Is There A Darker Force Watching Me?

My partner has seen a dark shadow over me numerous times and I have seen the same when I was sleeping. I asked it to go away and it did I have not seen it since, he tells me he can always feel a dark energy around me and when I get angry he says he feels it most. I didn’t think much of it until he had a bad accident for a second time, what was strange about this is all of these accidents happen directly after he extremely upsets me.

I thought about it further and the same thing happened when my previous partner had upset me. Come to think of it bad things happen to people often after they upset me. I always feel like something is protecting me.

My partner suffers from many nightmares involving me and a dark figure but nothing ever happens to me. I have never gotten involved with the paranormal apart from seeing a few things when I was younger so I was wondering if someone could help me shed some light on the situation.

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