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Girl In A White Gown And Sad Violin Music On The Radio

My name is Mike. Im 18 years old and ever since I was 10 my friends and I have been having strange happenings. It started as just hearing whispers and seeing things out of the corner of our eyes. We didnt think anything of this. One day […]

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Fast Speaking Voice In The Radio

I was trying to find a vacant room in town one night. Wasn’t having much luck, so I decided to call 411 on my UCONNECT to get a number for a hotel. After I dialed on my cell phone and was waiting for the directory service to […]

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Why Do I Hear Radio And Static Disturbance?

I wake up to… a radio playing… the music is very faint… older music…  when there is not one. I awake to… static from a radio. I’m completely awake but as soon as I sit up in bed it disappears. It has been going on for a […]

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