Unintentional Paranormal “Dream” Vacation House?

My mother and I stayed at a friend’s waterfront home over a 3-day period. Neither of us have ever experienced anything paranormal. However, we both had unexplainable experiences during our stay. I would like to know if our experiences could be attributed to paranormal activity or our imaginations. I’ll write them as they occurred.

1. When we first walked into the vacant house. It didn’t feel like just an empty house. It didn’t feel welcoming or hospitable. Hard to explain. My mother, in her late 60’s, only voiced what I felt.

2. We both had strange experiences our first night. I was dreaming and it seemed my dream was abruptly interrupted with the following. I dreamt I was in the room that I was sleeping in. In other words, looked exactly the same in my dream as it did after awoke. In the corner I heard a loud electrical arcing sound. I was worried something was wrong with house. I swung my legs around off the bed to stand up. Next thing I knew, I was pinned down across my chest and shoulders but with no pressure. I sensed an invisible energy hovering above me. I kept feeling the sensation of something gently touching my nose like how a cat touches its nose to its owner’s nose. Like sniffing or like something was trying to steal my breath. I turned my head in my dream trying to yell for my mom. Nothing would come out. The dream ended when I woke myself up yelling and lying in the bed like I did when I fell asleep. I am in my 40’s. I have never in my life experienced anything like this. I know my dreams and this one is not mine.

3. After telling my mother of my dream, she confided that she didn’t sleep all night. She felt energy moving around her legs under the blanket all night long. She would fall asleep and it would keep waking her up. She too said that she had never experienced anything like it in her life.

4. During our entire stay, my mother kept feeling the hairs stand up on her arms and I saw them. She felt chills at odd times. At one point I touched her arm and felt a weak static field that physically shocked me. Static electricity was not a problem in this house otherwise.

5. We had a general feeling of unease especially upstairs where our bedrooms were. Also felt it in the sunroom where the air was stuffy, thick or heavy. Again, hard to explain.

6. The house just seemed dark in general even with light shining in from the windows. It was spring and in the mid-70’s. It’s as if my mom and I were constantly trying to lighten the house up not only the dark interior but the atmosphere.

7. We had difficulty sleeping the entire time. Couldn’t wait to leave. We left one day early.

My mother and I are pretty intuitive in that we can pick up on people’s emotions and are sensitive. The owners of the house of course never mentioned anything like this. I do know that the spouse of the previous owner had died (not sure if while in the house), and that is why she sold it to my friends, the current owners.

I would appreciate all and any opinions. I have read about sleep paralysis, and it does not seem to fit in my case.

Thanks in advance!

Asked by Tasan


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