Strange Crackling Noises In My Room?

About two weeks ago I was sleeping, and I woke up in the middle of the night to some strange noises. First was what sounded like a bouncy ball bouncing very close to the floor, and then a crackling noise like a fire crackling but not as intense. This happened for two nights, and on the second night I went to the couch because I was so freaked out.

Prior to these events, my boyfriends grandmother passed away. She was very nice and liked me a lot. My boyfriend gave me two figurines that belonged to her and I put them on my headboard. And a few nights after is when I heard the noises.

I was away from my house for about a week after so I wasn’t in my room to hear the noises. Upon returning I’ve been sleeping with the TV on or with earplugs… also my dog sleeps with me every night and she never barks or growls at anything in my room… so I’m at a loss. I’ve considered mice/rodents but have never seen any droppings. Everything in my room is always in its place… I’m just shaken up by the creepy noises. I sometimes still hear the crackling noise, not at night though.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

asked by brittnee

  1. Hi Brittnee,

    Do you live in an old house? I have read that woodworm causes crackling or scratching noises. Have that checked out first, before deciding it was a ghost or spirit.

    If the figurines had been moved about, or you were having dreams or nightmares about your boyfriend’s grandmother, then it might be her. Did you get to meet her before she died? She would have to have a good reason to come and visit you. She would be more likely visit her family, to reassure them that she is just fine over there in spirit.

    Love & Peace

  2. My old house has the same thing. Bumping noises mostly and running feet at night. But I think its just rot and possibly mice and gophers burrowing under the house. You might want to check for things like that.

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