What Do These Water Rings Mean?

I have had an issue for months and I can’t work out why it is happening. I find water rings on my work surface in my kitchen in the morning even though I have dried the work top before going to bed!

It has happened so many times now I know I have a spirit in my home.

What do these water rings mean? They are always the same size and in the same place as though a wet plate has been put down there and removed.

My Husband and I have purposely made sure the tops are dry of a night and got up to find the ring in the morning!

Asked by Wendy

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  1. Hi Wendy,

    Sounds like your ghost wants to get your attention. Try leaving a pad and pen on the table where the ring appears ..

    The water can be a manifestation of spirit energy (used to be called ‘ectoplasm’).

    Love & Peace

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