Why Do I Hear The Sound Of Knocking?

Why do I hear knocking just before a friend or relative dies? I hate this and don’t want this to happen any more.

Asked by Angela

  1. Hello Angela,

    You hear it because you are clairaudient and because someone in your family (in spirit) chooses to warn you when a death will occur. Have you asked your parents about either of them also hearing it, or perhaps a grandparent had the gift? Check that out. What you hear is not unusual, many other people are told about events in the same way.

    As to stopping it .. tell yourself you never want to hear it again. Tell yourself every day for a few months, perhaps that might stop it happening, perhaps not. It is a metaphysical belief that clairaudience is a gift that we choose to have before we come into the world, although it can be a troubling one at times.

    Love & Peace

  2. I have been feeling some thing at the foot of my bed at night. It feels like some one is hitting the bed with their fist I thought it was my husband jerking his leg with restless leg syndrome but he does not have it.What is this? Its scaring me and I cant sleep. Thank you Judy

  3. Hi Judy,

    There really isn’t enough information to say what is hitting the end of your bed or why. Does it happen every night? Does it happen when you are calm, or angry, in good weather or bad? Has your husband felt it? Does the temperature in the room go down before, or when, it happens? Do you wake up feeling it .. or are you very awake when it happens? Do you hear any strange sounds before or after it happens?

    That’s just a few questions off the top of my head ..

    In the meantime, at the bottom of this page is a link to the Michael Invocation which you can use to clear any negative entities out of the house. I suggest you use it, the instructions are on the page. Then you won’t have to be worried about whatever it is .. a good night’s sleep is so important!

    Love & Peace

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