What Hugged Me?

I was sleeping and dreaming when suddenly I became more “lucid” in my dreams. I tried taking advantage of that moment and I asked the Blue Pleiadian Spirit Guide (the one I read that Ama had contact with before) to get her relatives to come pick me up. I also asked her to give me the ability to telepathically hear her relatives. I was assuming her relatives included her relatives that live on another planet or in space. Well, I don’t quite remember, but I was hearing other people’s voices in my dream. I noticed female voices. I heard something about “Chewbaca space station” which seems so silly right now as I say it in my mind. I also heard my own thoughts repeated back out. I assumed in my dream that somehow some of those people that the voices belonged to had some special machine or something to hear my thoughts.

Well, I don’t know what I heard, but I definitely heard someone say something about me and then I said in my mind (while dreaming), “I can handle it.”

Suddenly, I felt a person come up from behind me and they hugged me tightly like as if they were cuddling me. I could faintly hear their thoughts. Through telepathy in my dream, we talked about my weight and my medications for a short time. I was thinking in my dream, “Oh this is only a dream, it’s probably some dream character coming to hug me, I feel something poking my butt & private area from behind”(TMI sorry but I did feel something poking me so that’s why I figured it must have been a regular dream or a ghost)

Then in my dream, I thought “It might be a ghost. Better get rid of it before it takes any of my energy” so I asked Archangel Michael in my dream to find and take the ghost or person away from me, but after I said that, I was still being hugged tightly. The person didn’t leave. In my mind (while dreaming), I tried looking at the person in my minds eye but all I saw was this shadowy person hugging me. They were mainly invisible and they looked like a shadow except they had a human form. It wasn’t like a flat shadow on the ground, it had the form of a person.

I figured it might have had a ghost visit me while I was asleep, so when I woke up I put my shields up and asked Archangel Michael to take away that entity, whatever it was.

I started thinking (after I woke up) that maybe it might have been one of the people in the bright light I saw before coming to hug me, but that’s just a thought. That’s the main reason why I came here to share my dream. I assumed they were aliens in the bright light and when I got scared of them, they left immediately. I figured this person that hugged me might have been one of those people in the light.

I am leaning more towards the side that it was either a normal dream character or a ghost. I also think it might have been a ghost because the last few nights I have been dreaming of ghosts and even a dead animal. Plus that weird feeling on my buttocks sounds like a dream character or ghost to me.

So yeah, what could it have been?

Asked by Micle

  1. Hello Micle,

    Truthfully, I think it was a dream. You do have some very interesting experiences, and since I know you outside this site, I know you have other gifts, but sometimes our over-active minds create a different sort of reality – the sum of so many thoughts and things we see and do .. and in that reality in the dream world, odd things can happen.

    I write this because the dream seems split between a good hug and one that might have been interference, but you seem to sense only good in it .. so unless something like this happens again, I would worry about it.

    And who hugged you? Probably one of your guides, blue aliens or not.

    Love & Peace

  2. Yes it seemed like a dream to me, I barely even remembered this dream right now! No, I have not any more dreams like this one.
    A spirit guide hugging me? That sounds funny with the way I was hugged in my dream. But it was nice to felt cared for!

    I won’t worry about it then. Thank you! :)

  3. So did you find any solution ? Scientifically or spiritually ?

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