Places Most Likely To Have Ghosts?

Hi, I am wondering which places are most likely to have ghosts?

I know ghosts are technically everywhere, but some places have more than others.

Asked by Micle

  1. Hi Micle,

    Short answer – anywhere there is a great deal of emotion. Ghosts feed on the negative emotions of living people, so anywhere they gather in an angry, sad, frustrated, stressed, hateful .. you name it .. manner, you’ll find ghosts.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Ama,

    Thank you for your response. What if there is bubbles of negative emotions left behind in a location? Do the ghosts stay in those same locations, feeding off of the leftover negative emotions until they use it all up and then go find another living person who isn’t feeling so well?

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    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  4. Hi Micle,

    You answered your own question. Yes, ghosts will hang around snacking on emotions, which is generally what happens in cemeteries, but, like living people, they will soon wander away again, which is why its good for everyone to clear the energy of their homes, and other locations, like businesses, and the supermarket, and halls and parks .. anywhere people gather in an emotional way .. helps the people who visit there, and helps the world.

    Love & Peace

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