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My Dogs Spirit Or A Dream?

Hi last week I took my dear beautiful dog to the vet only to be told he needed to be put to sleep, I came home so upset couldn’t wait to get through the door to cry, as I fumbled for my keys I noticed my front […]

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Can Dogs Be Desensitized To The Presence Of A Spirit?

Can dogs be desensitized to the presence of a spirit? I’ve been having a lot of activity in my house as of late (more that what I was used to) and my one dog only really ‘did’ anything the other night when things were going on in […]

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Unexplained Dog Barking

My dog runs around same time of night barking at doors with nothing there, I even go outside and look around but there is nothing there. I have belief we do have paranormal activity. We played a Ouija Board in my house and then we violated and […]

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