Bright Blue Eyes?

I went to the grocery store one night late at night, about midnight. While at the store there was a group of men, I noticed them because they were being a little on the loud side.

While checking out they were in front of me, I looked at one who was staring directly at me and his eyes were not normal. I looked away but I noticed that his eyes were almost a glowing neon blue.

After I was done checking out I went to my car, luckily I was parked up front but these guys were out in middle of parking and a couple of them started walking quickly towards me. I tossed my couple bags in the car and took off ASAP. Never forgot those weird eyes though…

Did he just have blue eyes or is that weird?

Asked by Jen

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  1. Hi Jen,

    You can buy contact lenses in all sorts of colours these days. If nothing else paranormal is happening, I wouldn’t be worried about what you saw.

    Love & Peace

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