Who Visited My Father?

I’ve heard this story from 2 credible sources: my mother and (paternal) grandmother.

Apparently as a boy,(late 50’s,early 60’s) my dad had a late nighter visitor accompanied by brilliant light. Light sufficient enough to awaken my grandparents a room away (& separated by 2 closed doors). Grandmother opens dad’s door to a now darkened room, flips on the light to find dad sitting calmly, thoughtfully, on the edge of his bed. He explained that an angel came to him, telling him he would not live to see 30.
Mom backs up this story.

Dad told her he had to be married young and have children because he didn’t have much time. Of course she thought he was full of it, but they got married at 16, had my brother immediately, followed 4 years later by yours truly.

He left this life at age 27, in 1981.

I’d really like to know just who paid him that visit .

Asked by Eric

  1. Hi Eric

    Was there anything else this entity advised your Dad to do before he died? If so what was it and was it positive or negative in nature? Or was that literally the only message – just to get married & have kids?

    What is your opinion on quantum mechanics – specifically; time-travel or dimention hopping? Or aliens, even? I’m only asking because, based on my own personal dealings with angels, none have ever given a message like that. What do you think the purpose behind giving a message like that was all about? (Other than bringing you and your brother, that is!)

    Hmm .. a curious one!


  2. Hello Eric,

    My question is more along the lines of ‘who are you and your brother, and what good have you brought into the world’?

    Did your father describe the angel apart from the bright light?

    Yes, sometimes angels will act to encourage people in their choices, or advise them of the future, if there is something they have to do that is very important for either their family, or humanity. It might not be you or your brother, but your children, who help make true changes in the world, but in the meantime what are you up to?

    I think your parents were very brave, knowing that your dad would pass over so young, to go ahead and do what the messanger said – bring you guys into the world. I also hope your mother has found someone else to love again since he passed.

    Love & Peace

  3. Hi, AJ,
    Far as I know the message only predicted a short life, nothing else. Maybe he interpreted it into starting a family young. I’ll havecato ask mom if she can recall more.
    I do know he was a gifted writer and poet,which provides a priceless peek into his mind and soul. He also believed he’d lived previous lives.
    As for my beliefs,well, anything’s possible I guess;just try keeping my moral compass calibrated.
    Call me conceited but I feel,not just my family,but this world was cheated by his early exit.
    Thanks for responding,

  4. Hi Ama,
    Your question echoes my own concerns.. neither my brother(42) or myself (almost 38) have children of our own. He and I are both fairly gifted artists but honestly aren’t reaching full potential.
    To me it feels like some cosmic riddle whose answer eludes my grasp
    When I read dad’s work I am still astounded that such a young man wrote it I’m not easily impressed. Perhaps that’s why…
    Peace to you,
    As for mom,thanks for asking. Yes, she’s been married to a decent man for about 20 years now

  5. Hello Eric,

    You both of plenty of time to do something amazing, and have kids, or you might have already done something, without knowing what it was. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can change the world for someone else. All of humanity is connected to the rest of humanity by fine lines of affinity, and/or energy cords .. and some events have a stronger effect than we realise.

    In the meantime, are you working on reaching your true potential .. that’s up to you.

    Love & Peace

  6. Cheated or saved, Eric .. since the angels took time to give your father that message, there must have been a very good reason for him to leave the world so early, and, in my understanding, he would have known about that reason before he was born. The angels remind us about things we have chosen, they cannot force change onto us.

    I can think of quite a few questions. We cannot see the ‘big picture’ of the effect that our lives have on others but I do wonder who you and your brother would have been if he’d still been alive today? Do you live for love, or do you still feel angry at his passing? Is his death a barrier, or the inspiration, for you to achieve your greatness? I don’t expect you to answer.

    Love & Peace

  7. Ama,
    I am trying to maximize myself for the better, though admittedly everyday life has its distractions. As for the answer to my initial question, I realize I may never know the answer, but I won’t stop searching. I appreciate your input.

