed a biological adnormality, they may have just had wind at the time of examining you.

    Spirit can’t impregnate humans – not even Holy ones, despite what you might read to the contrary in the Bible. Biological alien’s might if they were a close enough match to us – or had technology to impregnate subjects. But not spirit – you need sperm for that and spirit just don’t have any.

    Please, return to your doctor. Or do a home pregnancy test. Or both. It’ll put your mind at rest.


  2. Hi Dayla,

    I agree with AJ. You are not pregnant by an incubus. They are an energy being, not a human one. They do not have anything that creates human life within them. Go and see a doctor and if you are really worried, ask for a scan to check inside you. There is also an illness called a ‘phantom pregnancy’ where you can have all the symptoms, including the growing tummy, but have no child within you. And a period that is odd can be a symptom of something like fibroids or cysts .. definitely have them checked. When it comes time for you to be a mother, you don’t want any problem you ignored to get in the way.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  3. Just check again same as AJ said doctor and home pregnantsy test I have had dreams and all kinds stuff like that ,but when I wake up nothing is there and I feel the same as you it may be just your mind playing tricks on you but thae hand that touched you may be a ghost if your house is hunted

  4. Omg.. That sounds impossible and creepy I hope that doesn’t happen to me if it were to be possible lolz
    But how in the world can a ghost get you pregnant? I know it shouldnt have a sperm you might be going through some health problems … I don’t know what else to say about this but its weird and I dont believe in that stuff I always thought people telling these old tales about ghosts in stuff I don’t believe in ghosts but I know there’s 2 places In the after life.. This is the weirdest page I’ve ever read lol

  5. I know it’s been awhile since this was posted. Its 3-1-2015. I know I have been visited by black, foggy,hooded entities. For 2days only at ni!te I know the same black hooded entity stayed with me. Each nite I felt pressure or something in my vagina. It did not arouse me or feel good it just felt like pressure. Was it an incubus?????

  6. Hi Adri,

    From what your describe it could simply be a ghost that still loved sex. I suggest that you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to white light shields, and use the house ones around your home from now on, to keep out unwanted visitors.

    If it had been an incubus you would be in no doubt that something was having sex with you. They feed on the terror you feel, not just poke about a bit and then move on. They tend to return to their victims if they can .. which is why the shields are helpful .. so no, I don’t think it was an incubus, just a ghost still living the activities it practised while alive.

    Love & Peace

  7. hi,,,i had been having sex with an incubus lately and doesnt know how to stop it…it was like holding my hands tight and im speechless to say help each time it would attack me because i cannot see it,i wonder how i may stop its intercourse with me.

  8. Hi Mari,

    I suggest you use the Michael Invocation (a link to which is at the bottom of this webpage) to clear your energy. All being well, that should break the link to the entity and put a stop to what is happening. There is also a link to white light shields, which keeps negative entities away .. so read both webpages and follow the instructions. Otherwise I suggest you get blessed by a priest or minister from your local church, it all helps.

    Love & Peace

  9. I have always had spirits around me andhave reveiled themselves to me in major times in my life. The most recent was a bit over two years ago I was visited by the entity named Lilith in my sleep. Don’t get me wrong at first she paralized me with her extraordinary power but when I realized who she was and told her I that I know how powerful she is she calmed her light and released me then full of pure beauty she raised above me and told me I was pregnant. Of course I didn’t believe her cause I was diagnosed that I couldn’t become pregnant without medical intervention 6 months prior. I told her I wasn’t and she insisted that I was. I left it at that and woke up. 2 days later my breasts were very sensitive and my boyfriend at the time said I was pregnant. Thinking he was joking I took a pregnancy test just to make sure and sure enough I was pregnant. I had my first baby a girl at home. Four months later I was pregnant again with my second child another girl and had her at home as well. We moved into a house and while I was painting it before we moved in I noticed I was not alone in the house a male presence was there,, I was the only one physically there. I never had the feeling of not being safe instead I actually felt protected and guarded. It was harmonious until one night after a week of beefing with the husband and contemplating whether staying with him , something or someone came to me in my sleep the presence was warm and welcoming and the encounter was VERY PASSIONATE I woke up and felt flushed with excitement and a bit of embarrassment because my husband was asleep right next to me. To be honest which I wasn’t with my husband on telling him what happened I really ENJOYED it…. It was literally the passion someone “dreams” of having. I, being confrontational asked a few days later the name of my suitor. I just kept channeling the name Daniel. It somewhat seems as if he left me but here and there he assures me that he is still watching and with me. After about a month which is now. I have been feeling movements like twitching in my belly. I was pregnant for two years basically so I thought it was just phantom kicks. I took a pregnancy test 10 days ago and it was negative so I waited for my “gift” to come but never did. As of now I am still waiting but this morning and afternoon I took two pregnancy test and both are identical the control lines are solid but the positive lines are there but faint… I am going to get a blood test this week to confirm the pregnancy. I read some comments that you physically can’t get pregnant without sperm which being medical I sincerely believe. However my husband is on a medication that makes him sterile and we have sex. I truly believe that my Daniel spirit has used my husband as a vessel to transfer his energy to me and create another energy, a baby. Also by the way since that intimate encounter with Daniel, my relationship with my husband, daughters, sisters and mother has gotten stronger and better and our finances are not bad either compared to some people saying incubuses ruin or destroy real world lives….

