Saying A Latin Exorcism In My Dream?

Last night I had a terrifying dream. I don’t remember how it begun but I know that a person in the same room as me was possessed. Not only by some demon but by Satan. Satan himself. There was someone with me at the time I started an en exorcism. I held a bottle of holy water in my hands and suddenly I started exorcising the person in Latin. I didn’t know Latin and I looked up at the person next to me,completely terrified. Then I woke up. It was the middle of the night. It was a terrifying and weird dream. So I actually looked up what I was saying in the dream and it turned out to be an actual exorcism in Latin. Its called the St. Benedict’s exorcism or something like that.

I’m kinda freaking out, does this actually mean something?

I’ve dreamed of Satan before but I’ve never spoken in Latin in my dreams.

Asked by Magdalena

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  1. Hello Magdalena,

    The easy answer would be – Do you watch horror movies or read novels on the subject? If you do, sometimes we retain the knowledge of what we have seen or heard in the back of our minds, and our subconscious brings it forward in dreams.

    Then it is possible that you have remembered a past life where you were a priest, or lay person, who actually did what you dreamed about. St Benedict has a medallion dedicated to releasing people from demons, as you will have found out in your research. It might also be something that you do when you astral travel. We all have spiritual tasks that we don’t always know about when we are awake. I also do that work when I am sleeping, and sometimes when I am awake.

    Or you might have had a ghost hovering over you who lived, or perhaps died, during that sort of Right and s/he was sharing his or her memory of events with you .. which also happens to me at times. Yes, it is very frightening in your dreams, and even worse in reality. A lost soul will ask to be recognised and remembered, and shows us the event that made them become the ghost. In that case you can help by asking your angels to “Find” the people in your dreams and “Take” them into Healing.

    I would use something like – “Archangel Michael, please Find all the people I dreamed about last night in the exorcism and Take them into Healing”. Keep it simple, trust your angels and let them do the work. Even if it was only a dream or memory, it does no harm to give the angels permission to act. They just might save a (lost) soul.

    Love & Peace

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