  8. Hi Eric!
    I am inclined to agree with Ama; angels usually only visit you with messages such as that if there is some important task your father needed to fulfill before his passing and where he was only to be in this World for such a short time, he needed to get moving. I also agree that it also had more to do with you and your brother. Either you and/or your brother are supposed to accomplish something very important in this life, or your children are. As for past lives, I believe in that, too. There is a lot I, as well as Ama, could explain to you about past lives, reincarnation and what we do before we are born. You see, we choose our life path before we are born and I believe that your father chose to only be in this world a short time, in order to bring you and your brother into the world. From there, though, it is up to you and your brother to figure out how you fit into this equation or how your future children fit in.

    I am glad to hear that your mother found happiness after your father’s passing and I know it is difficult to lose a parent so young; I lost my Dad when he was 53 and I was 24, and I thought THAT was young!!(I’m your brother’s age.) I am sure he made the most of his time with you when he was alive, but I know all too well that it’s a hole in your heart that will never be filled. Peace, Love and Light. LunaTerra

  9. Ama,
    Excellent questions. Honestly I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. Anger,sadness,what could-have-been type stuff.
    But also atype of pride in who I am, who he was, and the mysterious master plan behind it all. I know there is a purpose,& that is uplifting,despite the pain. I truly would not trade places with anyone.
    Thanks again,

  10. Hi LunaTerra,(may I call you L.T?)
    Thank you for your kind words and feedback.This can be difficult to discuss w/ everyday associates & I probably wouldn’t anyway as its quite personal for me. It is nice having this forum as a sounding board.
    My brother & I have discussed this issue but you can imagine our opinions aren’t without bias.
    Our dad was a dominant feature in both our lives and I am eternally grateful for that. Thanks again.

  11. Hi Eric

    You said “Call me conceited but I feel, not just my family, but this world was cheated by his early exit”

    You’re not conceited, so hold on to that thought, Eric.

    You said “He also believed he’d lived previous lives.”

    Good, then he would have also accepted the concept of future lives.

    I am only putting another possibility as to the identity of the entity on the table here. But, as what I am about to say has happened to me a few times, it is possible that it happened to your dad also.

    Time as we know it only exists here on earth. Even in the same dimension as our own, time bends and distorts. For example, the satellites that orbit our earth distort time. Their clocks have to be recalibrated on a daily basis, by about 8 minutes I think, in order to be realigned back to our ‘real’ time.

    Add to the mix, the quantum theory that there are many parallel universes, each one playing out the same ‘stage play’ as our own, but with slight variations in the story being told, then time itself becomes completely irrelevant.

    So, no matter which life your dad was/is living, during a specific moment in ‘time’ to him, his energy is like his fingerprint. It is his own, unique to him and certainly he would recognise that energy if he came across it. That is not to say he would recognise it as him, but he would recognise it as being something he could trust because he trusted himself.

    Taking the above into consideration, it is possible that a future incarnation of himself travelled through time and space, across dimensions to give his past-life self a message. This message may well have been for his own karmic journey (Karma is all about ‘self’ after all, according to my Buddhist friend), or it may be for the greater good on a global scale. Who knows? But to me, it makes more sense that his future self gave himself that message, predicting his ‘current’ incarnation’s own death etc., rather than a guide or angel.

    It would be very interesting if your mum were able to shed any more light on the subject though.


  12. AJ,
    That is an interesting and valid theory. Not to mention eloquently executed. It reminds me of one of dad’s “sci-fi” stories about a man (obviously based on himself by the description) who had been cryogenically preserved,then cured of all disease and rebuilt essentially. And though it was possible to erase all scar tissue, his character elected to keep them. A nice touch, I thought. Anyway I definitely can see parallels betwee your theory and his own work . Thank you so much I will definitely present this idea to my family

  13. Hi Eric

    Are any of your Dad’s work published? If not, have you ever thought of publishing them, either as a book or on Kindle?

