Knock of Death?

When I was a kid in the 1960s there was a knock on the door that sounded like my Great Aunt. My mom and sister heard it too but were busy doing the wash so I was told to let her in. We lived on the second floor; I ran to open the door to let her in and NO ONE was there. She was in her 80s so she didn’t run anywhere but we found her nowhere after searching the house and yard.

Awhile later she ended up in the nursing home and died shortly afterwards. Years later I was told that this was the so called “knock of death”; letting someone know that a family member or friend would soon die. Just about everyone has their own style of knocking on someone’s door, THINK about it.

Anyone ever have this happen or have any thoughts on this?

Asked by Jim

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  1. Hi Jim

    Afraid this is one of those urban myths. Azriel (angel of death) does not go knocking on doors to let folk know of impending deaths in the family. Azriel’s job is to help guide that person’s soul safely back to the light, not go rapping on doors and scaring folk half to death.

    There are one or two other possibilites for the knocking, of course…

    Firstly – it may have been some kids mucking around, knocking on doors and then legging it before people answer the knock.

    Or – it may have been something to do with air pressure change or the wind picking up, thus causeing something being blown against the door.

    Or, if your Auntie was very ill at the time, she may well have been astrally projecting and came knocking on the door.

    But, I think it most likely to be kids mucking around.


  2. The only thing I’ve ever heard that signifies an impending death in the family is if a black bird gets in your house. Before my mom died, I did see a black bird just fluttering in mid-air looking into my house one day. I thought that was so strange.

  3. Hi Jim,

    I’ve read other stories about people receiving warnings, or visits, from their family members who have just died, and others who have received three knocks .. but its usually when the family is discussing someone who has already died.

    I agree with AJ in that your aunt might have been sleeping at the time of the knocks, and thinking or dreaming, about you guys, and decided to go for a visit, otherwise .. it would have been any ghost, or the house moving etc. The warnings usually appear three days before a death .. so how long before your aunt went into the nursing home?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  4. My gran always knew when a friend or family member had died, before being informed of the death. Apparently she would wake up during the night (If it happened at night) and see the person standing in the doorway of the room, waiving at her and walking off. I do however believe that this happened AFTER the death of that person.
    When my gran died, my other gran who does not believe in ghosts, apparently woke up the night of the day of her death. Wow, that sounds confusing. My grand died during the day, in the morning. My living gran rushed over to the house and found her, still in the tub. She covered her with a blanket. Apparently, that night, my passed gran greeted my living gran by also appearing in the doorway, nodding a “thank you”, waiving and walking off.

    I’m always reluctant to believe these sort of things if I had not personally experienced it, but thought I’d share this.

    • Thanks JAT,

      That is so groovy. Your gran repeated a pattern that I guess you all knew about. What a lovely way to say goodbye. :-)

      Love & Peace

  5. I had it happen to me two weeks ago I had a dream about my step brother and I awoke At 4am to 3 knocks at the door and noone was there when I opened it . The next day I got a phone call my stepbrother had a brain anurism . He was in a coma for two weeks after that and died … I heard the three knocks and I scared me and it was really real . I got out of bed and checked both doors of my house . I will never forget it . I am going to his funeral this Saturday .

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