My 7 Year Old Has A Bad Spirit

My daughter has always had a gift, I guess you would call it, and has really made some believers out if people. I thought she would out grow it but she is seeing more and hearing more and she has even given me messages and known things that there is no way she could had known.

I’m not sure how to help her understand it and now she has one she is scared of.

I promise we are not crazy people. I just need to know if anyone has any advice.

Asked by Angela Bellett

  1. I think your daughter does have a gift but the one you think may be evil ,you said they are scaring her is it how this ghost looks? or is he or she doing something to scare could be that this ghost is confused and doesn’t know where he or she is . I would research to try to find someone with the same gift and try to sit down with you and your daughter to talk over what can be done because even though your daughter has the gift she is very young and in experienced on how to use it at this point .Hope I was able to be of some help Maryam

  2. Hello Angela,

    You don’t say what the gift is? Does she see ghosts and spirits, or does she have visions? I do both.

    I am clairvoyant – I can see the future and used to do readings for people from my own Healing Centre and on the internet. I’ve been taking a holiday from it .. you might say ‘semi-retired’. LOL I see visions. I also see ghosts and spirits – although my form of mediumship is very specific – I rescue ghosts who are trapped souls, they can be scary if you aren’t used to their antics. I generally don’t talk to spirits unless there’s an important message to be passed on. I see angels, elementals (nature spirits such as fairies etc), demons .. but not shadow people. I leave that to my husband and daughter (her step-father). My daughter is also telepathic (reads minds). We are all emapthic (feeling what other people feel), I am also clairsentient (sensing other people’s emotions and being able to ‘read’ them and help people understand what they are sensing, without being overwhelmed by their emotions, the way an empath can be).

    These are all gifts. Some of them are a pain in the butt .. but mostly they are fascinating, fun and a challenge.

    So .. how old is your daughter? Hmm.. I just realised she’s 7 years old. Sorry. What does she actually ‘do’ when using her gifts?

    You can read about me from a link at the bottom of the page under Friends. You will also find a link to White Light Shields there .. go and read that page and either teach your daughter how to use them, or both of you learn them and use them. They will really help her to not be quite so sensitive to what is happening around her, just to begin with.

    Oh yes, and ask your daughter to keep a diary (or you do it for her), dating each entry, when she does see (or tell you about) events and people. It gives you a chance to check back on what she is experiencing. The mind has a way of over-reacting to events, making them seem larger or smaller, or a little distorted, over time. A written record helps to keep things clear.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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