What Is This Vibration In My Body?

When I was filled with the Holy Spirit I felt a sort of vibration all through my body that lasted a short while, and each time I was “refilled” the vibration lasted longer until I always have (or just am aware?) of this vibration. But I notice it more at certain times now, like when I sit close with my husband while watching the TV.

Can you explain more about this vibration, what causes it and anything else you can tell me about it?

Asked by Mary

  1. Hi Mary,

    Human beings are made up of three parts – mind, body and spirit. When we are touched by the Holy Spirit our spirit speeds up to match that glorious energy (you could call it ‘lighting up’), its certainly an ‘enlightening’ experience, and the sensation can last for hours, or even days.

    Sometimes I call it the frizz and tingles. Sitting here I am frizzing and tingling. I have been talking with my angels, which are the energy of the Holy Spirit, and it can be a very healing experience.

    The more often you raise your vibration, the more you will stay that way. That’s normal and healthy. What it also increases in your sensitivity to other people’s energy, so that you might be able to feel the energy of those you love and/or have an emotional commitment to .. or even strangers in the street, after a while. It works well if you want to become a healer in your church? But remember, it is good to sense how others feel, but not good to take on their emotions as your own. You might benefit from the link to White Light Shields at the bottom of this webpage, which allows you to feel others vibrations, but doesn’t allow them to affect you negatively.

    You could be described as clairsentient (it means clear sensing) or as an empath, or empathy .. which means you can feel the energy of others, and share it. Like I said, take care. We are all spiritual beings having a physical lifetime, and some people are just more sensitive than others.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. Hi Ama,

    Could you explain what people could do to raise their vibrations? Is talking to their angels one way?

    Hi Mary,

    I do know that everything is made up of energy and that “like attracts like” so if you are of a specific vibration (let’s say, a happy vibration), you will attract more happiness to yourself and good things to yourself. This really works well when you list out what you are grateful for. Gratitude gives you more things to be grateful for. You could simply start gratitude listing by saying, “God, thank you for…(fill in the rest)”.

  3. Hi Micle,

    We raise our vibrations by prayer (requesting help for ourselves or others), meditation – which calms and balances us, hands on healing, by eating a light diet, more vegetables than meat, and only white meats or fish – though some people actually need red meat for the trace elements and iron, so they should not remove that from their diet completely. We also do it by being grateful for everything we have and receive, by doing good for others without thought of return, by remembering to use good manners – please and thank you are incredibly powerful tools. People do not realise this. Please opens us to receive, and thank you is a gift to the person giving. A completed circle than empowers all involved.

    I agree with everything you wrote about the happier and more peaceful emotions helping us attract the same sorts of energy towards us, but they are often fleeting, so appreciating them when they happen is also part of the gift .. and the rest.

    Love & Peace

  4. Hi Ama,

    Thank you! I want to say for prayer and manners, there’s a difference in my perspective (I am new to trying this way as well) with the use of the word “Please”. For manners, it’s fine, but for prayer, I learned from another spiritual healer that the word “please” is technically a negative word. “Please” is a word that stands for wanting, needing, begging, pleading, and lack. It might be useful to start prayers with “God, thank you for…” as it is also gratitude. You do two things at once that way. That’s just my perspective, I do also like simply talking straight out to my angels and asking for help. Either way works fine I think. You ask for help, you might just get it.

    Hi Mary,

    One more thing before I go. I remember I knew someone who would feel buzzy and out of her body during the day. Sometimes she felt she would fly out of her body. At night, she would astral travel and she would usually remember some bits or her adventures, sometimes other people remembered (including me) those adventures because she would visit you in your dreams at night. She didn’t do this on purpose, it just happened by itself, but maybe the vibration has something to do with your astral body(spirit) and it wanting to astral travel? Just a thought.

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