    Sorry if you’ve already looked into this, or they are already published, but I’ll woffle on anyway – lol! These days novels, poetry and short stories can all be published with no financial outlay. It is called “print on demand publishing” and the likes of Createspace (affiliated to Amazon) take all the trauma out of trying to publish your work through conventional means, such as finding an agent or getting signed by a publishing house. Your published work is then sold through Amazon and other outlets and you get paid royalties. You can even set your own sale price!

    All you need do is provide a word doc or .pdf of the finished, edited work. Createspace, for example, even provide templates so you really can not go wrong on using the correct formats in order to make it look as professional as any traditional publishing house. In addition, you can also buy copies of your own book at wholesale price to either sell on, or to hand out to family and friends. It really is a no-brainer, with nothing to lose but everything to gain.

    If you’re Dad’s work is not already published or is currently out of print, I think it would be both a lovely way to honour your Dad, as well as a testament to him for his talents as a writer & poet to have his work published so that others can enjoy his work as much as you and your family have.


  14. AJ,
    No nothing published yet but t he idea always appealed to me. Wouldn’t be too difficult because only a fraction of the stuff is actually complete any how. I probably oughtta follow through with it.
    I really value everyone’s feedback here. Glad I decided to take the plunge & share my story.
    If you or the others here would like to read a sample or two, I’d be glad to arrange it. Til next time,

  15. Hi Eric

    I would really love to have a read. If you click on my name, it goes off to my website. There is a contact page on there.

    I kept thinking about this all last night. It is brilliant that your dad had has left you this legacy.


  16. I felt that I was visited by an angel at the age of 18 years. I felt like I was awake but I didn’t know for sure because everything was light, warmth and peace around me. I started out lying in bed but wasw on my knees by the time the angel got to the end of the message and we were both praising God. The message was that I was going to have to get serious and study in school. God wanted me to go into nursing and I would have something to do with soldiers and sailors. Up to this time I hadn’t taken school seriously since the 2nd grade and my grades never bothered me one way or the other. I suddenly understood why I needed to take it seriously and apply myself. I felt that the angel was telling me that through my nursing I would be fulfilling my destiny as a missionary. This was very early in the morning, (around 5 AM) because when it was all over I heard my parents in the kitchen), and having just spoken with an angel I was full of joy and wanted to share my experience. I went into the kitchen and told my parents what had happened, they immediately began telling me that I had been dreaming and pooh-poohed the whole thing. They never encouraged me to fulfill this mission and in fact discouraged me for most of my life from doing this, because I hadd always had a big imagination. I realized much, much later that it was not so much that I had let God down by not doing this but had let myself down and deprived myself of the rich experiences I would have had. I want you to learn what I did though, that each time we smile at a stranger, hold a door open for a mother trying to get two or three children through the door, or say a kind word, we are acting as God’s agents. You never know how you touch people but you do everyday for good or bad. I hope I always touch them for good. Who knows God may need you to speak kindly to someone who is very depressed and thinking of harming themselves and your kindness may stop them from doing it. And who knows but that this person will teach or be the mother or father to someone who will cure hunger, etc. We never know, but God does. Take heart, you are here for a reason even though you may not know when or where you do your part in the grand scheme of things.

  17. Hello Robbie,

    I agree with everything you wrote here and can empathise. My family also squashed my desire (and fascination) to study Theology, or anything Christian, when I was very young. Then I had a vision, when I was 17, in which I was told I was supposed to do the study .. it was a good solid reminder, but I couldn’t tell my family, and I never had the courage, then, to act against their wishes. I could have argued, I could have done it when I left home, I could have done it anytime before I was 45 .. I didn’t. I was too worried about their opinions, and so I chose to let them rule me, even inside my mind (or did I?).

    When I grew up .. around 44-45, I went to university and studied theology. Circumstances didn’t allow me to finish the degree, but it laid a foundation that I am still joyfully living with (studying the bible) .. and still arguing with my mother about why I am doing it. LOL I am not allowed to mention biblical stuff in the house, and we all live together. She doesn’t come in my study because she also cannot stand that I study metaphysics as well.

    Are you young enough to pick up your life and run with it? It’s never too late to study ..

    Love & Peace

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