Seeing Things Or Real?

One time when I was younger I woke up in the middle of the night while at my grandmas house. Every time I do that I always feel scared or watched so my 8 year old self was up and I thought I heard the toilet flush. Which is odd because its late, so I look at the door and notice a shadow that I’ve never noticed before peeping over the door. I was freaked out but went back to sleep.

Skip to some years my grandma was pretty fun so that night we slept on the couches downstairs after doing our own thing. I fall asleep and wake up to a shadow alien looking thing standing over my grandma I’m not sure if my mind was playing tricks but I looked at the plant that was in that spot and it looked nothing like the shadow.

Does anyone know if my mind was playing tricks or if it’s something else?

Asked by Sarah

  1. At such of a young age our minds are so impressionable . Due to things that you may have seen on tv or heard others talking makes your mind go every where. when I was young I watched things like Freddy and Chain Saw all of those horrible scary shows that small children should not see. I remember when I was little that I use to lay in my bed at night and I would see all sorts of things like a pile of dishes setting on my table and I would see it as a skull or clothes that looked like they were moving in a odd way and looked like a monster. This is how my mind seen these things. I do know that things like this makes you remember and makes you ponder on them but most likely it was just your mind playing tricks on you. I hope this will will set your mind to rest on these memories.
    Peace Out

  2. Hello Sarah,

    How close are the houses around you? If someone’s bathroom is near your bedroom, or beneath or above it, sound travels in very strange ways, so you might have really heard the toilet flush.

    You went back to sleep, which means, while you were feeling anxious, you really weren’t worried about the shadow figures that you saw. I say ‘figures’ because there were two occasions, the second being the one leaning over your grandmother. They might be ghosts, or one ghost, they might be shadow people, either way, they are generally not harmful, just curious.

    Did you ever talk to your grandmother about what you saw?

    Love & Peace

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