Something Bad Or Attention?

After my parent made a remark about how they think I spend too much money I got upset about it because I know I don’t.

After the remark was made I went to my friends that were in my truck and I was out of it. We were talking about our plans for the night and then my friend stops the conversation and asked “did you see that?” I didn’t know what he was talking about and then my other friend agreed to it. They both said they seen my body flash in a fast pulse. They said it happened in three sets of two.

After they talked about it I felt a stomp between my feet and I never seen the flashes. There was no other lights around and there wasn’t anything at my feet.

I do have experience with the paranormal. Spirits are around me all the time.

My main question is, why did my body flash and was the stomp a warning of something bad or just having me know something was there?

Asked by Lazarus

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  1. Hello Lazarus

    I have a few questions. You wrote you were discussing your plans for the night, but did you also discuss what had just happened with your parents? Do your friends share your gift of being able to sense or see ghosts, spirits or energy? Was the ‘out of it’ wording a way of describing yourself as either drunk or high, or just emotional?

    Your body pulsed light three times, twice each time. Just how annoyed were you? Perhaps you were letting go of static electricity in some form, or energy created by your anger at your parents? It’s better to have it out of your system than in, causing you all sorts of problems.

    The stomp between your feet could have been an entity around you that was ‘grounding’ your energy to stop the flashes, or you could have been grounding yourself .. your enlarged spirit coming down hard into your body after it had cleared your energy .. that could feel like a real stomp.

    Do you often feel a little floaty in normal day to day life? Some people who are very energy sensitive can suffer if they don’t keep their energy grounded .. hence the questions.

    Love & Peace

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