  10. Hi Erika,

    Funnily enough, this is not the first time I have read this sort of story, nor had a chat to one or two women about it. The outcome is the same, incubus (male sexual demons) and succubus (female sexual demons) feed on human energy. They do not ‘give’ anything in exchange for this energy, which is why their victims end up lost and suffering. It might all begin wonderfully well, but in the end the demands of the demon are greater than the human mind or body can cope with, and so the person breaks, or does something so appalling, to stop their torment, that they sometimes end up killing themselves, killing another, or going insane. So I have commented below ..

    Lilith came and told you you were pregnant. With or without medical intervention, people do become pregnant. I have a friend who has 3 children, conceived and born naturally ‘after’ she was told she was sterile .. but you were already pregnant when she told you, because pregnancy hormones do not build up in our bodies that fast to make your breasts tender after only two days.

    Having ‘met’ Lilith myself, I agree she ‘looks’ beautiful. I don’t recommend you poke under her surface .. most demons ‘look’ beautiful when they are trying to impress people to serve them, rather than just frightening the hell into them. She played mind-games with you and you believed she made you pregnant. Very convenient for her.

    Then you had another child. You don’t mention any entities for that one? Now you have allowed ‘some entity’, presumably male .. although demons can change to appear either sex … to have sex with you. Yes, incubus and succubus are said to be incredibly passionate .. problem is, your orgasm, your outpouring of emotion, in any form, is food for them, not an exchange of energy the way normal sex is .. do you like being a meal? The name means nothing. It could be anyone or anything that picked a name you probably liked ..

    You are right, you can’t get pregnant without the human male component .. the ‘y’ chromosome .. no energy being can provide that, and nor can a sterile man, so I would be having your husband checked again .. because he might only have a very low sperm content, rather than being completely sterile .. and no, the entity did not provide the spirit of the baby. All spirits belong to God/Creator, demons cannot procreate, nor can they steal spirits of people and give them to another. It is one of the reasons why demons hate humans, that we were given the ability to recreate ourselves.

    In the meantime I am curious .. do you think both your other children are demons, or half-demons, not just this new one?

    As to whether your family will suffer because of your choices is yet to be seen. Yes, there is always a period of grace, while the demons mess with your mind, before they start to make the demands you do not want to agree to .. and they always do in the end. Take good care of yourself. And please have your children baptised, if you have not already done so. The blessing is a form of protection, and they can use the help. You have made your choices, but they are too young to make their own yet.

    Love & Peace

  11. Could it be possible for my incubus take form in a friend I casually see? This friend was a bit rough. Also now feeling sick and such. Five days after our play date? Day 2 of being sick. Also spotting on this past Sunday. It’s probably just nothing. But had a dream of a baby girl in my ultra sound. Seeing the dr tomorrow.

  12. Hi Lady G,

    Could an incubus possess your casual friend, yes. Could the incubus make you pregnant, no. Could the friend make you pregnant, unless he had some physical problems, like being sterile, yes. Spotting and vomiting can be part of a hormone imbalance, or internal damage, so I am glad you are seeing the doctor. If you are pregnant, the baby is totally human, and hopefully very much loved.

    Love & Peace

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