Not So Recurring Dream A Possible Past Life Memory?

Hello, I’m Marina and I’m an Argentine woman. I want to know about this dream some years ago I had (quite vivid by the way). The problem is that ever since it stopped, I’ve always tried for it to come back in order to get some more details but it doesn’t work. The worst part is that when I had it (meaning living it [explain below]), it was always the same scene.

This always happened when I was sleeping & always felt it was one of my past life. Hope you’ll be able to help me understand it.

I’m in a cliff, I’m a woman. I can see/feel I’m wearing a white old dress/nightgown (more like the latter). I know why I’m there (and it’s bad news). I jumped off the cliff (I can really feel the jump & always wake up just before I hit the ground. After that, I’m in a state of shock because of the way I wake up (always move my legs as I’m in an epileptic seizure).

Like I said, I’ve tried to gather more info but it’s useless because the scene repeat itself. Ever since I had it, I felt I committed suicide in a past life. Don’t know why though. I also don’t seem to be sad or crying, it felt as I’m decided (calm?) with jumping off.

Now, in this life, this dream is not my first experience. During 2000-2001, I also had premonitory dream (nothing fancy, just seeing me going to high school & in certain place see stranger people. Those people, the next morning I saw them in real life just as I dreamed them wearing/doing). Back to the suicide dream, I guess that it’s responsible for my personality treat of doing something once I made up my mind (and possible not telling my family members about it until it’s irreparably done– mainly haircuts).

Sorry if there’s a question answering the same thing before. Thanks in advance.

Peace & Love

Asked by Marina

  1. Hi Marina,

    I find, in my life experience, that I remember details of my past lives, and deaths, around the same age I was when it happened. In other words, just before I turned 54 a few weeks ago, I relieved a lifetime where I died at 53, in a dream. I am used to doing this now.

    The girl who committed suicide did so calmly, which is not surprising in many ways, because often people do feel that way when they make that choice. Those who do not succeed in dying will say they felt very calm and a sense of inevitability, and then act. It’s as if the body cuts off the emotions when the hurt runs far too deep. That the girl was still alive for a short time after she landed, is possible, and would explain the feelings of having a seizure as she died.

    Has it taught you to act on your decisions without discuss with others? Perhaps. If you regret that many haircuts, maybe its a message to ask for help before the next visit to the barber, and certainly if you ever feel a desire to jump off a cliff again.

    Your writing gives me the impression that you had the dream more than once? If you only had it once, it could have been that what actually happened was a lady ghost shared her memory of dying with you .. which they do with me from time to time. In the beginning I would wake up in the middle of the traumatic event wondering who I am and where I am, though these days I tend to separate myself from the dreamer while I am still asleep, and then wake up and cross the ghost into heaven. I have had some mighty strange, and very tragic, ‘dreams’ that way. It also might explain why you can’t repeat the dream .. it was not your experience, but someone else’s.

    The scene you saw in 2000-2001, was it before an important event that you were worried about? That might explain why your spirit stepped forward in time, to have a look around, and make it easier for you to ‘live’ it the next day. That happens too.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi, Ama. Thanks for answering. I have to admit that every time I made a decision about a haircut, it was thought thoroughly & was happy with the result afterwards.

    I dreamt about it more than once, I honestly don’t know what it means in that case. That’s the reason I tried to make contact with someone more knowledgeable in these cases than me.

    I have to admit that I’m not sure if there’s a connection about it, but I always was afraid of heights. Though, there was a time when this fear was gone but recently (a couple of years ago more precisely), it came back. The years were I can say I wasn’t afraid of heights was when I was studying English & had to go to a 3rd floor to study. I regained the fear once I fell off a chair in my house.

    Another thing that you mentioned & this is unconnected is with the 2000-2001 dream. I don’t recall being more worried about than for a school test. Total normal for the age I was at the time. Though the moment I always experienced, I didn’t have them.

    Hope this will help you to understand & explain me a bit more about these experiences.

  3. There’s something else I wanna also ask you Ama. I wanna know if it’s a message from a loved one that recently passed away.

    This happened the very next day after I buried my maternal grandfather. He suffered from Parkinson. On June 22nd 2016, I was at his house checking out on my maternal grandma. When I looked into the sky & think I had a vision.

    There were lots of footsteps that were going towards the sun but suddenly the footsteps transformed into a bird which ended up flying first to the sides & then towards the sun. It was repeated many times. The sky was blue & the whole experienced was black. But not black, black. It was more like invisible black. A pale black, if that makes any sense.

    I think it was a message from my grandpa telling me that now he could move his feet as he was never ill & he could fly (go to wherever he wanted). I always get to see stuff in that color though it was always like worms in size. Never something that big.

    Am I right? I also felt like I was in a state of trance because I didn’t want to stop watching that vision but had to because was staring almost directly to the sun without any eye protection.

    Love & Peace

  4. Hello again, first question answered .. I think it was past life memory, and might have been connected to your fear of heights. Being a ‘fear’ we can let them go and move on with our lives, only to have them triggered again .. as you did when you fell from the chair. Have you stood on a chair since then? I would .. just to remind yourself that you don’t have to be afraid of falling – so that you can let go of the fear again.

    What else you could do is to do a meditation where you deliberately choose to examine the memory of the lady falling from the cliff. If you meditate already, you will probably know its as easy as sitting somewhere quiet and safe, allowing your mind to relax .. either by counting down from 10 to 1 .. or having some lovely music in the background. Once you are calm, imagine a door in front of you. The door leads into the memory, which you will ‘observe’ (meaning ‘watch it happening’) only. You will not experience the lady’s emotions, unless they are part of what you are learning from remembering/dreaming this experience. Then, once she has fallen, you can see her spirit lift up from her body and ascend to heaven, or go somewhere lovely and peaceful, or call angels to her .. whatever comes to mind at the time. Then you let go of the memory, walk yourself back up the stairs, and open your eyes and be yourself again. That might also help release the fear of heights.

    Thinking of the fear .. the lady wasn’t frightened when she fell, so I don’t think your fear and that memory are connected – but if you fear being hurt from a fall, not the fall itself, then they might be.

    Love & Peace

  5. Second comment .. :-)

    I am very sorry to read about your grandfather, Marina, but you have had a lovely vision. I agree that the message appears to be one of freedom and peace. We have to trust our feelings as to who gives us the message, but as your grandfather had only just passed over it is highly likely it came from him. We are set free, we do ‘ascend’, in a sense .. certainly raise ourselves to a higher evolution, when we die .. and the ‘stairs to heaven’ is very symbolic of this change in many belief systems.

    I get the majority of my visions in colour and sound. Occasionally they look like a comic strip, one picture at a time .. I often wish I could slow them down, to have a better look.

    Love & Peace

  6. Thanks for both comments, Ama. I am very grateful for both your reassuring my feeling of the message of my granddad to all of us & the tip for the suicide dream. I will do and see if I can get to see the whole scene played without being in bed.

    Love & Peace to you

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