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Looking For Spiritual Answers And Guidance

After a NDE 2 yrs ago I have gifts of predicting disasters within 3-4 days. I’ve become an empath. I know things of family, friends and complete strangers that I wasn’t informed of. I also see spirits and shadow people in my home. Im learning as I […]

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White Ghost White Light Near Death Experience?

As far as a NDE – near death experience – it was my birthday I had turned 19. At that time of my life I was going through a lot of depression from my dad being sick to him not speaking to me and the boyfriend I […]

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What Kind Of Spirit Did I See?

I’m hoping someone might be able to answer this question that has been bothering me for years. First let me say that I have had 2 Near Death Experiences in this lifetime. But during one of them it was when I had a high fever and was […]

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