What Hugged Me?

I was sleeping and dreaming when suddenly I became more “lucid” in my dreams. I tried taking advantage of that moment and I asked the Blue Pleiadian Spirit Guide (the one I read that Ama had contact with before) to get her relatives to come pick me up. I also asked her to give me the ability to telepathically hear her relatives. I was assuming her relatives included her relatives that live on another planet or in space. Well, I don’t quite remember, but I was hearing other people’s voices in my dream. I noticed female voices. I heard something about “Chewbaca space station” which seems so silly right now as I say it in my mind. I also heard my own thoughts repeated back out. I assumed in my dream that somehow some of those people that the voices belonged to had some special machine or something to hear my thoughts.

Well, I don’t know what I heard, but I definitely heard someone say something about me and then I said in my mind (while dreaming), “I can handle it.”

Suddenly, I felt a person come up from behind me and they hugged me tightly like as if they were cuddling me. I could faintly hear their thoughts. Through telepathy in my dream, we talked about my weight and my medications for a short time. I was thinking in my dream, “Oh this is only a dream, it’s probably some dream character coming to hug me, I feel something poking my butt & private area from behind”(TMI sorry but I did feel something poking me so that’s why I figured it must have been a regular dream or a ghost)

Then in my dream, I thought “It might be a ghost. Better get rid of it before it takes any of my energy” so I asked Archangel Michael in my dream to find and take the ghost or person away from me, but after I said that, I was still being hugged tightly. The person didn’t leave. In my mind (while dreaming), I tried looking at the person in my minds eye but all I saw was this shadowy person hugging me. They were mainly invisible and they looked like a shadow except they had a human form. It wasn’t like a flat shadow on the ground, it had the form of a person.

I figured it might have had a ghost visit me while I was asleep, so when I woke up I put my shields up and asked Archangel Michael to take away that entity, whatever it was.

I started thinking (after I woke up) that maybe it might have been one of the people in the bright light I saw before coming to hug me, but that’s just a thought. That’s the main reason why I came here to share my dream. I assumed they were aliens in the bright light and when I got scared of them, they left immediately. I figured this person that hugged me might have been one of those people in the light.

I am leaning more towards the side that it was either a normal dream character or a ghost. I also think it might have been a ghost because the last few nights I have been dreaming of ghosts and even a dead animal. Plus that weird feeling on my buttocks sounds like a dream character or ghost to me.

So yeah, what could it have been?

Asked by Micle

  1. Hello Micle,

    Truthfully, I think it was a dream. You do have some very interesting experiences, and since I know you outside this site, I know you have other gifts, but sometimes our over-active minds create a different sort of reality – the sum of so many thoughts and things we see and do .. and in that reality in the dream world, odd things can happen.

    I write this because the dream seems split between a good hug and one that might have been interference, but you seem to sense only good in it .. so unless something like this happens again, I would worry about it.

    And who hugged you? Probably one of your guides, blue aliens or not.

    Love & Peace

  2. Yes it seemed like a dream to me, I barely even remembered this dream right now! No, I have not any more dreams like this one.
    A spirit guide hugging me? That sounds funny with the way I was hugged in my dream. But it was nice to felt cared for!

    I won’t worry about it then. Thank you! :)

  3. So did you find any solution ? Scientifically or spiritually ?

  4. It’s sleep paralysis!!! I’ve had NUMEROUS experiences, all different and spooky, unique, in their own way…this is the first time however where I felt someone hugging me. It was creepy. Like hugging a child who needed a hug. I let it happen as it hugged and it walked away like saying goodbye or something (I couldn’t really understand it). Creepy but poetic nonetheless. Glad I’m not alone in this or you’ll just gonna get people who have NEVER had sleep paralysis and tell you it was just a dream. But how could you possibly explain the FEELING of being hugged!!?!? Paranormal experiences will never be forgotten and should be taken seriously because it’s not “just a dream”. There is more to this.

  5. Hello Sreeni and Joel,

    Yes, I agree, it was similar to sleep paralysis from what I can remember, although its been a while and I haven’t been writing my dreams down. I have been looking through my dream symbols guide book. Ama Nazra recommended it before and it was somewhere online, it’s called, “Mary Summer Rains Guide to Dream Symbols” and it has a feather on it. I think its a God sent book. I really got so much more understanding of my dreams.

    Last night I dreamed of seeing guardian angel babies and having a channeled reading by Theresa Caputo. The children are what I always dreamed of having, all that was missing was the man I prayed for to God that night before.

    Maybe the Cherubim or my guardian angel said, God has heard and answered your prayers- YOU WILL HAVE A FAMILY.

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