Is There Really A Price For Magic?

Lately I have noticed that in a lot of movies they make a big deal about the cost of magic. “There is always a cost to using magic” with a hint to the idea that the price is always a bad thing.

Is there any truth to this? I mean does using magic really come at a price to us like in so many of the stories or is this just some nice fiction writing?

Asked by anonymous

  1. Hello Anonymous,

    Yes, there is really a price to be paid for doing magic.

    Magic is interference in the natural order of the universe. It is taking one thing, or event, and turning it to the will of the person who chooses to do so. What you do affects not just you, and the thing you are doing it to, or the person; but everyone and everything connected to you and the other people involved. Think of it like throwing a pebble in a pool. The ripples go outwards until something stops them .. where magic and energy are concerned, nothing stops them. They touch everyone in the world. That’s why its important not to do magic unless you’ve really thought through the outcome of your actions .. and that’s why you should be an adult when you learn this, and when you use it .. with maturity from life experiences. You can really mess up your life, and the life of everyone around you if you act in haste and do not use both love and commonsense in your choices.

    And then we have karma. You do something good, you receive good in return. You do something evil, you receive an equal amount, or greater, evil, in return.

    Magic should be used sparingly, and only in times of great trial. It is not a toy and the consequences are enormous.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. Hello Annon,
    First off, I am not about to argue with the person above me; one, she’s a friend and two she’s right. Take it from a former practicing Wiccan. Everything you do has a consequence and in “magic” or “spell casting” it is especially true. We, as humans, are energy beings and creator beings. For example, have you ever noticed, when you’re in a good mood, in a room with someone who is in a bad mood and your mood suddenly changes? We can either send out negative energy or positive energy and that energy can affect others even if we did not intend it to. Now add intent and purpose to that energy and you have entered a whole different playing field; a very dangerous and tricky one. Now mind you, we are responsible for EVERYTHING and I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. we send out, good or bad; negative or positive. Even Wiccans believe that you shouldn’t mess with another’s free will, no matter how harmless you think your spell may be. Plus, spell casting is a way of sending purposely charged(manipulated) energy out into the Universe and what do you think happens to that energy? Does it go away? Disappear? NO! It remains in the state to which it was created and many humans abandon this energy either because they were unaware in the first place, or if it was due to spell casting, figure that the spell is cast and my work is finished. WRONG! Now this energy remains to affect others long after the spell is finished. Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t mess with things you do not fully understand?” Too many people, especially younger impressionable kids and teens, “dabble” in spell casting because they think it would be fun, but it opens doors that you may have never intended to have opened. Even an experienced practicing Wiccan would tell you that you shouldn’t “dabble.” Everything you send out, will either advertently or inadvertently have an affect on another person and YOU the spell caster are responsible; YOU as the human and creator being are responsible. It is prudent to tread wisely and to never be cavalier with ones actions. Even in the law of physics, every action has an equal or opposite reaction and energy is neither lost nor destroyed, it is merely transferred from one party to the next. And that is Science talking! Now I don’t know if you are asking this because you are considering spell casting, or if you are merely curious, but I would ask you, if you are considering, to take heed and think wisely before you do any kind of spell casting. I cast a spell and it was one that I felt was harmless, but it had consequences and I suffered them. It may have brought me what I wanted, but it did it at a price. SO think, think, THINK! Peace, Love and Light. LunaTerra.

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