Questions About Multiple Spirits In My Grandmas House

My grandmas house has multiple spirits and I cant find an explanation.

My grandmas house has had activity for a few years and she’s the only owner of that house it was built in 1986. I can tell you more it is a long story and multiple hauntings and experiances im really interested in this topic please reply.

Asked by Alex

  1. Do you mean your grandma’s house has ghosts? You should shield your home and clear the energy of your grandma’s home. At the bottom of this page are white light shields and the Michael Invocation. Use them if you don’t want to be haunted.
    Please do tell more though, long stories are still ok :)

  2. Hello Alex, as Micle said, we love long stories.

    In the meantime, was there another house on the land your grandmother’s house is on, or is it near a battleground, or a place where some event like that happened? Houses can get haunted because of the location they are built on. People can get haunted because of their emotions and beliefs. And these days ghosts travel all over the place, so there’s often no logical explanation for a particular haunting, unless you consider the emotion of the ghosts. They are drawn to people with the same ‘issues’ and beliefs, because the living express energy all the time through their emotions .. and that energy is like a signature that says ‘someone who thinks, or feels, the same we I do is here’. Sometimes the ghosts stay because they feel safe, or because the energy of the living makes them feel better.

    As Micle suggested, clearing the house might be a good idea. Ghosts should be in a healing place, not causing problems, or even hanging around, the living. The two energies are not compatible. Ghosts feed from living human energy, even when they don’t want to.

    Love & Peace

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