Knives Appearing Out Of Nowhere

So about a year ago, I decided to grow a flower garden in a wooden box. A few months later some flowers had grown when I checked the box. That wasn’t the only thing there, however. In the middle of the box, a knife was stabbed into the dirt. I thought it was the coolest thing that someone had just given me a knife. It was pretty rusty with a wooden handle.

It didn’t say anything special on it though. I saw it and thought, “Cool!” It’s not everyday you get a free knife (I love knives) So I took it inside and told my family what I found. No one really cared.

Fast forward to today. I found a new knife. It’s silver with a silver handle. It appeared by my bedside. No one in the house knows anything nor do they care. The last people in the house over the past few months don’t own knives. Please tell me what you think is going on.

Asked by Kat N.

  1. these could easily be knives used in a criminal violence act and someone statched them to get rid of them.I might call the police they could be looking for knives used in a crime scene??? Beyond that I’ll leave this to AMA.

  2. Hi Kat, and Jeanette,

    If I found a knife in a flower box, I would think someone dumped it there – hence I agree with Jeanette that it ‘might’ have some connection to a criminal act .. but to investigate that to any degree, with a rusty knife, might be difficult. Where was the flower box, Kat .. was it in your backyard, or out where anyone can walk by and leave things?

    To find a knife by your bedside, when everyone in the house knows you love knives, could just be a gift from one of the housemates – who might pretend to know nothing of the situation. I don’t find it very paranormal. The question that event brings up is ‘who do you live with’? If its your family, it might be unlikely they would leave you a knife, but if its a house with housemates .. anything is possible.

    Love & Peace

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