My Birthday And Time

My birthday is 9/29, Every time at 9:29 I happen to look at my phone for the time and its 9:29 am and pm I could be sleeping and will wake up at 9:29 at night time to I could be out or watching a movie and look at the time and its 9:29.

Does that mean anything?

Asked by Carlina

  1. Hello Carlina,

    When did this start? What probably happened is that you looked at the clock one time, recognised your birth date and then set up a pattern in your brain to keep looking for it. There is nothing unusual in making a routine; and hunting for special numbers (at the exact time each day) can be part of our routine. People do it all the time, because we generally have a clock in our heads that regulates our life.

    If the numbers had kept repeating, but were not related to your birthday, they might have a significant meaning, but for that you would have to check a book such as one written by Doreen Virtue. I don’t ascribe to the theory that every set of numbers has a special meaning, but anything is possible. I don’t know the name of her book, but you could search for her on the internet and find it, if you wanted to.

    Love & Peace

  2. Ive had something similar happen to me over the years. For several years the no. 222 has been cropping up in a lot of different places. In doing math figuring bills, seen in books on street signs, etc. Even that old TV series Room 222 keeps coming to mind. Ive heard when a person sees the same number over and over again it is suppossed to mean something. Is there anything to that?

  3. I don’t know BB .. I’ve seen 222, 555, 444 .. so many times .. and if the meanings meant anything, according to Ms Virtue .. I should have ascended masters and rollercoasters happening all around me. I’ll skip the rollercoasters, had enough of them … LOL As for the ascended masters .. they are thin on the ground, but they can visit any time they want to. As for ‘newly planted ideas’ (222) I haven’t seen that for a couple of weeks. Maybe they are bored with me not having enough time to follow any of them up? :-)

    222 “our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation. In other words, don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming and continue visualizing.” (Healing with angels).

  4. OMG! i constantly see 222 also! I went to a card reader and three 2’s came up too! i freaked out and told her about it. she told me that when you see that number, you are usually going thru something at that time, around that time… and it is your guardian angel letting you know that everything will be ok!! Once i found that out, i started to notice it was true! i was usually going thru some sort of problem and a lot of stress, but things did work out! so now when i see it, i feel so much better! i dont worry! :) hope that helps for you!

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