Black Shadow Or Mass

My niece and I were sitting outside at my clubhouse’s pool area. It was past sunset.

We both saw a small dark mass or shadow zoom past and disappear before the surrounding fence.

Would like to know with this may be.

Asked by Karen

  1. Hi Karen,

    Past sunset is usually dark or twilight, and shadows can appear a little odd as the sun finally slips away.

    I would be thinking small animal, or elemental being … there are many things in the spiritual planes that humans used not to be able to see.

    So please describe the shape of what you saw?

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Ama,

    It’s difficult to put into words. It was nighttime, but the pool area was lit. The area is surrounded by an iron fence. I saw a smallish (about the size of a large cat or small dog) dark smoky type mass zoom by. it was maybe six inches or so above the ground. It disappeared just before the fence. I turned to my niece and she said “you saw that, right”? It definitely wasn’t anything from the physical world.

    Thanks a bunch,

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