The Purple Lady

When I was younger I use to go to my grandparents for school holidays. I use to sleep upstairs and in that room there was a archway closet. Every night while I stayed there she would come out.

She had purple hair that stood up waving around in the air and she was really skinny with a purple dress on. She walked like a rich woman fashionable lady but her look was terrifying to me. She would walk out her side to me then she would turn and look at me and smile and talk. I don’t remember what she said. I remember she use to try pick me up but I would scream if she tried. My Nan would not believe me no one would.

This carried on for years but only when I went to my grandparents on holidays and only in that room. It all stopped when I finally let her pick me up.

Once I wasn’t afraid of her I never seen her again. I had been seeing her for years. Who was she. My grandparents are Maori but she wasn’t.

Asked by Kharn

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  1. Hello Kharn,

    I feel very sorry for your ghost lady. My question would be, who was she and who did she think you were? Ghosts can get trapped outside of heaven when they die, and they used to be trapped in and around the place they died, but something changed a few years ago, which allowed them to move around, so, if she did not find her way to heaven, she could be haunting someone else now, and scaring them.

    Could you do this for me. Scroll to the bottom of this webpage and find the link to the Michael Invocation and read the information, then I want you to remember the lady and say the Invocation requesting the Michael to remove the ‘purple lady’, which seems to be how you identify her in your mind. The angel will make sure she’s crossed into a place where she can find the healing that she needs, and find the person that she thought you were.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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