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Running Away From Supposed Suicide Victims

My girlfriend previously told me a few days ago that she once met a girl in an area where we were walking who told her she was going to kill herself. Anyway we found a nice spot near by that we’ve been regularly visiting only today she […]

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Is There Any Way I Could Talk To My Friend?

I lost my friend 3 months back. He committed Suicide. I knew that he was undergoing pain and torture in his married life and I was helping him through out to bring him up whenever he feels down. He called me just 15 minutes before he committed […]

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Is Suicide A Form Of Murder?

Was wondering… I was taught that suicide is a form of murder to ones self… I don’t really know but this is my question… If one was to commit this act… and I will be honest and tell you why I am asking… the young men who […]

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